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Pituitary Disorders

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  • elizabeth40362 1

    Cabergoline side effects

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with a prolactinoma for 4 years. I had been prescribed Cabergoline. I have been having these symptoms losing my balance, lack of strength and joint aches and pains. My consultalt has suggested that I discontinue using Cabergoline. My symptoms

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  • heidi051275 2

    MRI and insurance. Help

    My insurance is not approving my MRI request that my doctor sent in so right now it is in appeals and I was wondering if there is anything I can do in the mean time. I keep being put on new medicine but I feel the root of it all is the high prolactin level. Please help. Thanks

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  • heidi051275 2

    Prolactin normal levels

    Been doing some research and I can't find a definite answer to what is the normal range for prolactin levels. When first tested I was at 141.9 then was taken off of risperidone and it's dropped to 43. My doctor said it's still elevated so ordered an MRI. Just would like to know how elevated that

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  • heidi051275 2
  • Francie123 2

    Had surgery, now my prolactin levels are back up again

    I had surgery for my pituitary tumor and the Doctors thought they got everything but when I just went in for bloodwork my prolactin levels were 84 (it was 25 at the hospital the day after surgery). Does this mean the tumor came back? I am getting an MRI later this week. 

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  • vero53782 1

    Pitutary tumours

    Iam 30 years old since the age of 22 i suffer from headaches that even has took me to emergency. I was recently few months ago diagnosed pitutary tumour . Well i wasn't shock because i knew something was wrong with me but rather feel overwhelmed how much time I spent visiting Drs. One

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  • heidi051275 2

    High levels

    I've been on taking risperidone for 3 years and nothing seems to be getting better. Been put on other medications for my anxiety and depression but during these 3 years I've been very fatigued, have irregular menstrual cycles that doctor couldn't explain. Finally my psychiatrist ordered teat for

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  • Olive156 2
  • amy26x 2

    High prolactin levels and treatment?

    Last year my blood tests came back twice with high prolactin levels and was referred to a specialist but never received the letter. I want to try and get pregnant and read that high prolactin can stop you getting pregnant, can you not get pregnant at all if its high? I still have regular periods,

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  • sandy32792 1

    Prolactinoma and palpitations?

    Hello all, I've just been recently diagnosed with a prolactinoma and have been getting some pretty regular palpitations. I had them for a few months last year too, before my diagnosis, and they went away by themselves. I had ecgs and a monitor and everything seemed OK. But they're back now, and I'

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  • rebecca80606 2

    Unclear on blood results

    Hi. Wondering if anyone can help me understand my blood results and what they mean? I was being treated for an under active thyroid with 50mg of levothyroxine but they've taken me off it for a month and will re do bloods. It says on my letter suspected "hypothalamic effect " also says "sick

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  • husseinberg 1

    Growth past 18

    I turned 18 last november, I am 139 lbs and 5'10. Is it possible that i'll grow more? mother is 5'4, father is 5'7. I haven't grown a beard yet I only shave my light mustache once month.  I have absolutely no bodyhair on my chest, stomach or back, and regular hair on legs.  I am skinny (9% bodyfat)...

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  • tari1 2

    high polatin and need to concieve

    i was degnose of high polatin and I HAVE not been seeing my messes before i was dagnose, i was place on primulut, bromergon which after some weeks i started bleeding but the period was not regular i bleeded about twice a month, but my wish is to become pregnant now that am bleding what drugs can i

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  • mermeo 2

    Prolactin levels high

    Hi everyone I am lady aged 52 not pregnant but have a rare auto immune condition called Polymyositis with interstitial lung disease and fibromyalhia. I had myroutine bloods back yesterday and it showed high prolactin. My readings are 535 and the dr says they should be 495 max. My GP is referring

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  • Shirley Samways 1


    I have suffered from extreme exhaustion since my diagnosis and subsequent op to remove tumour I am now taking lanreotide to block the growth hormone .I have been taking Q10 for 3 weeks and had an instant result I am able to keep my energy level up and feel a whole lot better. Patients with this

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  • jean80315 1

    raised prolactin also query peri menapausal

    I went to ask gp as I am 50 and havnt had since Nov was last 1 2016 so approx 3 months ago. I explained I have feeling of one min being in rage next crying then could be fine then laughing 20 mins later. I feel bloated getting hot surges through body. she took hormone tests fsh and lh as I said I

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  • joycemadine 5
  • Orangey123 2

    Physical therapy after testing

    About 10 years ago I had testing done on my pituitary at an ear Dr. For some reason the sent me to physical therapy. I did eye exercises. What would have been wrong with my pituitary?

