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Polymyalgia Rheumatica and GCA

New discussion Join group Also known as GCA - Giant Cell Arteritis, Temporal Arteritis

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Reducing pred: dead slow and nearly stop method

    Copied from Eileen's post in another discussion. A group of us worked out reduction schemes individually that have allowed us to reduce far further than ever before but they are all basically the same - and they were based on a scheme a Swedish gentleman worked out when he simply couldn't get below

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  • EmisModerator M

    PMR-GCA website addresses and resources

    If anyone has any further suggestions for inclusion do not reply to this but please contact me separately. PMR-GCA NE can be found at The forums within the NE site are here - New Book on the Block – “Living with PMR&GCA”. ‘

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  • Mrs CJ 3
  • hilary 76724 3

    Update on Cuba with Polymyalgia

    just to keep you up to date, after all the drama trying to get a depo medrone injection to take with me I didn't need it, I an now 3 weeks since my last one. Normally I would be in a lot of pain. The sun, humidity just seemed to work. My husband who is Spanish was talking to a very old Cuban man

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  • marthatidbit 2

    PMR and Fatigue

    Good Morning!  I'm wondering about fatigue and PMR/GCA  I know that before diagnoses and prednisone, I was experiencing severe fatigue.  That has gotten somewhat better  (although I think pred just has me revved up a little - I'm on 40  mg).  As I'm learning about all this and how to manage it, I'm

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  • Love Golf 2


    Is there a dosage at which one regains their metabolism when on prednisone, or does one have to be off it all together for that to happen? My normal winter weight gain before PMR was 5 pounds. After a few weeks of morning golf, I was always back to my desired weight. Since PMR and prednisone,...

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  • Babazaga 2

    Thinning skin due to Prednisone

    Has anyone found a remedy/cure for combating thinning skin due to Prednisone.  In the past 10 months, I've aged 10 years!  I realize that thin skin is part of the aging process, but whoa---not this fast---I hope.

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  • cb72360 2

    Stomach issues

    I am taking 10mg of predisone and I have been on this dose for almost 2 months. I have bad heart burn all the time and nothing helps. Does anyone else experience this and if so does anything help? I'm at the point I want to stop taking the predisone because the stomach issues seem worse then the

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  • VickieS 3

    Turmeric & Blood Thinners

    Since being diagnosed with PMR Sept, 2014, I've tried to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as closely as possible. One of the things I've incorporated in my diet & take as a supplement is Turmeric. That word happened to catch my eye as I scanned our newspaper this morning and saw it mentioned in a

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  • susan29426 3

    Prednisone absorbtion

    I remember seeing something about this awhile back - that there is a form of prednisone that is more easily absorbed than the standard. My rheumatologist hasn't heard of this. Can someone supply that information? Thank you.

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  • TCroll 2

    Just today diagnosed with PMR

    have had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia for years, and months ago felt I needed to go see my arthritis doctor and share with him symptoms I've been experiencing that are above and beyond pain. I saw him back in Feb., and just today had my follow up appointment to learn the results of blood tests,...

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  • Babazaga 2
  • fran2498 3

    Odd feeling in feet

    Hi  I've had PMR for just over  a year and am currently reducing from 5mg to 4mg having started at 20mg.  For some time now I have been experiencing a strange feeling in my feet as if the skin is being pulled really tight, especially when I move my toes.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I've

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  • daniel08939 3

    PMR / Prednisone - Fatigue

    I was diagnosed three months ago with pmr. I am currently taken 10 mg of prednisone and the pain and weakness is almost non-existent. The most serious symptom is faigue and tired all the time. I have to really force myself to stay active. I would appreciate feedback on fatigue and tiredness. Is it

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  • muddyooch 2

    PMR without inflammatory markers

    Hello joined this group. Very very long story am a 52 year old female who had been in optimal health my entire a year and a half ago became dx of Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's 3 months ago my symptoms took a major turn for

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  • BillyP 2

    PMR----muscle or joint pain or both

    I hear a lot of people talk about PMR joint me it for the last 15 years to be all muscle can certainly feel as if the joints are i am thinking the joint bit is arthritis, or ​For one stage i had

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  • karen81902 3


    CAN YOU HAVE A FLARE UP IN ONE ARM BUT NOT THE OTHER.  Trying to figure this out, if its from my injury or PM.  thanks

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  • clare84716 2
  • bob73443 3

    Prednisone combined with Tramadol

    Well, I think I found a bonanza, at least for me. I've had PMR for about 1.5 years.  I started with 60 mg (much to high, I know), and now I'm down to 8 mg.  The 8 mg is livable, except for the wee hours of the morning.  My ribs hurt as the night wears on, and I don't sleep good at all.  I was

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  • Pamros 2

    Golf and pmr.

