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I have been diagnosed with a prolactinoma for 4 years.

I had been prescribed Cabergoline. I have been having these symptoms losing my balance, lack of strength and joint aches and pains. My consultalt has suggested that I discontinue using Cabergoline. My symptoms should improve. Has anyone else had these effects when using Cabergoline? Thanks for reading

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    Hello. Today, my consultant has told me to come off cabergoline because of the side effects I have been experiencing. I was feeling anxious, had heart palpitations etc. Very scary. Since coming off the meds I have been feeling a tension headache.

    I notice that you posted this a month ago. How have you been feeling since coming off the meds? I have an apt with my consultant in a few week and I feel as though she wants to try me on a new drug. Brom(something)

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    I was diagnosed in November 2015 as having a pitutary macroadenoma . Was having severe headaches mainly in morning easing through the day and returning at night . GP referred me to endo following repeat blood test came back with consistent elevated prolactin levels. starting 1000 increasing to over 3000. I was also experiencing numbness on left side of face and cheek and out the blue collapsed one evening. I have since had MRI which confirmed pit tumour which may be compressing optic / cranial nerve. I have been prescribed cabergoline initially taking 0.25 x 2 per week now now increased to 50. I have also experienced dizziness, palputations , dry mouth off balance .The heart palputations have reduced but the other issues with balance and dizziness has continued and most recently an odd internal tremor, external shaky hands and passing urine frequently. I went back to GP this weekend was sent to hospital for tests possible diabetes insipidus another complication some arising from pituitary tumour. My overall view is that the cabergoline is causing a lot ofsymptoms that has restricted my return to work. My endo also suggested change to bromocriptine but my understanding is that this drug is older treatment for pituitary tumours and elevated prolactin levels that is known to have far worst side effects and is less well tolerated . I'm speaking to my endo this week. I really don't know what to do because cabergoline has started to reduce prolactin levels and headaches are now intermittent, not constant but the other side effects are really impacting on my day to day functioning. Catch 22. Elizabeth has your tumour reduced over your 4 year use of cabergoline? .good luck and best wishes

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    Hi. I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma in 2002. It was a macroadenoma at the time of diagnosis and I was given Bromocriptine, which I tolerated well.

    Fast forward 12 years and my original endocrinologist passed away. My new doctor switched me to Cabergoline, only because the dosing is easier i.e. 1/2 a pill twice a week vs. 3 pills nightly. 

    Fast forward 1.25 years from starting Cabergoline and I've switched back to Bromocriptine, per my request. My doctor said Cabergoline is preferred and tolerated by the majority, but it made me feel very down, kind of depressed and just off. I've never struggled with depression and it took me a considerable amount of time to figure out what the issue was.

    I wish you both the best of luck and hope it works well for you. Be sure you take it at night, before bed, and gradually increase your dose. If you start with the full dose from the beginning, it'll knock you over!

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    Hey there. I was diagnosed with a macroadenoma in March, was originally put on .5mg cabergoline 2x a week ...those side effects sent me to the ER. I saw a different endo because I was upset how high of a dose the first one put me on. I now take .25mg 1x a week, but the nausea and dizziness and burping I have from it after 3 weeks of taking it have made my doctor want to switch me to bromocriptine which makes me nervous since everyone says how they don't tolerate it well. I'm reaching out to you because I recently started having right side facial numbness and tingling along with right arm and leg. I saw you had some too in your left face,. Did they ever say why you were having yours? All of this info is making me so anxious, I'm now on Zoloft and xanax. I'm looking for Ame hope. I really hope there's something that can be done or tolerated besides surgery! Thanks!

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      Hi, I was diagnosed as having  a  prolactinoma in 1996, which my endocrinologist treat with Bromocriptine. This I took for quite some years without any side effects with fantastic results, I don't think at the time cabagoline was actually available then. When I did receive it, I was prescribed one tablet per week, I felt like it was not as effective as Bromocriptine for me. I continued too take it for several years, during in which time my endocrinologist left for America, I started too suffer from palpitations and my new endocrinologist advised taking half of a tablet per week, which did me no good at all. I spent the next few years going from Bromocriptine then cabergoline, eventually I was put onto what they called a drug Holliday, where they just stopped my medication, they told me I wouldn't suffer from withdrawal symptoms how wrong where they it was terrible, but they insisted you don't suffer withdrawal symptoms after stopping these drugs. Four years on I am still off medication even though my prolactin is elevated at around the 700/800 levels. Again I am onto my 6th endocrinologist whom I saw about a month ago, he is arranging for me too have a canulated blood test, which is carried out over two consecutive days on a day ward. He said that this is too see if my elevated prolactin is stress related or due to my Tumor, if it is, he will restart me on Bromocriptine after an ECG. I asked him if raised prolactin can be caused by pain and he replied it could, as since I have not been receiving my meds I have constant kneck and shoulder pain. I didn't mention that while on Bromocriptine the dosage was one tablet twice a day. The thing which frustrates me is, I have seen 6 endocrinologists over the years and each has a different view on treatment, one I did see told me he does not treat until a prolactin level of 2000 is reached, what I have read is that a high prolactin, in a male is treat after a level of 500 and over, even my own GP confirmed this. I am awaiting for an appointment for hospital canulated blood tests at this moment in time. As for Bromocriptine v cabergoline, I tolerated Bromocriptine very well but not cabergoline, so it would appear that everyone is different when it comes too taking these drugs. Good luck

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