Fatigued & Muscle weakness in arms and legs. No idea where to start

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I don't even know where to start other than saying I'm glad I found this site. The level of support from fellow members is very reassuring.

I'm a 37yr old male, not in the best shape but far from out of shape.  I'm active, I go to the gym, I race dirt bikes, hike, and you normal every day guy.  Since my 20's I've had a left knee that has steadily been getting worse.  Last year diagnosed as Patella Pain Syndrome.  In 2014 I had a bad skydiving landing (tandem) and the instructor made us land on our butts, needless to say my tailbone took the weight of both of us and I spent a year going to a chiropractor for lower pack pain and neck pain.  I stopped going in fall '15.  In Oct 2015 I did a very rough dirt bike race which left me beat up, my hands were buzzing, sore back and wrists.  This wasn't abnormal and I know I'm getting older so I didn't think anything of it however over a month later my right wrist was still sore and then at night I started waking up with my hands and feet feeling numbish (that feeling as your limb is falling asleep but not fully pins and needs asleep).  I never had the pins and needles feeling, just the numbing type feeling.  It extended to my mid forearms and upper calves.  I saw my PCP who told me it was probably stress related (panic or anxiety disorder) and gave me some xanax.  I hate taking pills so I never took them and instead followed up with a neurologist.  

My neuro did the in office quick evaluation and said it probably wasn't ALS or MS because the symtoms would disappearing and reoccuring and sure enough around Dec, the symptoms disappeared while I was gone on vacation.  In January I resumed work and the numbing feeling returned in my right food and right hand.  Again, no pins and needles but a numbing feeling. When it would get really bad the tips of my pinky and second last finger would go cold and really hurt.  I was also experiencing concentration issues. This lasted about 6 weeks til mid-Feb when it went away.  About a month later it occurred again in early March.  I got tired of my PCP saying it was anxiety so I took the xanax and while I felt relaxed and it help with the concentration issues it did nothing for the tingling/numbing feeling. 

Mid march the numbing stopped altogether however what's persisted is a feeling of my calves and forearms being tight and lightly cramped.  When I wake up in the morning I feel like my calves ran a marathon the night before and they do ease up as I stretch and move thru the day.  My calves fatigue very quickly especially on stairs.  and... I continue to have twitching in my calves (this has been going on since Oct.).  My forearms.... similar. Tight fatigued feeling which makes for stiff hands and sometimes weak hands gripping things, like weights at the gym.

As of May (today), I still don't get the numbing feelings however I still get the tight fatigued feeling in my calves and forearms.  The twitching continues 24/7 and now includes the arches of my feet. This twitching is very light and hard to see but it is observable.  I can feel it in the muscle.  Lately in the evenings when I finally sit down after a long day I've started feeling my quad muscles near the connection to the knee spasm very hard 3-4 times. This has been occuring daily and lately in the last 2-3 days I get this feeling in my right thigh of a very fast pulsation (feels very deep in the muscle) in my right thigh side (it can't be seen and only felt). 

I still have concententraion issues.  My right eye has apparently started to get lazy since Oct ('15) so I'm having issues focusing and glasses won't fix it.  I'm tired all the time even though I still force myself to the gym to lift weights and cardio daily.  But I have to say its really starting to weigh down on my. I try to ignore it and just go on with my every day life becuase I'm tired of my Dr (GP) telling me he can't find anything wrong with me and constantly repeats anxiety/stress.  I've dealt with stress all my life I know this isnt' stress related.  I just don't know what to do or where to go to come up with answers. LOL why can't the healt system be like on TV where you whizz in, blab your symptoms and an hour later they have a cure. 

Anyone else experience anything like this?  

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    It seems a complex situation with, no doubt, several causes. Two things sprang to my mind re parts of it, both from my past experience. If you have not done so already, you might llke to check out these. Raynaud's Syndrome re the feeling in your fingers. Iron deficiency anaemia re the numbness (I also get a very, very mild and fine pins and needles type sensation.)  Both of these could potentially account for some of your other symptoms as well. Good luck.
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    I am 43 year old woman and I have the same exact symptoms you are having!

