A poking-like sensation on various parts of my body

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I’m not sure if my case could be classified as muscle disorder, but definitely there is something wrong with it. I’ve been suffering from sleep disorder for the past ten years. One of the symptoms that keep on interrupting my sleep at night is a sensation of a very focused pulsation, a poking-like sensation, on various parts of my body: head, neck, limbs, torso, everywhere. Most of the time it feels like someone is poking my body physically with a thin but strong object such as a blunt pencil tip.

The intensity varies from time to time. When it gets strong it makes me feel like I’m being hit by a hammer; when it gets sharp it feels like a needle head pricking my body. Sometimes it’d hit me continuously when I try to fall asleep so that I wouldn’t be able to sleep; sometimes it’d hit certain spots on my body during my sleep and repeat itself in succession until I’m woken up, and sometimes just a single hit would get me up at night.

It has been a major part of the symptoms of my sleep disorder, among other things. This particular one has gradually moved from happening during my sleep at night to happening when I am fully awake during daytime. So technically I can’t really think of it as simply sleep disorder anymore.

It puzzles me a great deal. There is nothing I can do to prevent it from happening, and there is no cure I know of that might help. It doesn’t matter where I’m in the world, it just follows me around. I know it sounds strange and it feels strange to be plagued by this torturous thing. For a long period of time I’ve been suffering it in silence. I don’t know how to deal with it, but I know I have to live with it everyday for the past decade.

Has anyone experienced a similar disorder and found a cure? If so, please share with me. Could anyone offer some suggestions as to how I should treat this horrible disorder? I need your help desperately. Thanks

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    wow, was looking online to find someone with a similair issue and this fits what I have been going through for the last two weeks.  I would like to talk with you about this. I dont know who to turn to.
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      i also have been having these same sensations, i remember getting them one time when i was 6 and telling my mom about it but ofc she didn't care. its been like a decade since and i still get it (the reason why i looked this up is cuz i just had a dream with my dead grandmother and a few minutes after i woke up when i was laying in bed i felt the same sensation and it kinda spooked me out so idk if it has to do with anything)

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    hi this has also been happening to me.  for two weeks now.  it started at night, keeping me awake all night.  and now has been all through the day.
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    Hello I have poking sensation as well. For me it occurs in my left arm as a nerve twitching. It keeps me up at night and distracts me as I try to think, read or watch tv. It is doing it now as I'm typing and its debilitating. If you or someone know's what this is and how to fix it please say so. I haven't found anybody else with this problem and for the most part I live in silence with it. I don't know how to talk to my doctor about it. Thank you.
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    Same thing happens to me. sometimes its not even a poking sensation i can feel it on my forehead and the feeling stays there. the sleep disorder i suffered with was sleep paralysis. aside from that, just let it happen, the poking sensation is not painful to me and even though i feel it everyday there are more times i don't. it is strange to me because i feel very sensitive. i thought it could have been because i was working out lifting weights but most of the time i feel this on my forehead and feet. sometimes i feel it poking my knee, and my back been feeling it a lot recently but it definitely stops on its own.

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    I also would like to say its puzzling to me too. I don't know what started it and i don't even remember when. But it could be useful, like let it be a reminder to you for something.

    Often i don't keep my body active and thats not good for my health. if i go walk or stay in shape thats good even if i still feel any kind of poking sensation that would not be the thing thats ruining my health. 

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    Hey I'm experiencing the same thing I'm 14 years old I've been to doctors and they cant seem to figure out what wrong and when I try to describe the sensations they would just look at me like I'm crazy but this started when I was like12 but I didn't think much of it I actually I thought it was normal anyways I I also get it every it doesn't hurt it's just very distracting and when I get them I seem to put my hand over it till it stops cause it's noticeable and I'm just wondering if there is anything that I can do to help cause I've ran out of ideas😭

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    Thank god im not the only one feeling this! Im 12 and im wondering why I feel poking or twitching. It doesn't hurt but it really bothers me. It pokes me in my stomach, eye most of my body parts! Its distracting! 

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    I don’t have any experience with the poking but I do have experience with the doctor’s looking at me like I’m crazy when I describe things to them. I noticed nobody said anything about testing, trying a drug or medical procedure for the poking problem. Years back after extensive testing a neurologist said I should either take topiramate or maybe see a psychologist for an unusual problem (and I assume this may be a neurological problem). I tried the topiramate and it worked for the problem (also took out my RLS). It appears to be a kind of catch all drug used by neurologists when they really don’t know what else to do. I don’t believe anybody quite understands how it works, but it works for the oddest things. And of course, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Caveats: If you consider using the drug read the side effects. Best way to overcome side effects I found is to titrate very slowly, take it as slow as you are comfortable with. Also, if it works one time and you stop it may not work the same way the second time.

    I’m sure this is only one of many possibilities. There are doctors out there that won’t look at you like you’re crazy, they can sometimes be hard to find, as they are usually the ones booked up months in advance.

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    Same thing happens to me ! I hv been suffering this from last 6 months !! Not all the time I feel this uncomfortable thing ! In sunny day when I step out side from the house I feel this hardly. When I'm in any embarrassing moment I feel the same thing ! I don't know how to overcome this.. I met with a doctor two weeks ago ! He suggested me to have some vitamin pills. I had all.. but still I'm not comfortable with this disease (I don't know whether it is a disease or something) I really want to overcome with it ! What should I do !???

    If someone knows about it

    Please let me know.. my whatsap num

    +91 7025935609

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    OMG this started about 3 months ago, I will be laying in bed or just sitting at my desk and bam! something randomly pokes me in random places.  I can sometimes try to ignore it and most of the time I cannot do anything until I physically scratch it to go away, just for it to pop back in another place minutes later.  I hate this and I feel like it makes me look stupid when I suddenly jump, or I am trying to sleep and can't cuz I keep scratching and turning over.  Please help if anyone knows how to make it go away....I am 45 and tired, I work graveyard 13 hour shifts and really need my sleep!

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      It mostly happens when I try to sleep and what I do to lesson it is to get up, do a activity for about 10 to 20 minutes and have a small snack
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      Hi brigette, I have the same issue. I suddenly get it like hundred thousand needles poking my skin from inside. It continues for some 10 mins and then suddenly calms down. It happens at different times during the day and some times during the nights. I get it when i go out under sun, get anxious about something, get excited, even when i think about it, getting into lift, having spicy food, do any physical work. THe only remedy i found out was to go to gym. It helped me. First thing in the morning go to the gym and run fastly till you sweat. While running you get this needle poking sensation but after a while it stops. Rest of the it doesnt affect you. None of the doctors have identified what causes this.

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      Hello Im writeing because i have never had anyone describe what ive been suffering with for 10 years but you. It is like I had written it myself. Not sure if you found out the cause or if you still have this but know this, your not alone. I feel better mentally because I now know someone else has this also. My family thinks im crazy but the see me jump and scratch all and they believe its all in my head.

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