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Muscle Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Baclofen, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Glycogen Storage Disease, McArdle’s Disease, Myoclonus, Pompe's Disease, Tarui's Disease, Von Gierke's Disease

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  • GaMo 2

    I'm looking for answers...

    I have been experiencing twitches and jolts everyday for around six months. The jolts or jumps seem to happen when I'm relaxed and either sitting or laying down. My arm or leg (sometimes both legs) will jump as if they've been shocked! I also get this jumping in my thumbs and this happens multiple times...

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  • GaMo 2

    I'm looking for answers...

    I have been experiencing twitches and jolts everyday for around six months. The jolts or jumps seem to happen when I'm relaxed and either sitting or laying down. My arm or leg (sometimes both legs) will jump as if they've been shocked! I also get this jumping in my thumbs and this happens multiple times...

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  • krisjb 3


    Hi all Just needed some advice if possible Started in march with a forearm twitch that went after 3 or 4days. Had other twitches but seemed to stop. Went through the whole als anxiety and then read an article about symptoms and it seemed to calm me down. Went to the doctor who said I had slightly...

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  • motogp1000 2

    Muscle Or Nerve injury after gym session

    Hello - For about 3yrs i've been dealing with tightness/fatigue pain/and dull ache in and around my glutes and piriformis and back of legs.   I've had MRIs and other tests that show nothing wrong with my spine or otherwise.   Last year i was dead lifting when i felt a twinge in my left buttock.  Towards...

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  • mediocre301 1

    Muscle twitches that doesn't let me sleep..

    I've been experiencing muscle twitches..mild..that continues for 3hrs..usually occurs in the occurs abt twice a month sometimes thrice..b4 i gad it oly in my legs..recently i started having it in my arms forearms wrists back shoulder.. when it occurs i dnt sleep properly fr 1 2hrs..though ill...

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  • Carolineq8 5

    Chronic rhomboid and traps muscle spasm

    I'm back again, I'm really struggling right now, my rhomboids and trapezius muscles keep going into spasm, it's almost in a daily basis and sometimes they last for months, weeks or a few days but no sooner does it settle it starts again without any warning and this can be when I'm just sitting watching...

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  • will24 3

    Genetic testing results help

    My muscle biopsy revealed i have a core myopathy potentially remarkable for showing minicore disease and had to have genetic testing done to locate the mutation causing the core myopthy. The results of the genetic testing are quite... interesting. I was hoping you guys could help me decode it and find...

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  • fergul 2

    swollen leg

    started 3 years ago, 'muscle strain' in calf, swelling didnt reduce with meds, then ruptured Bakers Cyst,  had scan/doppler/measured for compression socks, still swelling very evident, painful, tight, nipping feeling and heat!!! end of my tether now, cant think what to do, tried physio (private) cant...

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  • Lazzaro42 1

    Chronic groin, piriformis, sciatic pain

    I've had chronic pain in my right groin for about 2 years. The pain is difficult to pinpoint when palpating, but always seems to be more anteriomedial. Sometimes I get other aches in my adductors. Initially I was pain free during sport, but felt my groin was tight when I cooled down. The tightness would...

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  • BC2013 1

    A poking-like sensation on various parts of my body

    I’m not sure if my case could be classified as muscle disorder, but definitely there is something wrong with it. I’ve been suffering from sleep disorder for the past ten years. One of the symptoms that keep on interrupting my sleep at night is a sensation of a very focused pulsation, a poking-like sensation,...

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  • danR 5

    Exercise intolerance. Advice needed.

    I am suffering from extreme exercise intolerance. I used to be active (playing tennis, swimming, gym) but lately, my muscles hardly recover after (moderate) exercise. Also, it does not feel like regular muscle pain but rather a continuous burning sensation in the muscles. It affects mainly my arms, shoulders,...

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  • lorin29902 1
  • sudhindrajos 1

    Myasthenia gravis IVIg

    Hi, My Father 79yrs old also having myasthenia gravis for last 8 years. He is under medication . Now he started feeling weakness , not able stand and also not able eat himself. Now Neurologist suggests to go for IVIg or Plasmapheresis . I am not sure how this treatment will be effective . Do we need...

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  • beej198071 1

    Constant stiff calf muscle in right leg

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this... I'm a 36 year old man, in reasonable shape, 6ft 1 and I have a fairly sedentary office job although I walk 2 miles a day to the station and back. For the last 6-9 months I have been experiencing pain in my right calf muscle. I feels really...

