Calf muscle and buttock wasting on right side constant muscle twiching

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I have something going on so just wondering if anyone has the same symptoms and found out what's wrong or a cure I can't lift myself up onto my toes on Right side and calf muscle and buttock is waisting and constant twitching in buttock feels like something moving inside thigh and buttock muscle I'm waiting for blood tests and I have EMG booked for 20th December But omg it feels like something is inside my muscle eating it away Any one else had similar symptoms if there is I understand what you going through my wife is just getting more and more annoyed with me the Internet is scarey but omg all you can do is gain knowledge etc from Internet at the moment I only have issues with my leg and numb cheek on the one side my RH Side

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    Hi Terry

    sorry to here your in hospital. What was it that took you in, ? The spasm's.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    Hopefully you will get some answers.

    regards Ellen

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      Yes the spasms and electrical shock. They had speed into my bum cheek and on Friday the electrical shocks ended up deep inside my groin area I couldn't cope any more so went to A&E and thank god they admitted me I've had MRI and more blood tests.

      Spoke to my uncle yesterday who told there's history in the famil of bad blood flow in legs his grandad lost both his legs and my uncles had a tube put down his right leg also. This maybe why I've got the calf muscle wastage in my right leg and bum cheek. The electric shocks and muscle spasms I now think could be due to being bitten by a tick on my right ankle you can still see the red mark and I can remember pulling / scratching a kind of tiny needle out. About 7 weeks ago. Therefore the muscle twiching and nerve damage could be from Lymmes des ease which you can get from tick bites so I'm keen to speak to doctors now ASAP. Bet you think I'm a right One

      But honestly I never ever go to doctors my local go at one time archived my notes because they thought I'd moved out the area.

      How's you ?? X

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      Hi Terry

      how are you doing ?

      im still awaiting blood results from Newcastle, should be soon now as its approaching 6 months since I was there.

      hope you've got some answers


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      Hi Ellen omg I'm sick of being in hospital basically tomorrow I will have been in here 1 week I've had MRI. Lumba puncture and EMG tests. They've kind of Said they've ruled out most of the nasty posibilities and said they thinks it's a mechanical problem I'd a trapped nerve or swelling trapping a nerve. But then yesterday they said they're still looking into every option as they're still waiting for blood results. I believe I've ALS been bitten by a tick and been infected with lymmes desease which also gets into you nervous system and played havoc So I will keep you posted on what my final diagnosis is xx. Ps hope your ok and hope your managing ok xx

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      And hope you've got your blood results back. Please let me know ASAP X

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      As well as the tests I've mentioned I have also had an echocardiogram and lung function tests to rule out involvement of heart and lung muscle. Luckily neither have been affected by whatever else is going on in my muscles. They have found I have moderate prolapse of mitral valve with regurgitation so I have to have 2 yearly echo but luckily muscle wasting hasn't affected heart or lungs.

      Regards Ellen

      How are your symptoms now your in hospital ? Have they treated you in any way

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    Terry, a week! ugh!

    The EMG is a diagnostic tool fir, I hope you can rule ALS out.

    Lyme disease, I am unaware of a definitive test for Lyme disease.

    If it were not Lyme disease but you were treated as though it were Lyme disease, what harm could come to you? Like, what would the harm be to try?

    Thinking of you,


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      Hi again I'm still in hull hospital and waiting for final blood results I'm on a steriod and leg muscle spasms etc are nearly gone I'm waiting to find out about the possible lymmes desease issue I think. I'm also with Fido trying to get some buttock muscle and calf usage back gggrrr. They said they haven't ruled anything out yet.

      Can't stand this. I'm waiting for a doctor to come to me with a gun and it'll be loaded or unloaded xxxx

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      Hi again xx omg I need to get some answers. My face is a little numb which according to doctor Google. Could be lymmes desease signs ' I do try to keep of Google honest but it's difficult". The steroids I'm on according to "google doc" are got Giuliani barre syndrome ( I don't need that) and it's for spinal repair for lower spine problems

      Yes ALS OMG I don't need that one either ... Just waiting to see the doctors again today I just don't want the electric shocks and ants inside my muscles to come back. Frightening 🐜💤🐜💤🐜💤🐜

      Regards to all Terry xx

      Ps hope you guys have a good day today xx

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      Hi Terry

      Are you home?

      Have you an answer?

      or are you now counting the cracks in the wall?

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      Hi yes I'm home after all the scarey possibilities turns out I've got 2x discs determination in my back L5 and S1 nerve root damage this has caused all the muscle twiching and electrical impulses. Still need to see if I have lymes desease but now on steroids and I'm hoping these electrical pains and muscle spasms stop soon. They have decreased a lot

      At least thank got I didn't have something else like ALS etc which was a possibility at one point. My mum had TM so the thought of that scared me also I'm on a mission now to raise awareness about TM etc and b12 defiiciency as I'm sure as a human race were causing a lot of our own issues due to mylene sheath delamination due to various reasons anti acid tablets etc etc

      Regards Terry

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    Hi Terry

    Glad to here you are home and your symptoms are a little easier.

    My latest MRI show bulging discs in 2 areas of my cervical spine but apparently this isn't likely to be causing my muscle wasting or muscle stiffness. Hopefully the results from Newcastle will answer a few questions !

    Glad your home

    Regards Ellen

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