Can anyone help or give me some advice please

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so back in October after a meal I felt bloated to the point where I was convinced I was having a heart attack went to a and e and was told it was just bloating and it would go away. But since that day I have had nothing but issues first off left and right side rib pain sore to touch and sore when I move pain is there on and off but there most days I have an empty feeling in the centre of my stomach below my breastbone I have horrible acid reflux which burns my throat daily swallowing seems difficult. I have been to the gp and had an endoscopy which showed I had esophagitis and Duodenitis and given Esomeprazole  for 6 weeks. I have now finished the course of tablets and the acid has returned and the rib pain has never dissapeared I'm looking for advice and if anyone has had similar symptoms and what they did to help. I'm a 33 year old male I am overweight but this has got me so down and I think it's causing me to have an anxiety issue as I'm so down due to it. Is it normal for this sort of thing to just start out of the blue? 

Help please

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    Side rib pain has many causes from gall bladder inflammation to kidney problems.

    The mid abdominal tenderness (empty feeling ) suggests some disturbance in the gut bacteria. You may want to try some probiotics.

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    Avoid spicy, fatty and fried foods, try milk and over the counter antacids.  Try losing weight.
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      Think this is my main issue I have lived a life so far where I eat anything at anytime of day probably not the best lifestyle to live guess I'm paying for it now 

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      Try fresh, home cooked meals and avoid processed food.  Good luck.
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      Will do.  It sure if you would know but I still it common for this sort of thing to just start out of the blue and for no reason that's the part that worries me 

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      Your diet might have caused your symptoms.  My acid reflux and IBS started because of stress.  However, some things can just start out of the blue.  In the end, the best thing to do is not to worry about the cause and just concentrate on treating your symptoms,  Stomach complaints are made worse by stress and worry.  Before my IBS diagnosis, I was very worried about the cause of my pain.  Once I was diagnosed, my anxiety disappeared and my symptoms improved.
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      That's my issue I have sort of convinced myself I have pancreatic cancer, don't ask why but I typed my symptoms into google and that was the first thing that came up so I believed it. It has caused my anxiety and I think my worry makes things worse 

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    Hi Paul

    Sorry to hear you are not well.

    I would go see your doctor to get a refill for the Esomeprazole. I have had them on prescription for a couple of years to protect my stomach againt side effects of other drugs, but get symptoms if I don't take them.

    Peppermint oil is good for digestive tract disorders

    And many other uses also so worth keeping handy.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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      Thanks Julie. 

      i have been taking rennies for the past couple of days and that seems to be doing the trick with the acid and as long as I eat little and often it seems to stay away, If i could get rid of the bloating I would feel half decent. 

      My worry is to why at 33 year old this has suddenly appeared apart from put some weight on nothing has really changed 

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    My acidios started after a dose of antiboticis, and I know it can start after a stomach upset, eating something that has gone off.

    Has never compltly settled down, I have to be careful of what I eat.

    No garlic, not to many onions, very careful with cinnamon, only early in the morning, sad to watch rest of family gobble up hot cross buns for afternoon tea, and not for me.

    Beef for dinner a no no, but seem to be able to eat mince dish if not over spicy.

    Most of my meals are really simple non fatty, too much fat upsets me as well.

    I have learn't by experience what I can eat and what I can't, if a certain food causes me to be worse I drop it out of my diet for up to a month, re-introduce again, and try occasionally, but in most cases I now know what I can eat and what I can't.

    I eat much like my grandparents did, nothing processed, cornflakes for breakfast with an egg on a slice of toast, with tea rather than coffee, coffee for me can also cause me to be bilious especially if stomach a little upset.

    Salad sandwich for lunch, two slices of mixed grain bread, sraping of butter, with a heap of lettuce, tomatoes, grated carrots, grated cheese, eggs, pickled beetroot, (we grow our own) small  amount of salad dressing. cup of tea.

    Dinner, chicken, fish, with mixed serving of vegetables, sometimes a salad.

    Just some suggestions of what i eat.

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      Thanks very much Lyn. Do you ever suffer any rib pain due to you stomach?
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      My pain when I get it is right in the middle of chest, almost feels like a pressing pain, which scares me sometimes.

      But first line of attack for me is some warm milk, watered down a little, sipping slowly to see if I burp, only then do I start to worry if I don;t burp.

      Called it right once when I noticed I coudn't lay down, pressing pain in chest which seemed to ease when I sat up.

      I had burped a couple of times but pain still there, rang ambulance service for advice, they came an transported me to local hospital, x-ray found fluid in the sack your heart sits in, cause a virus, some very strong drugs and in 24 hours I was fine. 

      Young Dr said if I had left it and continued to ignore pain it would have got worse, and then become life threating but he doubted I would have left it much longer the pain would have made me dooo something, but I learn't from that, DO NOT IGNORE CHEST PAIN just not worth the risk.


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