    Hi, does anyone with pmr play golf? If so, how long have you had pmr, what dose of pred are you on and what are your coping strategies?

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  • amkoffee 6

    How to pronounce polymyalgia rheumatica

    I just got out of the hospital having been quite sick with a chest congestion. Not that that really has any bearing on what I'm about to say. But before I went in the hospital I went to a clinic because I was so sick and the physician assistant that I saw cared more about correcting the way I said

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  • kathy67492 5

    PMR, Prednisone, Starting Actemra

    First infusion of Actemra this morning. Scheduled for next infusion in 4 weeks. Have had PMR For 3+ years, currently @8m and not feeling upper arms, thighs, etc., plus greater fatigue. Got down to 7-1/2m, flared, and I don't think I increased the prednisone enough, so have been

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  • BeckyL 1

    PMR Symptoms, out of the ordinary?

    Hello, am new and hoping to get some feedback as I have felt so lost before finding this …. I was elated when I came across this site to finally find others that faced some of the same challenges I have since being diagnosed with PMR in August 2011. It came on suddenly. In fact the first

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  • Rudivl 2

    Advice need for tapering please

    As most people start by saying - I've been reading your posts but I've not written any myself to date.  I need to cut a long story short but the background may help with November 2014 I started to feel very unwell within about 3 weeks - all the symptoms of PMR but no real stiffness,

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  • Lesley998 3

    Could it be Polymyalgia?

    Hello all, I am new here. I am really struggling at the moment with painful symptoms and am getting absolutely nowhere with my GP. I suspect I have some sort of inflammatory condition or disease, and wondered if perhaps someone who has PMR would read my story and tell me if they think I am on

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  • Fandango 2

    GCA and Prednisolone

    I am wondering if anyone has had these symptoms.  I have been taking Prednisolone since March 2016 for GCA.  Had a bad time with side effects and sideffects from Omeprazole and Ranitidine.  However, I am now down to 3/4mg Prednisolone on alternate days.  About 4 weeks ago I started getting terrible

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  • julian99981 2

    Unable to reduce meds, what are my choices please

    Hello all. I have been diagnosed with Polymyalgia for about 4 years and have been unable to reduce below 10mg and been warned that the long term effects of these steroids are very serious. I'm seeing my rheumatologist in a few weeks time (who has been hopeless). Can anyone suggest what tests I

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  • BillyP 2

    PMR discussion.........

    GDay, first time on a PMR forum although i have had it for nearly 15 ​I am currently on 5 mg of a to get under that without flare so,, i occasionally have to bump it up for a couple of days to settle things days i

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  • wendy43316 3


    Hi I've been on pred for 18 months started on 15mg and been reducing , I've got down to 1 and 0 alternate days but started getting pains in the top of my legs and stiffness as well also pain in my shoulders. What is the best thing to do ?

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  • lorna37853 2

    Polymyalgia returning

    I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Arteritis more than 5 years ago, and Polymyalgia started within 3 months. I have been on steroids ever since.  My doctor encouraged me to lower my dosage very gradually but every time I got down to 5mg per day the pain flared up and she had to put me on a high

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  • azaria 1

    pain in lumber area of back

    After 5 months of lower back pain , 23 sessions of physio , 4 of osteopathy, reiki , acupuncture etc I decided to try bowen. I have only had one session and after that I felt as if my back was more straight. I thought it was working but after 2 days of some imlprovement I feel I have gone back to

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  • Lelee 1
  • julian99981 2

    Anyone using Methotrexate

    Hello Can you please offer me some advice. After a recent visit to my rheumatologist he has advise after 3 years on Prednisone that I change to Methotrexate. Has anyone used these tablets and do they work in reducing the symptoms of polymyalgia? Thank you

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  • karen81902 3

    need advice

    2 weeks I was slammed into lockers by 2 girls fighting in the hallway. Each day my left arm feels worse.  I am seeing an orthopedic Dr. on Monday.  Did not think it was PMR since it is not on both sides. Also have pain in my neck when i reach for cetain things.  Do you think this is a separate from PMR?...

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  • Guest M

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    I was diagnosed with PMR 5 years ago and have been taking predisilone (steroid) since then. I have managed to get down to 8mg per day but have found it almost impossible to reduce the dose further. I have had cataracts in both eyes induced by the steroid intake and recently had a total hip

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