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I have what I think is a standard groin strain but would like others thoughts for peace of mind.

So last Tuesday I think I slept with a thick memory foam pillow either under my leg or between my knees, upon waking I had a sore groin which I put down to the sleeping position. Went to work and it was quite sore. The next day same again, leg felt very locked up and sore to move around with. I decided to rest up on the Friday and see if it heeled. Over the weekend it started to feel good again so no worries.

On Monday I get up feeling stiff again, in work moving around I the strain on my groin and like stress being putting on my backside muscles. I decided to give it up and rest again. Tuesday night was a real pain, it was hurting and I couldn't get into a position where it felt comfortable. It's been tough to walk in, can't twist my leg or move it side to side without a hard pain, seems to be on the inner thigh right up in the crease. It also gives me a throbbing almost toothache like pain. On Wednesday morning I woke up and it felt significantly better, I was walking about slightly more freely and the pain had drastically decreased so I thought great it's on the mend. Come night time lay in bed the groin started to ache again and this morning once again it feels very stiff, locked up and painful trying to move it around, lift up etc.

Does it seem like a simple groin strain, am I giving it enough time to heal? How long does it normally take. I've sent someone to get me some Ibuprofen Gel to use today, hopefully that will help.

Also apologies, didn't know what category to put this in.

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    my name is judith how long have you had this problem ? in the morning is the leg very stiff in the groin

    and does the pain go right down the leg ,any pain in the back,or just the groin,it could be a torn groin muscle or,a hip problem is it making you walk diffently is there any lump ie like a fibrode,or a hernia

    to keep it in place i used pillows but i ended up getting one of those squires

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      Hello Judith, thanks for the reply.

      It started like a week ago, last Wednesday when I woke up. As I say it was after possibly sleeping with my leg awkward on a thick memory foam pillow. But the issue had calmed down at the weekend then came back this week.

      It wasn't as bad yesterday morning and day time but started aching last night and was very stiff this morning. The pain was mainly at the top, crease of the groin, difficulty putting pressure when walking, mostly if my foot kinda twisted then I'd feel the pain more. No lumps or anything like that. I was feeling achy in the buttock muscle too as I think with being careful how I moved and walking weird because of that the pressure was going on my backside muscles rather than groin when stepping.

      I have managed to get some new Ibuprofen Gel tonight and I must say it's feeling a lot more relaxed than it has. Still a bit dodgy when walking but I can at least sit or lay down now without the throbbing. I guess it's taken any swelling down.

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      was it hot or did it feel like it was imflamed just keep an eye on it and if it is,nt better or

      gone away i would go to your gp,i have alot of physical problems one is my right hip and groin,but they can,t ooperate on it allergic to injections and anasetics it is the sae with my

      head and neck both arms and hands both legs and my left footi have clonus and fibromyalgia

      i am on so msny meds for the pain i am on pain brutran patches 20 and 10mcg,voltarol gel

      .and alsoco-codamol 30 / 500 .1 in 25 people get fibromyalgia ,hope you get on,but done let

      it go on.judith

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      I'm sorry to hear that Judith, that sounds like a lot to deal with.

      My groin has improved quite a lot, still get a bit of pain when it twists or certain movements, think these things can take weeks to heal properly. But since using the Ibuprofen it's a hell of a lot better, I'm not having to hobble about anymore and no aching in it.

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      if the groin starts up again i would go to your GP ,HAS I SAID IT COULD BE a hernia,torn a muscle, i have down my right groin a few times playing badminton and falling i had physio and accupuncture and used a TENS machine

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      Yea I think I spoke to soon.

      It came back and has become very difficult to sleep. I get some relaxation lay on my back with my leg basically up high on cushions and supported. But getting into bed at night I can't sleep with the ache or find a position to stop it. It's quite annoying!! I'm not sure how long groin strain will take to heal if it is that.

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      you really need it checked by your gp get either an ray or mri scan on my scan it showed various things then i had physio and accupuncture ,and that really help it also depends on how long you have had it for, it also depwnds on how you did it.judith

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    gam did you ever find out what this was? I've got very similar pains now going on nearly 2 years. cant find anything wrong

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      Hello Lj

      I never found out but as with most things with me I just waited until it gradually resolved itself. I do get groin strain more often than I would like for no very apparent reasons at times but I guess I'm not the fittest and healthiest person and spend too much time sitting in an office chair which can cause havoc with your back and legs due to all that pressure on your muscles and nerves.

      Does yours come and go or have you been in constant pain for the 2 years?

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      thank you for replying! mines been constant for 2 years although the pain varies. sometimes its a deep nagging ache deep in the crease of my left leg that goes round towards my bottom (down the side of my lady parts) and when its really bad it feels like something in my inner thigh swells up and all the top inner part of my leg and all the side of my girly bits are tender to press on etc. I don't mean the actual vagina though its hard to explain, just the what I am assuming is muscle, fat or tendons under the skin. I hate it and its never gone away in these almost 2 years!

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      No problem.

      Damn that is a long time to be dealing with it constantly, I'm guessing you have approached a doctor and had it checked out?

      Like I say I have no idea what causes mine or what it actually is, could be a number of things like sciatica or groin strain or even when the little socket thing where you hip connects can start rubbing the socket the wrong way and cause issues, also referred pain.

      Like you I pressed down around there and tried to massage it trying to find a point where I thought the problem was or where it hurt most, I didn't really have any issues on my pelvic region above my manhood, mine was mostly deep in the crease where my leg was, and as I say, eventually it resolves itself but will no doubt come back again as it does often for a few days and then subsides.

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      yeah I have no pelvic pain either, sounds like mines in the same area as yours.

      I've had x-ray and a hip mri scan. apparently everything's fine and there's no problems with my muscle or bone which is quite concerning really because something is causing this pain, and if its not muscle or bone then what the hell could it be?? its so strange! on my xray it stated there was a problem with my hip joint (acetabular retroversion) but when I got reffered to a orthopedic and had the mri he said that's not true I haven't got that at all. so confusing just feel like ripping my leg off lol. I'm 35 now can't imagine having this forever!

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      One doctor says one and thing and then another says something different. What's a person supposed to do!?

      I feel for you I really do, I'm 37, took health for granted and felt untouchable during the teens and 20s, no problems. Soon as I hit the 30s it's aches and pains. I wish I could be of more help, are you using anything to cope with the issue? I found Voltarol to be quite decent when I used it.

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      hi did you ever find out what this was causes by because i have exactly what your describing but my pain is also spreading to lower abdomen just above groin.

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