Can anyone relate to all of these symptoms? Help!

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Hi, first off thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm not entirely sure I'm in the right forum but since my doctor thinks I am "fine" I am doing research myself and trying to piece together pieces of my health! Lately, I'm thinking some of my symptoms match with those of endometriosis. Not sure if anyone can relate or give some advice? Thanks in advance.... 

My symptoms include: 

1. Slight burning on the inner right side of labia

2. Gas/bubbles that seems to be coming out of my urethra or my vagina, I am still not 100% sure on this one. Sometimes vaginal discharge feels like acid??? 

3. Discharge that is watery/thin at times, other times it is chunky and white. Very white, almost looks like paint when it is dry.

4. There is no smell 

5. Bleeding between periods (sometimes light, sometimes a bit heavier). Always brown blood before my period. Sometimes up to a week before my period actually comes. Lately the spotting and brown blood looks like coffee grinds (sorry...TMI)

6. Weight gain and major cravings 

7. Major abdominal bloating

8. Extreme fatigue / brain fog

9. Extreme lower back pain which radiates into my butt and down my leg on the right side mainly. 

10. My periods have gotten a lot heavier, with more clots, and they last longer. No major pain during my periods though... and I'm reading a lot of forums where women had no idea they had endometriosis as several had no pain at all...

11. Sometimes diarrhea and sometimes constipation. Rarely regular... 

12. Mood swings 

13. Morning nausea. I'm 100% not pregnant. I have had this symptom since I was about 21... 

14. Sharp gas pains

15. Sharp pain below my belly button when I move suddenly 

Not sure if these are all related symptoms or not...

I haven't had any children, or trauma, or any type of radiation. I'm 29 and single so I'm hoping to get this sorted out! 

I have had several PAP tests which all come back negative for STI's and abnormal cells. I have had blood work which tested hormones, thyroid, iron, blood count, etc. I have had internal and external ultrasounds. They're all fine! 

All of the symptoms initially started around age 21 (I'm now 29) and have slowly worsened. My ultrasound was about a year ago and everything was okay. They did pick up something that on the report read as "could be a blood clot" since I had my ultrasound while on my period. Not sure if they could have actually been endometriosis? Through my research I realize the only way to know 100% is to do a laparoscopy... 

I hope someone can help or at least relate and let me know what they have done to figure this out! Thank you! smile

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    Halpo Reb, am so sorry u are facing all this problems. Please i have nonidea too but i would advise that you see a Gyne...
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    Hi love. So sorry to hear your going through all of this with no answers to what could be wrong. Looking at your symptoms it's hard to say... I get the bloated belly because endo is on my bowels, I also get a lot of gas from this but everything else I've not heard of really in endo ive got worse over the years now had it 6 years and it's only recently gone into my bowels. What you have said sounds like ibs but I guess the doctors would have already have said this as it's what they say all the time that's what they fort the bloating was with me. The bowels habits changing is all signs of ibs and gas. Pain in your belly ect but that's the only thing really in ibs that match. It's mad because reading to me straight away I fort pregnant but then read you have had this for years. I have a lot of pain during intercause not sure if you do and very painful periods to stage I can be bed bound. Sorry not much use. Hope you get answers soon. X

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    Hi reb94020,

    I can totally sympathise with you and the situation that you're in as I'm facing something very similar. I too have been to the Dr about this (only yesterday) and they have dismissed it saying that it's 'normal'. As we are trying to conceive and I've had internal scans and polyp removed - they are saying if I had endo it would have been picked up - but I don't think that's the case.

    Who carried out your ultrasound? Is it worth going back to them?

    It seems that it is such a struggle to get anyone to listen and to take the symptoms seriously!

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      Thanks to everyone for your responses!! I really appreciate it!!

      I can go back to my doctor and ask for a follow up ultrasound, that is a good idea. With my hormone testing too they didn't test my Progesterone, they tested everything except that because I'm not trying to conceive. I'm sorry you're struggling as well.

      Have you done any hormone testing? If your symptoms are like mine a lot of them point to a hormone imbalance. 

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    Hi Reb94020,

    Going back and re-visiting the ultrasound is a good idea. If you can get further testing done with regards to your progesterone levels - hopefully that will give you some answers too?

    When I was referred to the fertility clinic last year they tested hormone levels and carried out scans and said that everything was 'normal'. The only thing they found was a polyp which I had to wait for another referral and appointments to have removed (took a year). I thought maybe that was causing my issues but nearly 3 months later nothing has changed. On my last visit to the Dr she said that in my fertility investigations they would have picked up endo signs and not to worry but I know something is not right. And surely if the tissue build up is on the 'outside' of my uterus or even my bowls this would only get noticed on a laparoscopy?

    4 or 5 years ago Dr said I was showing symptoms of IBS and I now wonder if this is all linked as I still struggle a lot with similar issues to you.

    Have you actually written all your symptoms down as a list and shown them to Dr?

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      I'm trying to do as much research as I can so when I go back to the doctor I can push more about further testing. Anything I've read about endo says a laparoscopy needs to be done to truly diagnose it. I have also read that a lot of the time with hormonal imbalances tests come back normal when there are actually issues. 

      Another symptom I forgot to mention are night sweats. I mentioned this to my doctor last week too and she said it is due to an anxiety medication I'm on. Then went back to another doctor and that doctor said it is not due to the medication and my doctor should test my estrogen levels again. Argh! I know doctors do the best they can but I can relate to you saying you know something is off, something isn't right and you know your body best. It is hard when test results come back normal and/or your doctor brushes it off. I also have high blood pressure and heart palpitations, thinning hair, dry skin and dry eyes. So I will book an appointment in the next week or so to go back and show her my loooong list of symptoms, haha. Sometimes I think "am I imagining all of these things? am I crazy?" but it has been 8 years so I think it is time to get an answer... 

      I'm also considering seeing a naturopath... have you ever been??

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    Hi reb94020,

    I have just read your reply and what you have said about night sweats. I too suffer from them - sometimes I will go to bed cold and wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet. I have not mentioned these to anyone (other than my partner) so am now wondering whether they too are linked to?

    No - I haven't been to a naturopath but I have heard good things about them. Also I know that friends have had success with seeing people for acupuncture and raki but again I have never tried this. Maybe it's something I'll consider?

    I know what you are saying about Dr's doing their best but I think that sometimes you really have to push them if you think there is an issue. Maybe keep a diary of the symptoms you suffer so that it's all documented?

    I'd love to hear how you get on with things :-)

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    Do u ever get a light yellow discharge? Xxx
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      Hmmm, if I do it is much more rare. What is more frequent is the discharge that is watery/thin at times, other times it is chunky and white. Very white, almost looks like paint when it is dry. 
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