Can anybody recommend a good,long acting inhaler?

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Alright so I was diagnosed with Asthma,about 2 years ago. First the doctor put me on just ProAir,with no long acting inhaler. Then when I had an episode at at home,where I was having alot of trouble breathing,so my doctor called in QVAR for me to use. I was using ProAir 4-5 times a day,because QVAR wasn't working. Then the doctor put me on Symbicort 160/4.5..which at first,this inhaler worked beautifully. But recently I noticed that I'm back to using my rescue inhaler 4-5 times a day,because I have repeated episodes of wheezing,and trouble breathing. I don't know what to do..My asthma treatment plan right now consists of just Symbicort,and the ProAir inhaler..but I'm still struggling to breathe somewhat throughout the day,it's starting to interfere with my job that I work at I'll be trying to work,but I'll have to stop several times and hour,just to catch my breath,and wheeze. I'm frustrated because I told doctors in the past,that i am having trouble breathing 24/7,even with Symbicort and ProAir..but the doctor's just tell me I'm fine,even though I'm struggling to breathe right in front of them. I go to a new doctor,this next coming Monday,and I'm wanting to discuss a new Asthma treatment plan with him..So I was wondering,what treatment worked for your Asthma? I'm desperate here,I'm tired of breathing issues interfering with my life..Original diagnosis was that I had a mild-moderate case of Asthma,but none of the long acting inhalers for mild-moderate Asthma are working for me..Sorry about the long post but I just need some advice..

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    Hi there.

    I've had brittle asthma since I was born. 46 years ago so my advise is that you need to see an asthma specialist asap. Get your dr to refer you.

    Asthma is different for everyone and believe me, it still scares the crap out of me now.

    If you are having lots of attacks I would suggest calling an ambulance. If you are in hospital it will force a specialist to look after you.

    Do NOT downplay an attack. Asthma kills. I died when I was 20 and it is not a nice way to go. Obviously I was bought back by skilled doctors, but it did make me realise that you cannot play around with asthma.

    Good luck, and please act on this quickly. X

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      Gonna bring that up to my new PCP,so he can give me a referral to an Asthma Specialist..Luckily,I dont live too far one,maybe about 5 miles away.Hopefully an Asthma Specialist will give me a better treatment plan,one that actually works. I'm gonna act on this starting tomorrow,so I can get back to living my life with my Asthma under control. I'll definitely let you know how my doctor appointment went tomorrowsmile

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    Personally, I use to be on Becotide (the brown inhaler - the preventer) and ventolin (the blue inhaler - the reliever).  This was changed to Seretide (the purple inhaler) and my asthma is more controlled, imo this was the best thing for me.

    However like liz85864 said, speak to the Asthma Specialist for your specific needs smile

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      This is a list of my drugs:-


      Uniphylin 200 mg

      Seretide 250


      Protium 40mg

      Fexofenadine hydrochloride 120mg antihistamine


      Spiriva respimat 2.5 micrograms

      Symbicort 400

      Hence the comment we are all different 😉!!

      Get to an asthma specialist!!


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      I'm definetly gonna ask for a referal tomorrow,to an Asthma Specialist..I live about 5 miles away from an one..I hope the Asthma Specialist will put me on a treatment plan that works..definitely will let you guys know how my doctor's appointment goes tomorrowsmile

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    I am in the same boat as you are Queen. I had asthma since childhood. But last year when I was running it just went haywire. Next day I woke up wheezing and gasping for air. Since then I have seen total 6 docs. including asthma, pulmonologist and what not. I had a episode of infection too. Its been over a year since then. I am slowly getting better. Sometimes its not just asthma. It may be something else. Everyday its a struggle to breath. I even cried for days. Now finally it seems like I am getting better. But it scared the sh*t out of me. I am still not 100%. I started off with Breo then advair, symbicort, flovent. I have been constantly on Sigulare. I do take multivitamins high on Vitamin D. Hope this helps.
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      I'm gonna ask for a referal to some kind of Asthma specialist tomorrow .Its just the constant feeling like I can't get a deep breath in that sucks..I'm on Symbicort now and I hate it,hopefully I get switched to a different preventer inhaler

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    I am taking Flutiform which is a combination inhaler. It's sort of like the preventer inhaler mixed with the emergency inhaler.