    I did all Bloodwork test for RA ,lupus Lyme , tried prednisone but did not work, now I have. To see neurologist to. I have been looking online and I have found that my symptoms could be fibromyalgia even though the doctor doesn't think so or some kind of myosotis or myopathy. I am really at at a loss on what's going on. I do feel muscle weakness and fatigue easily, I have never felt this way before and it started to affect my life! I have had symptoms for 2 1/2 months now.

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    Hope your still checking this thread/question & hope you are well.

    Many of the symptoms you are describing are consistent with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).  

    There are 3 types of TOS:  Arterial TOS, (vein?) TOS, & what you may have: "Neurogenic TOS" (based on your symptoms I read).

    If you haven't seen an EXCELLENT Rheumatologist, I'd do that & ask them to conduct the tests required to diagnose it.

    When you said your arms were numb, but NOT pins & needles, that is not uncommon with Neurogenic TOS.  

    From your upper chest, ON EACH SIDE, just inside your shoulder, you have the Subclavian ARTERY, a Vein, & 3 significant NERVES.   These pass through a TRIANGULAR OUTLET to your arms.   If that outlet area is small (compromised), you get very bizarre symptoms, many of which you described.

    Praying for your health bud!


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    After reading your post more, the symptoms in you legs would not fit TOS, but I doubt it is stress.  You seem to have a systemic (all 4 limbs) issue.  I actually have similar symptoms in my legs as well but that is due to a spinal injury.

         If you haven't seen a specialist, namely a TOP NOTCH (Dr House MD-like) Rheumatologist, I think that would be the person to diagnose this issue.  Hopefully you can connect with a doctor who won't use the word "probably".  That signals to me he's guessing & not equipped knowledge-wise to diagnose your issue.

    Best of luck, Greg

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    Have you checked your Magnesium levels via a lab? Have you tried supplementing with Magnesium? Have you ever had a micronutrient panel done to test your levels? I would make sure you check that and make sure you have enough Magnesium. Some centers will even do a Magnesium IV if your labs show you are deficient. SpectraCell has a good micronutrient panel. It's worth ruling out a Magnesium deficiency. It may play a role in your symptoms. Maybe not. It's something you could explore and consider though. Good luck. I hope you find answers and relief. 

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    I have to ask a really simple question, have you had an MRI?

    IM surprised your neurologist hasn't referred you for a scan?

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    What was it? I have the same issue means the same strange numbness within forearms and calves. Even the same pause during vacation. Thanks in advance for your help

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    Hoping someone is still reading I have had increasingly worsening muscle fatigue after very little use Arms and legs If I walk up stairs, I have to stop st the top due to the burning My forearm is getting tired just typing this on my phone I have had MRI, ABI, EMG, blood work. All was normal except I was positive for EBV in the past My neuro doc says my family doc shoulf refer me to infectious disease He doesnt have any answers other than that chronic EBV can cause lupus like symptoms and chronic fatigue My EBV labs only show a past infection but not a current or reactivated infection I constantly have muscle twitching My chin for a week, now under my left eye for two weeks And various other places all over I am especially sensitive to light and smells I tried to walk from my car in a parking lot to an event that was less maybe 50 yards away....I had to stop to rest my legs ITS TERRIBLE I was sure it was cirrculation from being a previous smoker but AbI was totally normal Im a nurse and I cant find any answers 😦

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      Ps I am 38 and female No children and am 5'2" 130lbs so im not unhealthy

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      did you ever get answers?! same with me going up the stairs, walking anywhere for that matter, lifting stuff i get super fatigued and legs and arms shake . ill do a motion like throwing a frisbee and be sore for 3 days i also have muscle twitching all over

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    Hi CHRIS My experience with your same symptoms were related to vitamin b12 deficiency The symptoms became worse in a matter of months after apparently injuring my back while dancing zumba But because I was b12 deficient I could not heal and got really bad pins and needles, numbness, tiredness, muscle weakness, depression, anxiety an burning of my back and feet what I have is called subacute degeneration of the spinal cord unfortunately I was not diagnosed or tested until too late I have neurological damage not much , but enough to keep me oof the gym and dance classes Have your b12 tested also vit D They should be in upper ranges I supplement everyday get well!

