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Pituitary Disorders

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  • husseinberg 1

    Growth past 18

    I turned 18 last november, I am 139 lbs and 5'10. Is it possible that i'll grow more? mother is 5'4, father is 5'7. I haven't grown a beard yet I only shave my light mustache once month.  I have absolutely no bodyhair on my chest, stomach or back, and regular hair on legs.  I am skinny (9% bodyfat)...

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  • tari1 2

    high polatin and need to concieve

    i was degnose of high polatin and I HAVE not been seeing my messes before i was dagnose, i was place on primulut, bromergon which after some weeks i started bleeding but the period was not regular i bleeded about twice a month, but my wish is to become pregnant now that am bleding what drugs can i

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  • mermeo 2

    Prolactin levels high

    Hi everyone I am lady aged 52 not pregnant but have a rare auto immune condition called Polymyositis with interstitial lung disease and fibromyalhia. I had myroutine bloods back yesterday and it showed high prolactin. My readings are 535 and the dr says they should be 495 max. My GP is referring

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