Fatigued & Muscle weakness in arms and legs. No idea where to start

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I don't even know where to start other than saying I'm glad I found this site. The level of support from fellow members is very reassuring.

I'm a 37yr old male, not in the best shape but far from out of shape.  I'm active, I go to the gym, I race dirt bikes, hike, and you normal every day guy.  Since my 20's I've had a left knee that has steadily been getting worse.  Last year diagnosed as Patella Pain Syndrome.  In 2014 I had a bad skydiving landing (tandem) and the instructor made us land on our butts, needless to say my tailbone took the weight of both of us and I spent a year going to a chiropractor for lower pack pain and neck pain.  I stopped going in fall '15.  In Oct 2015 I did a very rough dirt bike race which left me beat up, my hands were buzzing, sore back and wrists.  This wasn't abnormal and I know I'm getting older so I didn't think anything of it however over a month later my right wrist was still sore and then at night I started waking up with my hands and feet feeling numbish (that feeling as your limb is falling asleep but not fully pins and needs asleep).  I never had the pins and needles feeling, just the numbing type feeling.  It extended to my mid forearms and upper calves.  I saw my PCP who told me it was probably stress related (panic or anxiety disorder) and gave me some xanax.  I hate taking pills so I never took them and instead followed up with a neurologist.  

My neuro did the in office quick evaluation and said it probably wasn't ALS or MS because the symtoms would disappearing and reoccuring and sure enough around Dec, the symptoms disappeared while I was gone on vacation.  In January I resumed work and the numbing feeling returned in my right food and right hand.  Again, no pins and needles but a numbing feeling. When it would get really bad the tips of my pinky and second last finger would go cold and really hurt.  I was also experiencing concentration issues. This lasted about 6 weeks til mid-Feb when it went away.  About a month later it occurred again in early March.  I got tired of my PCP saying it was anxiety so I took the xanax and while I felt relaxed and it help with the concentration issues it did nothing for the tingling/numbing feeling. 

Mid march the numbing stopped altogether however what's persisted is a feeling of my calves and forearms being tight and lightly cramped.  When I wake up in the morning I feel like my calves ran a marathon the night before and they do ease up as I stretch and move thru the day.  My calves fatigue very quickly especially on stairs.  and... I continue to have twitching in my calves (this has been going on since Oct.).  My forearms.... similar. Tight fatigued feeling which makes for stiff hands and sometimes weak hands gripping things, like weights at the gym.

As of May (today), I still don't get the numbing feelings however I still get the tight fatigued feeling in my calves and forearms.  The twitching continues 24/7 and now includes the arches of my feet. This twitching is very light and hard to see but it is observable.  I can feel it in the muscle.  Lately in the evenings when I finally sit down after a long day I've started feeling my quad muscles near the connection to the knee spasm very hard 3-4 times. This has been occuring daily and lately in the last 2-3 days I get this feeling in my right thigh of a very fast pulsation (feels very deep in the muscle) in my right thigh side (it can't be seen and only felt). 

I still have concententraion issues.  My right eye has apparently started to get lazy since Oct ('15) so I'm having issues focusing and glasses won't fix it.  I'm tired all the time even though I still force myself to the gym to lift weights and cardio daily.  But I have to say its really starting to weigh down on my. I try to ignore it and just go on with my every day life becuase I'm tired of my Dr (GP) telling me he can't find anything wrong with me and constantly repeats anxiety/stress.  I've dealt with stress all my life I know this isnt' stress related.  I just don't know what to do or where to go to come up with answers. LOL why can't the healt system be like on TV where you whizz in, blab your symptoms and an hour later they have a cure. 

Anyone else experience anything like this?  

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    hi Chris, did you get any answers? I’ve been having the same issues I’ve had twitching all over my body for the last two years but it’s been the last month that my legs and arms are feeling really fatigued. Even to go up the stairs makes my thighs burn and picking up things that are slightly heavy really takes a toll on me even doing simple tasks like playing frisbee with my dog my arms will be sore for a whole week. I’m hoping you found some answers because with the muscle fatigue in the twitching, I’m in the same boat as you.

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      Hiya. I know this is old but just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this? I've been experiencing this for a couple of years but no answers. Saw a neurologist today who's sending me for a brain scan so I'm freaking out to say the least. Hope you're doing OK! ❤️

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