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  • Lethal-godd 2


    I've been taking baclofen and co coronal naproxen for spasms and chronic back pain. I had to go to er and was given a fortecortin and tramadol injection for the pain. They never told me if I can still take my. Baclofen as my go told me not to stop taking it. Any help would be appreciated

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  • rsarah21 1

    Muscle twitches and spasms all over body

    This particular problem started about 5 years ago, however it was much more mild and not as worrying. The muscle twitches originally started in my feet and legs, and was more of an annoyance than anything. At the time I also had trouble sleeping, so my doctor suggested a sleep study, perhaps the twitching...

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  • krisjb 3

    Forearm and calf twitch

    For 5 weeks have had twitching that comes and goes in forearm and occasional calf Now sore aching arm for a couple of days Any one else have anything like this? I so worried about what this could be

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  • krisjb 3

    Right Forearm Twitch - localised

    Hi all  4 weeks ago i noticed a twicth in right arm - disappered after 3 days and has now been back for around 2/3 weeks  same please but occasionly i feel it moved into tricep  cause my arm to feel tired sometimes and very very mild stiffness in my right hand. No weakness though  i do have medication...

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  • hemantG 1
  • janemadd 1
  • toya46444 2
  • Lethal-godd 2

    Baclofen, here goes nothing

    So I had an injury few years back and have had reoccurring pain 3 times since. Last bout lasting 4 weeks now. Go has taken me off tramadol and diazepam as he said they're Betty addictive and placed me on baclofen, high dose co codamol and high dose naproxen. Has anyone used baclofen? The diazepam was...

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  • jennifer56446 1

    I have neuropathy

    I had 2 lumber spinal fusion operations two yrs ago,and after then I started having numbness in my leg and both feet with electric shock pain also I have muscle twitching and waiting for a appointment to see a neurologist.

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  • julie290568 1

    Awaiting diagnosis Myasthenia Gravis need advice pls

    I'm awaiting diagnosis for potential Myasthenia gravis. I suddenly became very weak and tired 1 week ago. I couldn't hold my head up and could barely open my eyes. I have muscle weakness in my legs and shoulders. I've been trying to walk as much as I can to simulate the muscles and have been feeling...

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  • sk8brdkd 2
  • angel10949 2

    Body wide twitching for 5 weeks scares it is ALS

    I have been having body wide ransoms fine twitching all over. It has been going on for 5 weeks but nothing else is wrong. No abnormal labs normal MRI everything normal but the weird fine random twitching everywhere. Which is a symptom of ALS. I am afraid and have no one to talk to. Anyone else have this...

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  • sk8brdkd 2

    Need some Insight and Help Please -- Torn Calf Muscle

    I don't know if this is the correct forum but I have no idea what forum this would belong in. 3 weeks ago, I had a skiing accident where I tore the major muscle in my calf --- the gastrocnemium one --- severe tear. I also dislocated my shoulder and that is healing ok. But, I finally was just able to...

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  • dee53012 6

    L-Glutamine & D-Ribos

    After reading a bunch of things on these forums, I decided to go out and buy some LGlutamine for muscle pain and D-Ribos for energy. Anyone know how long it takes to start noticing a difference?  I took some this morning with water and breakfast, it is two hours later and I don't feel any different....

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  • terry62719 3
  • a45508 1
  • dt1993 2

    Right arm weakness, doctors dont know.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me. I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms for the pas 6 months, but I have no idea what to do anymore. I'm a healthy 22 year old asian student, who doesn't drink, smoke and was pretty active at sports. I've been experiencing significant muscle weakness...

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  • Bones092616 1
  • Nesee 1

    Having surgery in 5 days and I'm concerned about my Dermatomyositis

    Hi Anyone, I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in 2008 and was on Prednisone and Methotrexate for a year I finally got off meds and have only had two flare ups since. In the last 2 years I've had left low back pain which has come and gone with Steroid shots and meds. Within the last two months the pain...

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  • anisha87398 1
  • will24 3

    Looking for people like me.

    A little about me ,27 years old male- About 5 years ago started having a hard time breathing at night, went from a weight of 210 pounds to 160 in 3 months, started getting weakness in hands, calfs, and face. went to doctors and discovered i had high potassium and liver count likely due to muscle breakdown,...

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  • cybermoja 1

    Feels like chest muscle is rippled

    I am 36 year old male and overweight. When I try to feel the muscle on the left chest, with little hand pressure, it feels rippled (like feeling a raffles chip under your skin). The area specifically chest muscle near the armpit. I sometimes feel like prickly pain in that area and vanishes after a bit.

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