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  • ellie309 2

    Feeling scared

    Having a major wobble today. So after my scan last week I had a message from my consultant to say that my lining was 36mm which still could be normal for me depending where I was in my cycle and was nothing to worry about. My bloods were OK apart from ca125 which was 50 but had come down from 86

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  • remygirl 3

    Signs of endo

    Since I started my period when I was 12 I had horrible long painful cloted periods and I wouldn't go to school. The solution to this was birth control I did great on it until I was switched to progesterone only. In Oct 2016 my life changed I went into the e.r with a ruptured cyst the next day I

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  • hayleyJ82 2

    Painful sex

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2009 I am now controlling it with the pill which means I don't have periods anymore. I was wondering if anyone finds sex really painful & if the have any tips as lubrication gels haven't help or trying different positions hasn't help. It's feels like a

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  • sharon1919 2

    Birth control pill side effects

    Dear all, I wish to know if you have been taking birth control pills on long term basis and what kind of side effects you have experienced. I am particularly interested to know if you have had problems with breathing or breathlessness while taking the pill and whether your doctor has advised you

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  • neene 1

    endometriosis after total hysterectomy :(

    hi everyone, i had a total hysterectomy in june 2010 due to endometriosis. i was put on climavil hrt patches after which caused headaches and pains and i was then changed to livial approx a year ago but for the last 2 to 3 months i have started to experience the abdom pains, back pains, leg aches, exhaustion,...

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  • amy57522 3

    Endometriosis and the mirena coil

    Has anyone with endometriosis got the coil? I have been told by a gynaecologist that it helps with the symptoms of endometriosis but I don't know much about the pros and cons. Does it actually help ease the symptoms or does it make things worse? There is a possibility I have endo they want to test

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  • shan95020 1

    Possible endometriosis? Please help

    For starters, I have and am going to see my obgyn about this, but I won't be able to for at least another 3 weeks and I am freaking out. In January, I had some brown spotting/bloody discharge about 1 week after my period, which lasted 3-4 days. I freaked, made an appt, had a pap smear (which came

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  • taara112 2

    Is it dangerous having endo in the bladder?

    My endometriosis is much better since I started taking my supplements, but I still have some symptoms. I have some pain behind and below the ribs, and I think it is the bowel that is hurting. I also have blood in the urin, so I must have endo in the bladder.  I feel that I can live with this pain,

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  • Guest M
  • NervousNelly78 2

    Stage 4 Endometriosis - Just Diagnosed

    On Friday following surgery to remove a very large cyst my gynaecologist came to tell me that I have stage 4 Endometriosis He said the extent of my Endometriosis made the operation to remove the cyst and my Fallopian tubes difficult as my womb, tubes and ovaries were stuck to each other and my

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  • kazzaxs 2

    Recovery after sugery

    Morning ladies, I had my laparoscopy surgery on Sunday had my Edno treated and my womb and bowel separated as they had stuck together I have been signed off from work for one week, i can't see myself being fit for work on Monday apart the fact that I can't fit in any of my trousers due to the

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  • deborah1793 1

    D and C recovery

    *note I didn't have this procedure due to miscarriage* I was diagnosed with endometriosis and DR had me have a D and C and laposcopy. It was done 5 weeks ago, and for some reason I still am having a light brown discharge?? Doesn't have a smell, but I still have it and makes me feel uncomfortable,

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  • ann79438 1

    Just diagnosed with endometriosis. No symptoms. Confused

    Had anyone been diagnosed with endometriosis but didn't feel the pain and symptoms that are often read about online???? I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few months ago and just recently had surgery to get a cyst removed from an ovary. However I never expletives any of the pain/symptons prior

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  • leann019 2

    Does anyone know how to wean off the use of birth control?

    Hi everyone. I have endometriosis and I've been on the novynette birth control to help manage my symptoms. My husband and I are thinking of trying to conceive very soon and I know that it is advised that you come off the birth control pills at least two months prior to trying. However the last time

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  • taara112 2

    Serrapeptase to treat endometrios

    I have been so frustrated about my endometriosis developing out of controll and causing me severe chronic pains. After researching online, I found that a supplement called Serrapeptase could help. It claims to even make adhesions go away. I don´t know if that is true, it would be really amazing if

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  • ama38049 4

    Minastrin Fe 24 side effects

    Hi, I was on Qlair for 3 years bcs of pain, but now moved to the where it turned out to be unavailable?!?! So my new dr put me on Minastrin Fe 24. I gained about 10 kg if not 15 in less then 2 months but my biggest problem is fatigue and headaches. I lose ability to function at least once a

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  • silvie11260 2

    Ovarian cancer/Endometriosis

    Hello Ladies, I have recently had a laparoscopic surgery to remove my 10cm big ovarian cyst as a result of my endometriosis. After the surgery I've been told that everything went fine and that they will see me in 3 months time just to check everything is healing as it should. However earlier this

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  • samantha96666 2

    Looking for help understanding my symptoms?

