can anxiety cause symptoms that aren't there?

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Hello Folks,I need your advices so that i can reassure myself.So 8months ago i was playing with some stray unvaccinated dog pups in our locality.Some pups in excitement tried climb onto my foot i felt their claw poking me but didn't recieve anything that considered to be a scratch.I checked my toes nothing was there i washed my toes with water I didnt felt that burning sensation when skin brokes or tears.I forgot about that incident eventually until i started to Google things about rabies.Now until few weeks ago i had left leg aches mainly in thigh for weeks.I googled a bit guess what initial symptoms of rabies.I super feared.Muscle aches gone over 13days it didn't happen.But 13days ago same day muscle twitching and itching started guess what another symptoms of rabies.I was feared enough i thought im going to die anyway.Itching gone after 3days and today very mildly numb my last 2fingers of right leg.Is it all anxiety? also i cant trust my anxiety cuz anxiety is one of the symptoms of rabies wtf :P but im having anxiety from past 2months and these issues from past 1month.I would have been dead by now if this was rabies symptoms?

I talked to a GP and he said since there was no blood,no wound,no bite and no history of rabies in our locality then i dont need to be worried.He also demonstrated by poking his nails in my feet very powerfuly but nothing happened.So i was calmed down a bit.I panicked cuz some of them died.But some of them still alive their mother also.There are no skunks,ferrets,raccoons in our lovality.

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    I have these SAME issues with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder... Fear, Fear, Fear... Now you wouldn't be typing this if you had rabies by now, no even close.... My anxiety problems have created exact symptoms of horrible diseases that I google and have every know symptom, the problem is that the symproms of anxiety distorders fits 80% of the sympoms of about every illenss known to man..... Your Doctor is correct..The typical incubation period is three to eight weeks, but it can be as little as nine days. You would be getting worse and worse as it attacks the neuroogical system affecting the Brain, thus causing Brain infection. I DO see your situation as yes, anxiety is a symptom of rabies, but most cases I have spoken with in Atlanta with the CDC after 8 weeks mostly have major Hullecinations, excess salivation which is a dead give away, in which can be treated. But you have to have a bite or scratch that cuts, bleeds, so the transmission is the rabid salvia in your membranes. You've researched everything I'm saying, so you know better than me on this. I can just say that my anxiety drove me to a specialist once for a similiar situation as yours that was all my anxeity causing and mimicing symptoms, especially when I researched them. PLEASE keep us posted how you feel......

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      Thanks for your reassurance.I feel a lot better now smile but problem is after sometime i will think about it again.I reassure myself with all possible facts but problem is that it comes back again.Now about the itching in the symptoms it tells that itching will start from leg and will go to face same happend with but i found that the face itching issue was created myself.I was rubbing my beard without any notice thats what causing the itching haha smile As for numbness, the issue fixed now 😂😂

      When i think about rabies,rabies symptoms start taking me but when i think about other diseases all symptoms subsides.When i calmed down everything subsides.

      As far as i researched after incubated rabies virus travels to Brain 1-10days it takes symptoms are fever,muscle aches, pricking and itching,anxiety,depression next part when its start spreading on brain 1-10days symptoms of main rabies infection.Now im facing this since 1month and 3days and anxiety since 2months i would have shown symptoms.Also i dont have any fever from past 1year.the most good part is there is no rabid animals in our locality so who will infect those pups atleast in 10years there were no rabid animals.Sorry for this long reply but explaining facts to someone relieves my anxiousness a lot

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      Nothing BETTER than getting things out with our anxious thinking, Lord knows I drive my wife insane, so I bestow my anxiety online such as here... LOL   I'm anxious about being anxious, what can one do when it's that bad???   Keep posting, you had LOTS to be concerned about and just glad I came across your post... We just need people to listen.... Blessingscheesygrin

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    The simple answer is Yes. One of the Symptoms of excessive worrying is that Burning Sensation in the area on your body that you associate the problem with. This problem is not always easy to avoid because you must go through a process of elimination to understand what is causing a Problem' if there is one. The Quickest Solution is to INVESTIGATE all INFORMATION Relating to the Problem you Perceive is happening and narrow the options to the one that is closest to your Symptoms. It is not always easy if you do not understand the Symptoms associated with Anxiety first. It is important for all people to understand there own Biology. Many people throughout our Species Past on this Earth in a primative state of awareness have misinformed whole nations by not understanding their own biology and the True Physical State Of Being of many of Lifes Attributes. Understand the Science and all becomes Clear. Being that you have the internet you can quickly investigate any problems you have or ask other people to investigate for you. The Symptoms of Anxiety can take many weeks of worrying to happen and you have plenty of time to learn and through a process of elimination, uderstand what the problem is and how to solve it. We all have a Protection Mechanical Process in our own Brain that causes us to associate relevant information to a relevant situation. This is a Natural Self Preservation Process for you to Protect Yourself.

    If you respond to this' I will teach you more. Take care. Peace and Love. Robert.

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