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Hi All, So day 4 of sobriety and starting to feel better physically any-way, Librium helped first two days but iv'e stopped that now and will use only on needs must basis for anxiety.

What i'd like to know is does anyone have any experience of Campral? Ive got 6months supply but unsure exactly what it does and how it works all ive read  what Google search says....:

' It blocks pleasure areas of brain, but designed to allow GABA receptors to receive neurotransmitters (whatever that means?!) A person who drinks while taking campral will not experience any of pleasurable effects of alcohol, but will experience intoxication and withdrawal'

Also that it stops cravings ( i don't get cravings when im sober it's only when i start )

My problem is  im a habitual binge drinker i have periods of abstinence and then once i start drinking again i cant stop,until i pass out.

I'm wondering then perhaps campral will help in this regard? As if i start i may not have that craving to continue and be able to stop after just a few?

I feel a bit reluctant about taking this drug but and any experience or knowledge of it would be gratefully received

Happy sober Saturday!


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    Welcome, Suzeblue! 

    RHGB is well-versed on Campral, he'll likely be by to lend some info and encouragement. I believe Vickylou also uses Campral, they're both wonderful people and lend a lot of support here.

    I woudn't rely on that quote that you mention, it doesn't sound right to me. 

    It's been thought to work on the GABA and Glutamate receptor, but it seems there's some controversy about that. It does seem to help people withstand the stressful events that would normally trigger them to drink. Such situations just seem to "bounce off". 

    I don't know of it's efficacy in the case of binger drinkers, it's normal for them to go without drinking for days, weeks or even months. You may want to talk to your doctor about having a prescription for Naltrexone as a backup, taking that an prior to drinking (aka "Targeted Naltrexone" or The Sinclair Method) can often keep a binge from escalating and sweeping you away. 

    Let's see what the others have to say!

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      Thank you, I  have spoken to RHGB on earlier posts and was very helpful.  I shall also read up on Naltrexone 'back up' advice as

       'Keeping a binge from esculating' is exactly what i need, they are going on for up to a week non stop , morning noon and night and only end when i'm too ill to carry on.  The most consistent time off the sauce is a month (Rehab) last year since then a few days here and there.

      Thanks to all.

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      The bingers I've read about that have used Naltrexone per The Sinclair Method generally report that they leave the blackouts behind pretty quickly too. 

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      The above information from Google is completely wrong, that is not how Campral works. If you wanted to give up drinking, either permanently or perhaps for six months, to have a break from alcohol, then taking Campral right now would be ideal.

      It is for regular heavy drinkers whose mind is constantly thinking about alcohol and it allows you to live a normal life, where alcohol is not always at the forefront of the mind. It does this be resetting the areas that alcohol has changed over the years. I have used it myself and it is quite effective.

      However, it is useless if someone is going to drink on it or not for people that want to continue to drink, but in more moderation. Your description above, sounds more like nalmefene (Selincro) or naltrexone (effectively the same thing). This allows you to drink whilst moderating your 'want' for more alcohol.

      It is this that sounds like the sort of result you are looking for. Unfortunately the excellent link that was attached to this forum is no more. I'm sure ADE can point you to some other resources and Joanna will be along at some time to help.

      Can your confirm your GP prescribed you both Librium and the Campral and I believe you're UK based, London? It just helps to advise you the best course of action to take to get this medication if you decide that is what you want.

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      Thanks so much RHGB That has cleared things up for me somewhat.

      One of the reasons i'm detoxing (again) this time, is because I am going away with friends on holiday in a couple of weeks and dont want to be so wrecked i can't make it to the Airport! 

      However i fully well know that this is a high risk situation to be in and i will drink.

      Not wanting to do a whole weeks binge drag out of bed to nearest bar binge etc I was  thinking that starting the cmaprol now might help prevent that, however from what i gather it would be better to try Selincro for now and then start the camprol when back so as to have a better chance on my return to maintain a good long 6month at least period of sobriety..