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  • RubixQ 1
  • Dante NXS 2

    Seeking advice

    It has been a few months since my last post and at that time my thyroid levels were looking good, after surgery to remove half my thyroid, but I was not feeling well. I just had my labs done again this week and I am a bit perplexed. So I am hoping that members can shed some light on things, prior

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  • sophie58663 2

    Week 10 on Cabergoline - does anyone else feel tired and dizzy?

    Hi,   I was after some help - I was diagnosed with a Pituary Tumour which was producing too much Prolactin.  I've been put on Cabergoline and am on week 10.   I am spending a lot of my days lying in bed, muscles ache and I go for days feeling tired and then I'm Ok again. I often have a dizzy

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  • poonam79117 1

    pituitary macroadenoma of 1.2cm with apoplexy

    am 23year old female.3 months back i got to know that i have pituitary macroadenoma of 1.2cm with apoplexy. Doctors said that it will shrink by itself because it they gave me some painkillers.i was back to normal routines then. Bt now after 3months again that tumor bleeded and this time

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  • Wraven 1

    Male - High Prolactin

    I'm a 37 year old male. Just did some blood work. I have high prolactin ( not a big amount) and low testosterone. Low sex drive. Also found out I have an irregular heart beat and low heart rate. I've lost 27 pounds in 5 months of hard working out. Recently stopped drinking coffee. BTW I also

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  • cherrynass 2

    How can I convince GP to test for Pituitary problem?

    I have had eye symptoms for 2-3 years (blurred vision,peripheral loss, visually sticky outy eye) extreme dry mouth and constipation for several months and palpitations for many months. Rcently I have been very anxious, jittery and unable to concentrate. The palpitations and eye symtoms are

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  • spec inspector 1


    Approximately 10 years ago my heart beat became irregular, after a number of attempts to control the heart beat the consultant prescribed Amiodarone   200mg produced by Teva. My heart beat for the following 5 years was fully under control. However, Teva ceased production of Amiodarone, the local

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  • joycemadine 5
  • joycemadine 5


    hi Can anyone tell me if they had heart palpitatattins along with other symptoms of a pituitary tumor xxx

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  • symone56482 1

    High prolactin plus lots of symptoms, what is wrong with me?

    I am 22, black,female, 5"4 and 8 Stone 9 lbs. I'm Last year June I caught dysentery in Egypt, which led to alot of blood loss, extreme pain, weight loss, diarrhoea with mucus and loss of appetite. After a course of antibiotics it simmered down along however I was left with milder version of the

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  • joycemadine 5
  • joycemadine 5
  • beeks80 1

    Cabergoline and Prolactinoma

    Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor about 4 years ago. The size of it was 4cm by 3cm so it was quite huge. When they told me what the side effects of high prolactin are I wasn't suprised because I had those feelings most of my life. I was 33 when diagnosed. I spoke to my

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  • seagwey 2

    Regarding Acromegaly & OGTT

    I have a 2,5 mm adenom in my pituitary. (It was 2,5 mm 4 months ago I don't know if its gotten bigger during these past few months.) Anyways, I had an OGTT (75gr) done :  Growth Hormone -30 min  1.3 ug/L <=9.9 Growth Hormone 0 min  0.4 ug/L <=9.9 Growth Hormone 30 min  0.2 ug/L Growth Hormone 60

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  • joycemadine 5
  • joycemadine 5
  • cherrylann24684 1

    Problem with finger nails

    I was diagnosed with acromegaly (pituitary tumor) in 2011 after suffering from debilitating headaches for 30 years (I was told my pituitary gland never reverted back to It's normal size after childbirth, thus the tumor developed over time). I consider myself lucky in that they were able to remove

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