Can Anybody Help Explain EEG Results? So Desperate!

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I can't see my newer neurologist for a follow up visit of the EEG results until the middle of December. I am going crazy not knowing exactly what this means and pretty irritated they can't just explain it to me over the phone so I don't just sit and worry myself to death.

Any help would be so wonderful!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help one super stressed girl out!

It's a pretty long description so I will just give what the impression says:

1. This is an abnormal EEG showing frequent focal slowing and epileptiform activity in the left temporal region, indicating both a focal cortical and neuronal disturbance in this area as well as a marked increase risk for seizures of the left anterior temporal origin.

2. Less frequent epileptiform activity seen independently in the right anterior temporal region, indicating an independent focus for seizures in the right anterior temporal region as well. Although there was a lot of epileptiform activity, there was no electrographic seizures.

I tried to google similar EEG findings and all I keep getting in the searches is focal cortical dysplasia and another is medial epilepsy (maybe that last one is not the correct term?)

This has been the longest 7 (almost 8 years) of my life and just found a neurologist who is actually listening to me and understanding me totally. Its been hell.

Either way it's frustrating and I would love to now what this means, how serious it is and what may happen from here if I still have 1-2 grand mals monthly as well as up to 5 or more partials (partials usually in my sleep but also when awake) even while on medication, which has helped considerably as I was having up to 13 grand mals a month when seizures first started in 2008ish. I also had meningitis when I was 12 years old which I read those who suffer from medial seizures are more prone to sicknesses like that. I am now 28. Does this mean medication is not working still since I am still having seizures even though I am on medication?

Also, migraines are nearly a weekly thing and headaches to some degree are daily, if not constant.

I have lost everything since these awful seizures started...including my clear memory. I can't even remember what I'm talking about in mid sentence most of the time and it's so embarrassing. I am sure many of you understand what that's like.

I am desperate to know what all this means in the EEG findings. Help, please!

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    Hi. If you're in the UK, you could ask to see the neuro privately to explain but don't forget to tell him at the end of the session to transfer you onto the NHS list, you were eager to know any info. Or ring his secretary and ask her and she'll speak with the neuro Dr. if you can't do that go to gp and get him to explain it to you because he'll have a letter directly from the neuro to explain the analysis. you seem to have a lit if info already all you need is it in English and not medical lingo. OK
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    Hi ThatgirlMandy,

    Sounds like your having a real dilemma! Unfortunately, I can't help you on the EEG side of things, but you do sound like you have the same seizure as I used to do. I was diagnosed when I was 34 after suffering a massive seizure in bed one morning. I don't remember anything about it, but my husband does and he says he'll never forget it! Before all that I was having strange de ja vous feelings and then having to sleep for hours, what I didn't know wwas these were actually auras and all those lead up to my big one and the ones that followed. I was told at the time when I had either a brain tumour or I'd had a mini stroke. .. I had to wait 18 weeks for an MRI scan. .. the longest 18 weeks ever! !

    I was diagnosed with simple partial seizures in the right lower temporal lobe... and with that came memory loss, migraines... most of the time I was semi conscious when I had seizures, but then I'd have some where is be floored... but each one left me completely knackered and needing to sleep for hours! Not being able to drive was a big thing for me. I got very depressed, saw a councillor which was fantastic.

    I was on many different meds, still having seizures, until eventually they got me under control and have now been seizure free for 7 years but I do still suffer from migraines, and quite debilitating ones at that. I am on Topiramate which controls both the epilepsy and the keeps the migraine at bay.

    Do you have a epilesy specialist nurse? I have one, though I've not had to use her for years.. they are brilliant for when you can't get to see your neurologist... they can answer lots of questions and probably be able to help you with your EEG results.

    I'm sorry I can be of much more help, but I hope you get this sorted as I know it's not easy to cope with xxx

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    hi mandy

    i read ur post and really felt for you. i cant help you on the medical side of things, i have no idea how to read EEGS but just wana luk that i totally get your feelings, migrains, seizures, headaches and memory loss. seems like its all one big package deal. sad

    wishing you loads of luck and health

    And if i can help in any way please ask



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    Hi Mandy,

    An EEG can pinpoint many areas of epilepsy, but not in all cases - there are cases which are non-epileptic which confuse people, even a paramedic will not know the difference unless informed. There are big differences between the two, hence giving the incorrect medication can have an adverse effect or have no effect whatsoever.


    I will try and explain this without going in to too much detail - most people have epilepsy (either standard or grand mal), this can be measured by an EEG, either when it occurs, or within a time limit after. Within this period you can be treated with such drugs as Valium (Diazepam) via the rectum or via cannula, or Buccolam 5mg orally if possible. Personally, I am trying to stay away from Buccolam because of an incident on Saturday evening - I was administered it for the first time, and I had very rare adverse effects to it (which I will be posting about a little later!).

    As you probably know, the EEG shows electrical activity in the brain when it goes in to overload hence an Epileptic Seizure - and all these will be if an EEG shows electrical activity.

    But, then there are...

    Functional Episodes

    This is not the case with every seizure, some maybe Epileptic and show up electrical activity on an EEG - but no one carries around a portable EEG machine to check if the seizure was Epileptic or not. So, paramedics think you are having a grand mal Epileptic Seizure, hence they only use medication that is suitable for this condition.

    Now, the problem arises - Not all Seizures are Epileptic, they also do not produce electrical activity in the brain. But to anyone looking down on you, the same type of spasmodic movements are apparent, most will even look like 'grand mal' seizures - treating these seizures the same as Epileptic can have have adverse effects and in rare cases cause the following symptoms aggression, agitation, anger, confusional state, euphoric mood, hallucination, hostility, movement disorder, physical assault.

    What makes this even worse is you can hear and see if your eyes are open, everything going on, but you have no control whatsoever over body movements or communication - you can hear everything, once the seizure stabilizes and you feel totally drained, everything that happened you cannot recall. This is all normal with a Functional Episode. However, life is not that simple - there are 28 known variations of this type of seizure.

    I have had Epilepsy for over 30 years, it is annoying because I do not know when it will strike next, so planning things in advance is beyond me. One thing that does cause excessive brain activity with me is the Red and Green Lazer LED lights at parties, this with me causes a trigger before a seizure, which is a nose bleed - blood finds the quickest way out of the body.

    You might want to consider these things when you see your Neurologist, I see mine every 10 weeks, but this is for BoTox Injections and not Seizures, but they are discussed. The problem is everyone of us is different, our bodies react to environments in many different ways, so it can a awhile to get each one of us on the right medication. With me, I have multiple disorders not just Epilepsy, or it would be easier! I am on over 30+ tablets a day, at 4 periods a day - so, if they adjust one medication others need adjusting - the life we lead, can be complex!



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