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    I have always had a LOT of strength and would always conquer heavy tasks that others gave up on (I'm stubborn). I did not go to a gym, but gave my muscles a good workout with my daily tasks that needed strength. I was an armed security officer for over ten years with vigorous physical training, which I always had to counter the physical restraints/holds by my fellow officers (I had strength). It wasn't until I attended by sixth-month gun shoot for work that I found myself unable to get up from a kneeling position after one of our drills. I could not believe that I had no strength in my legs to get up and we had to get up on assisted and after four tries at the gun range I lost my job. I noticed for a couple of years before that I was having difficulty going up simple stairs or walking very far without getting winded. I lost the strength in my hands my arms my legs and I also have problems with my feet and ankles where when I am down on my hands and knees and I’m trying to get up while holding onto a table my feet and ankles cannot bend so I actually have to drag 1 foot up at a time and a staff position. last summer I had a decompression done on my lower spine because I had so much pain in my spine and we figured that there was a pinched nerve which there was but that had nothing to do with any of my loss of muscle strength . in 2001 I was in a car accident and had one of the worst cases of whiplash . Within 10 years from that accident I started having symptoms occurring all of a sudden...... my bladder had gotten week I had severe pain burning stabbing in the bottoms of my feet, I had palpitations Amongst other things. I went to two reputable clinics and what they both came up with his peripheral neuropathy in my feet and was told it would never get better it would only get worse . they gave me a whole slew of meds where I gained over 50 pounds but I knew this wasn’t the right diagnosis, at least the complete diagnosis ( because I do feel that I have a little bit of propel neuropathy in my toes because I have a little numbness there but for what I went there for with the extreme pain in my feet I knew it couldn’t be the full diagnosis and dad I’m bleeding into right now )...... my brother is an orthopedic surgeon and he just happened to come across a guy on one of those flights that told me to seek out an upper cervical specialist, also known as a NUCCA specialist . I found out in my extensive search that these type of chiropractors are very difficult to find because there is only six in the state that I live in . The best I can describe it is an energy vibration and I’m not even sure if that is correct but they do not crack you. if you look it up on YouTube the word NUCCA you will see a video of a man standing over one of his patients and he has a diagram of the upper cervical and head and you’ll see what they do . I kind of got into the NUCCA thing and got off base for what is going on with me but I wanted to start from day one when all my symptoms started and thought that mentioning this might trigger something for others in this forum .as for the pain in my feet and my palpitations, One adjustment if you would call it cured every sense of pain in my feet and I was able to walk again and my palpitations left. and every time after if I ever started to have a little bit of foot pain or palpitations I would go back again for that $60 adjustment and within a week both of those will be gone . now back onto my current symptoms and that is extreme loss of strength in the upper and lower extremities , severe nodding of the muscles in my shoulders and neck , stiffness and inability to use my ankles and feet especially when trying to get up off the floor . I blamed all of this on stress while my house is being built because the builders were so difficult to work with and I really get stressed out , but I don’t think that can be the reason that I suddenly, without any real warning or me noticing , That I lost my strength. I have gone back to both Of those reputable clinics of those reputable clinics and they’ve done more tests but they really can’t come up with anything . I had a chiropractor tell me that I was just simply deconditioned and I needed to do some strengthening and that is when I found my other chiropractor who performed the decompression on my lost spine because of the pain I was having and that was due to a pinched nerve which was found on the scan . but I have no answers for my extreme loss of strength and all of my muscle tightness and pain .

    I am sorry I got so wordy but when I went off-track just a little bit this may help someone else in this forum.

    Thank you for reading

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