      My GP prescribed the Librium but it was the doctor at my Alcohol Intervention Service who prescribed the Campral, I'm seeing her Wednesday and going to ask about the Selincro . Yes im UK London based.

      In meantime i'm doing OKish with the withdrawals; most  physical symptoms have subsided although still  exhausted.

      Thanks again


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      Thank you I am defo going to try and get this, and try Sinclair Method  It sounds perfect in short-term for me.
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      The Sinclair Method is NOT a short-term thing, Suzeblue.  It can take many months to have it's full effect.

      You are likely to not even be through any initial side effects before you go on your holiday if you are prescribed Selincro. 

      One of two things are likely to happen.  Either you will stick to the Selincro and effectively not enjoy your holiday due to feeling rough or (more likely, in my experience) you will just stop taking the tablets.

      If you start the tablets and then stop, your brain will have upregulated the number of receptors in your brain that receive the endorphins produced by alcohol consumption.  This makes your brain super-sensitive to any alcohol whatsoever and you are likely to be completely out of control to your drinking.

      So, as I say, TSM is not a short term fix and I don't feel it is suitable for using for a couple of weeks before you go on holiday and then whilst you are on holiday, with the intention of switching to campral after you get back.  It's a serious treatment that needs the relevant level of being committed to it over many months.  It should be viewed as a way to treat your alcohol misuse, not as an excuse or reason to be able to drink.

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      Thanks Joanna, That's really useful.

      I did not mean to suggest that i am JUST looking for a short-term fix to get me through my holiday; enable me to drink or not take seriously my alcohol problems. But inpart now having been five days clean, knowing the likelihood of drinking on holiday.  i guess i was hoping that selincro might the magic pill; help me reduce my intake whilst away, without knowing anything of how it works; how long it takes to work and any side effects. 

      I clearly need a plan of action and will talk to the Doc Weds at my ATP about options.

      Many thanks for your info and advice

      Happy Sober  Sunday...The Sun is shining!


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    Welcome Suzeblue!! Adefree has given good advice already which is great. I cannot give advice on medication since I never took any when I stopped. Always best to seek advice and not stop suddenly. Yet again WELCOMe


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    Hi Suzeblue

    My OH took Campral after a medical detox and it worked well at stopping the cravings. It only stopped working when he started a new job and got really stressed.

    RHGB will be able to give you a more comprehensive reply

    Good luck

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Susieblue give Campral a try. What have you got to lose. It certainly helped me. I have been alcohol free for three years.Six months supply sounds about right. You will need to take it for at least a year.

    It's tough so stay strong.

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    Hi suzeblue

    As RHGB has pointed out the google description of campral is completely wrong!

    I used to be a binge drinker. I could go for weeks without drinking, but the binges were becoming more frequent and I was always thinking about alcohol and it took a lot of willpower not to drink.

    I was prescribed campral by my gp and took it for 12 months. Taken properly, it worked very well for me. In the 12 months I took it, it gave me a chance to get my life back on track. I can honestly say that after 2 weeks, I didn't crave alcohol, in fact I didn't think about it and I was happy socialising with drinkers whilst drinking my favourite lime and soda!

    However, as already pointed out by RHGB, it won't work if you continue to drink. I needed a complete break from alcohol, decide where my life was going and basically sort myself out. I was more or less going from one binge to another, a week to recover, then drinking again.

    If you still want to drink but not to excess, then campral is not for you. You'd be better looking at TSM (the Sinclair Method). There's plenty of information about TSM, and many members of this forum are taking it, or have done.

    Basically, campral is for those wanting a complete break from alcohol and also the constant thinking of "I want andrink, I need one, how long till I can have one". That is how I was, I wasn't drinking daily, but alcohol, or thinking about alcohol dominated my life, from waking up until in bed at night.

    From what you appear to want, TSM would probably be better. Still drink, but without the "buzz" factor.

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