    I'm currently waiting to see a Gynaecologist here on the UK - after YEARS of begging to see one given my terribly painful periods, bleeding between periods, pain after sex etc. I was given a 3 month course of injections to stop my periods and it was absolute bliss, they finished in Sept 2016 and

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  • jody22628 2

    Daily burning and pain in upper and lower abdomen

    Hello All I am new here and was diagnosed with Endo a couple years ago as well as IBS - Well I have had some time that I have been pain free and Now all the Upper and lower abdominal daily constant pain is I am scheduled for another colonoscopy in I am so at a loss with what is

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  • samantha96666 2

    Any advice or tips on dealing with symptoms?

    Hey guys, so I'm under investigation for Endometriosis. Gynae and I are almost completely sure that I have it. Just waiting for news on a laparoscopy. My periods are very erratic, I can bleed anything from a week to a month at a time. I spot between periods and during my periods and spotting I

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  • nicjh 2

    hormone injection treatment for endometriosis?

    Hi I recently had a laproscopy to remove an ovarian cyst which was caused by endometriosis. When inside they discovered more endometriosis which was taken away then and there. I have never had problems with my periods - not too much pain and regular ever since I started. But I've been admitted to

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  • Hunbun1988 2

    Endo & depo provera constant bleeding!

    Hi all, After some advice I was diagnosed with endo in Nov 2015 after a lap I then got pregnant in Jan 2016 after trying for many years and now have a 6m old little boy. I went on depo when he was 7wks old and bled constantly I saw my gynae who gave me the second shot and said to try to continue

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  • Mutley 3
  • sanne87 2
  • sharon1919 2

    Anyone with experience using Maxim birth control pills?

    Hi all, I have just had a follow up check after 9 months post laparotomy and am happy that the check went well and areas are clear of endo for now. I was on Visanne for 6 months and had my first menstrual after a month of ending the prescribed treatment. now my new Dr (as I have moved locations)

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  • sharon1919 2

    Incisional Hernia

    Hi all, does anyone have any experience with hernia after having a lap? I wish to know how did you deal with it as I am observing that my stomach is a little swelled on one side and I had some mild shooting pain yesterday. Is it possible to get it healed naturally without surgery?

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  • aabb 3

    Oh no, it's back

    I am 46 years of age. I was diagnosed 11/12 years ago with endometriosis. Over the years I have tried lots of treatments. The best was laser treatment which lasted 2ish years. Unfortunately my endo was back giving me bother. Tried the laser treatment again but after waking up from the anaesthetic

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  • emily69957 2
  • rebecca68941 2
  • becky57836 1

    Mostly Just Need to Let Out My Feelings....

    Hello~ I was diagnosed with endometriosis three years ago. At the time I knew nothing about it and basically just let the doctor do what he thought was right. After surgery they prescribed birth control which left me an emotional and physical wreak, worse than the endo symptoms. I gave it up

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  • sharon1919 2

    My Experience with Visanne

    Hi all, just thought of sharing with you all about my experience so far after having a laparotomy in June 2016. After removing bilateral cysts where one of it was diagnosed to be endo, I was precribed with Visanne to reduce the recurrence of the cyst. I started this treatment in August 2016 and

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  • Inkedmama16 1

    Long period after laporoscopy for stage 4 endometriosis

    I had a surgery mid January for my stage 4 endometreosis, they did a laporoscopy (sp?) Anywho Im now on the continuous birth control pill, I already have my tubes tied. I'm 29 with 2 kids, I'm on my first period since surgery and it has lasted a month and still Has anyone ever had this happen?...

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  • heatherflowpow 1

    Endo fatigue?

    Does anyone have advice on how to cope with fatigue from endo? Not just "drink water," "eat well," "sleep," but practical and applicable tips? Thanks

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  • Applepie12345 2

    Is going to A and E over severe period pain a waste of time?

    So I'm a female in my early 20s and I think I've got endometriosis or something anyway. The pain I get on my period is so severe I almost faint, vomit repeatedly, physically cannot walk - I literally crawl to the bathroom or sometimes can manage to get there bent double, urination is excruciating,

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  • kate42671 1

    Do i have endometriosis

    I have had intense pain in my left side front and back for my groin to my lower rib cage, They found a 3 cm cyst on my adrenal gland and nodules in my lungs but i have RA so they Think the lung issues are from that. I had horrendously painful periods from 12-19 then this non stop Constant pain

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