Can anyone Help me I`m dying or an answer..

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okay plesae follow me on this...

so last may i started to get pains in my cheat and upper stomach pains and my doctor told me to watch what i eat cause it was my gallbladder so i did. then three months after i notice my stomach on my left side was all Swollen and i went to the Doctor and he send me for a test where they put a camera down your throat and found Nothing.

and before all those pain ive notice i started to skip my period every 3 months i keep getting it. and when i get my period i also notice i get it for 3 hours and that all.

anyways my doctor send me for an ultrasound and found nothing AGAIN he told me there nothing wrong with my Ovaries or anything.

but he told me I had IBS and everything because i`m having Trouble going Poo and i normally go every day or sometime i skip a couple days with out going . after my Ultra sound ive notice my right side started to push in a`lot more then it should be.

Left side is hurt from the Breast bone down hurts so much and even my ribs hurt to touch my boob is swollen and my left is all HOT and WARM. to .

and my right is all push in and hurt from the breast bone down to. and also painful but not as warm as my left side..

my symptoms Are:

bad stomach pains.

skip periods


Skip pooing for a couple days.

Swollen Stomach

Swollen Boob

peeing alot to the point where it feel like im not finish.

my left side from the breast bone done is all Swollen and really HOT.

i hope this is enough for you guys to help i really wanna get some answer before it to latesad

had anyone had this EXPERIENCE before?

please help if you can..

Other Illness ive had was Bactria infection with H PYLORI

thnks marissa

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    You sound miserable, and for that I am so sorry. WHere are you? Age? You aren't breast-feeding are you? Because the "hot"ness you describe sounds like a breast infection, and those are usually for lactating mother. Can you request a CA 125 test? This will test you for ovarian cancer, something an ultrasound does not pick up. My mother-in-law's doc told her "you're just getting fat" and finally she went to another doc who administered the CA125 and found out she was in Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Of course, I do NOT want to scare you, but insist on a CA-125. When were you diagnosed with H Pylori? I am not a doctor or nurse, just a concerned mom whose 22 year old son is suffering from undiagnosed stomach pain. His endoscopy showed nothing, and his pain remains.
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    im only 24 year old.and i was diagnosed with h Plyori when i was 13 years old and i have a doctor appointment on Thursday and i'm going to ask for a second option and im going to check for that and get it done.

    i also have no kids cause im afraid to have one at this point in time. so im going to demand this test thank you i wouldnt have thought of that.

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    If your breast is hot and red and you have flu symptoms it could be mastitis even if you're not breast feeding, but in my experience that come on very quickly and your boob would also feel hard. The stomach symptoms could be ibs. Have you tried buscopan? The skipped periods I'm not too sure about. I think it's more if you're bleeding far more often that it's cause for worry, also an ultrasound would have picked up any abnormalities with your ovaries. A friend has just had one which did. They're pretty sensitive. I would ask for the blood test, though if it puts your mind at rest, or ask to be referred to the women's health clinic. It's your right to ask for referral. If it gets really bad, go to A&E. sometimes that's the way round your GP if they're being awkward. Let us know how you get on.
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    my breats are hot my stomach is very hot to touch to the point when im sitting down it feel like something is buring in there. and i have tried Buscopan it make my stomach pain worst.i just had a blood test and im goin for the result on thrusday but im also asking for another opioin as my doctor is a men so he wouldn't find things that a woman doctor will find.

    like my doctor don`t know why im skipping my period and he has done an ultasound and found nothing.

    but the specialist found something and want to talk as i don`t drive so i have to wait until my mom is finish and it getting to the point where my PANTS don`t fit like jeans i can only wear track pants and nothing else.

    and weird part is i cant have SEX cause it`s very painful during and after ( sorry for being so GROSS) but that actually true.

    but im going to the doctor Thursday and see because i need a girl Opioin more cause Guy doctor don`t know nothing

    thanks you smile

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    Marissa, where are you? In the USA? UK? ANd I agree with you about the men docs…they simply push women off….say "its a woman thing." Will your insurance pay for a second opinion (most will). Is there a woman doc nearby whom your trust? What are your friends/family suggesting—the people who are witnessing your pain and symptoms—what are they saying?


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    I`m from Canada my second opinion would be at the hospital my mom has seen this doctor alot of time for her ovaries and everything and maybe i`ll get some answers

    . my insurance will be for the second opinion and everything went to a specialist and she was treating me like a 16 year old and said i had Heartburn that why my stomach is swelling up my doctor said no and now when i sit down it feel like someone is setting me on fire ...

    but the nurse that come in before the doctor said i had high Hormones and i don`t know if that a good thing or a bad thing she never really told me

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    Yes I have had it for a very long time. To all your questions the answer is YES!  I hate to tell you that.  It's very depressing. Find a Dr that treats it!  1st help the depression.  2nd forget what anyone thinks.  3rd put your trust in God & Pray

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