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      Never heard of that inhaler before,I'll have to ask my PCP tomorrow about it smile All I know is Symbicort isn't working for me

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    I was just on the brown and blue for years, until I gained an infection that left me really wheezy and out of breath the while time.

    I was put on a related ellipta which is fluticasone Furoate and Vilanterol (184/22ug). This is working for me really well and I can't remember when I last took my blue inhaler.

    I think you need to see an Asthma specialist and get a proper review of your medication. It can be controlled and uncontrolled symptoms should not be taken lightly.

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      Definetly gonna tell my new PCP tomorrow about how I'm still having trouble with my Asthma,and I'm gonna ask for a referral to some sort of Asthma Specialist..which i dont live too far away from onesmile Gonna tell my PCP what inhalers I'm taking..the Symbicort I know doesn't even help me one bit. Can't wait to finally have my Asthma under control finallysmile

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      That should have said relvar ellipta.
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    Pro air never worked for me,when I needed
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      It sounds like your asthma is not under control,I use ventalin as a emergency. to your doctor about different options
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    Hi there

    I had childhood asthma which disappeared and came back when I was about 23 following a chest infection. For years my asthma didn't give me a lot of problems unless I had a chest/viral infection . Now I am in my early 40s and for the moment it is out of control, hence the late night message .any form of exercise is exacerbating the condition and I am now petrified every time one of my young kids comes in with a sniffle as I know I am then going to be in for another round of high oral steroids and or antibiotics .I am in the process if waiting on a Respiratory appt. What I would say is that my asthma got worse a few years ago and I was put onto a preventative night time tablet called Montelukast .There is also a higher strength of symbicort and I have been on the 400strength. If you have a persistent cough which is more prominent at night time ask your doc whether you might have a post nasal drip. Steroid sprays and saline can make a huge difference.I've also been diagnosed with rhinitis and apparently the post nasal drip, rhinitis and asthma can all go hand in hand.was also put on a preventive inhalor called Abriff Doc told me this was the strongest preventive a GO can prescribe but after a short trial it didn't make much difference hence the Respiratory referral .that's not to say it won't work for others .you should ask your GPabout the stronger version of Symbicort as I initially felt a big difference with it. Best of luck


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      Exactly the same happened to me beth..even I am struggling. It started off with a chest infection and now I am contineuously on meds.
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      I didn't even know there was a stronger version of Symbicort,I'll definetly have to ask him about itsmile The dose I am on now,160/4.5,was working good but out of nowhere started to not work so well. The doctor put me on Singulair,which helps somewhat. But yeah I have a feeling that the stronger dose of Symbicort is gonna help me alot bettersmile

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      Hiya yeah they started me off on the 200 symbicort. I thought it was a really good inhaler and didnt need my ventolin salbutamol much when i went on it initially unless i had an infection, got stressed or had been exercising but i 've not felt 100% right after having pneumonia earlier this year so got bumped up to the helped a bit however following yet another chest infection in the summer they tried another one (can't remember name) which never helped so back on the 400 symbicort until I get my hospital referral. Now on steroids and antibiotics at the moment for an asthma flare up and trachael bronchitis. think the thing about asthma is you can be feeling not bad until you get an infection and it just floors you. I've had to go to the hospital twice this week and get a nebuliser as an iut patient .it's a really frustrating condition i think because things can change literally overnight when you have been feeling not too's good to hear of people on the site talking about so many deterrent inhalors because it gives you hope that things might get under control.I would defo suggest you ask about the 200 version and it might just do the job for you.trial and error I suppose .fingers crossed .take care

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