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Calcium side effects

I was taking Calcium tablets and vitd3 seperately but stopped as they were upsetting my stomach. I thought it could be the uncoated calcium so I bought some chewable type with vit d already added. Within a day my tum was bad again, bloating, bad indigestion, nausea, next day the same just as bad. I stopped taking them and all ok. I do have a sensitive tum and take omeprazole which usually keeps it under control. Perhaps I have enough calcium in my system? Anyone have any experience of this?

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  • floramac

    I was doing fine with Calcium Carbonate, then went to a nutritionist who told me to switch to Calcium Citrate and to take several hours apart from other medications/vitamins.  I ended up taking the Calcium Citrate before bed and got horrible, horrible bloating and pain.  I quit the Calcium and bloating reduced, but I'm still stuck with about 50% of the bloating a month later.  I think I may have SIBO but waiting list for test is a month.

  • floramac


    I had problems with calcium tablets too. Nausea etc. Now I am ok with them as I take 2 after lunch then 2 after dinner ( my GP has me down to take four per day) I think like pred you should not take them on on empty tummy. The reason I take them later in the day (ie not after breakfast) is that I take a thyroid tablet and I cannot take the calcium at the same time as it would interfere with that medicine.



  • floramac

    Different kinds of calcium are absorbed differently, and some kinds may upset you while others are fine. I always take my calcium (either calcium citrate or calcium hydroxyapatite) with a little food, perhaps some yoghurt.  I, too, do not like taking calcium on an empty stomach.  Never take it with pred, they interfere with each other.  That being said, it is entirely possible to get enough calcium through diet, but you do have to sure you are eating the right foods so you absorb it.  Vitamin D supplements are important, as is Vitamin K2 if you can afford it as well.  These will make sure the calcium does its job to strengthen your bones.

  • floramac

    Quite a few people have complained of stomach problems with calcium supplements. It does seem to make a difference if you take them with food - lunch and dinner seems to work well and keeps them separate from the pred. It could be the vit D - unless you try stopping one or the other at separate times you can't tell. You could probably get enough calcium from diet if you are careful - you won't get enough vit D. That requires supplements but you should get your blood levels checked to see if you need them.

  • floramac

    I don't have any experience with that but I do have a couple of opinions. Number one if you suspect that a pill without a coating is causing the problem then get a pill that does have a coating rather than a chewable. Secondly you want to talk to your pharmacist. Your pharmacist is an expert in this particular case. And in fact they often times know more than the doctor will about medication. And that's just because the doctor doesn't keep up with the new stuff all the time. It does not make the doctor a bad doctor is what I'm getting at. Your pharmacist may be able to guide you to something that you can get your calcium from without upsetting your stomach.

  • floramac

    I had a hard time finding Calcium formulas that didn't either give me cramps, gas or binding. I use something that is algae based- of all things - but I tolerate it. Some researchers do not recommend high dose calcium supplements but stress adequate Vit D supplements combined with higher dietary intake as tolerated. A recent study I posted elsewhere on this forum used a combination of micronutrients and after one year bone density was significantly increased. It included Vit K2, strontium and magnesium but not in ridiculous doses.

  • floramac

    There is a recent study I posted elsewhere on this forum which improved bone density without calcium supplements; it used Vit D, strontium, Vit K2 ,magnesium and something else. It encouraged dietary forms of calcium and weigh bearing exercises. 

    After on year, the participants had statistically improved bone density.

    i did find a calcium supplement- that I could stand made from algae, of all things. The dose is not high. I use the Vit D3 5,000iu from costco 

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