Can a cavity cause all these extreme symptoms??

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Hi everyone!

I don't know where else to go, and was hoping someone could please help me. I'll start off by saying that i have an extreme fairy in my left lower molar tooth. Im scared to death of going to see a dentist but I’ve been having all these symptoms I’ll explain now and I was wondering if that cavity could cause it....

I'm a 26 year old Caucasian female. Going on 14 months now, I have had absolutely debilitating symptoms which have hindered my daily life. I feel these symptoms every moment of every day.

It started with dizziness and a persistent brain fog. I just thought I had a bug, and tried to go on about my life. However, my symptoms have never gone away. This "brain fog" I am talking about is a feeling of complete mental confusion, I have no memory, I cannot concentrate on anything, it feels like there's a dark blanket on my brain clouding all my thoughts. I have extreme disorientation and haziness. I feel like I'm always in a dream like state.

I am constantly dizzy and feel a pulling sensation, as if I'm ready to fall over at any moment. It feels like there's air inside my head, and I'm always very lightheaded. Whenever I try to drive I feel this pulling sensation pulling me down.

Another problem I have is with my vision. I am having very blurred vision and have double vision. Everytime I look at something up close it is extremely blurry and I cannot see at all. My perception on things has completely changed. I feel like everything looks very odd and strange and I don't have the right depth perception. It's like I'm in a horrible dream like state all the time.

I have been having headaches and head pressure as well, and having horrible pains behind my eyes. The pin starts from the back of my head close to my neck and continues up my head and the sides of my temples. My eyes hurt so bad, and it feels like knives are jabbing my eyes. My head also feels extremely heavy all the time. My ears are sometimes clogged or  hurt. 

All these symptoms have been causing me severe anxiety, and I have been having panic attacks from them and feel like I'm dying. It is causing a strange disrespity sensation, where I feel like I'm not even here anymore and there's a detachment from myself and my body. I always think I'm having a heart attack, stroke, blood clot in my head or cancer all the time because doctors still don't know why I get these symptoms. I can’t sleep and if I do get lucky and fall asleep I usually wake up out of no where shaking and my heart beats extremely fast, then I get shivers and my stomach starts to cramp. It’s bad. I don’t know what to do anymore.  My life turned around so much because I’m in bed all day long. If anyone could please help me or know anything as a suggestion to try.

I have been to my general doctor, 2 ENTs, 1 neurologist, have had 1 Head CT, Head EEG, a hearing test, multiple blood tests, and no one knows what is wrong. I can't live like this anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. I really am desperate and my life has lost so much quality. I don’t recognize myself anymore. 


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    Did you mean to type you have extreme pain in your molar?  Because you typed "fairy".  Anyway, I doubt a cavity would cause the kind of symptoms you're experiencing.  I'm not a dentist or a doctor though, so you should definitely see a dentist to rule that out.  I'm sorry you're experiencing so much misery.  This may or may not apply, but there is a show on PBS called Independent Lens.  One of the episodes I watched was about a women with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Your symptoms sound very close to what she experiences.  It's can be pretty severe and debilitating.  Maybe you can Google the episode.  It was called "Unrest".  Maybe you can see if there are any similarities.  Also, try doing some research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to learn more about it.  Another thing to consider is depression and/or anxiety.  Both can cause symptoms like yours.  I wish you luck.  Keep us posted.

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    I suggest you to join the EBV. mononucleosis group, there are lots of people suffering for years with your symptoms. I have been suffering for 1 year and my symptoms started like yours. But I have bunch of more symptoms. I like you thought and still think maybe the problem is in my teeth but my dentist and the doctors don't think so.

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    Hello Sonia,  according to your text, it seems to me the best is to see a Good (with high score comments) Dentist.  I know is scary both to find the right one as it is the cost and pain but if the problem comes from the teeth is urgent to take care of it.  That will be my suggestion. Please let know how you feel and if there is somthg else I can do.

    My best wishes and all will be fine,just do it!

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    I did a quick Google search on cavities and whether or not they can make you sick.  Apparently, a cavity left untreated can cause infection which can get into your blood stream and make you sick.  You really have to see a dentist and then a doctor.  Good luck.
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