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  • uglyduckling 2

    Pain two weeks after surgery please help!

    Hi everyone,  I new to this site & I would like some advice.  Two weeks ago on Friday I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst of my ovary, endometriosis removal of bopth sides of my pelvis & adhesions removed from a previous surgery. I was in a bit of pain due to having surgery but topday I woke up...

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  • sarah 32170 2
  • karen7272 2

    Merina coil and Endometriosis

    Hi everyone, I've suffered with endo for over 25 years, I've been to see the gyne cons today with a hope of having a hysterectomy, but to no avail. Been told by the cons to try the coil....... has anyone else tried the coil and did it help?? Thank you in advance Karen xx

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  • CSparks 2

    Endometriosis, cysts and the Mirena Coil. Any advice?

    Hi all,  Just looking for some information really and anything that might help   Quick summary: I'm 24, I have had problems with endometriosis on and off  since I was 16. I had one laporoscopy when i was 19. As I was having such bad periods, flooding, pain, pain during/after sex etc. They said they...

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  • no09057 1

    Right Side Swelling? PCOS (Photo link attached)

    Hello everyone. I have had on & off acheing, pain (rarely) mostly aches, and noticeable swelling for the past 7 months. I went to the doctor in February of 2017 and was diagnosed with PCOS. I had a bad doctor because he didn't even do a vaginal ultrasound. But at the time I had missed my period for...

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  • taara112 2

    Serrapeptase to treat endometrios

    I have been so frustrated about my endometriosis developing out of controll and causing me severe chronic pains. After researching online, I found that a supplement called Serrapeptase could help. It claims to even make adhesions go away. I don´t know if that is true, it would be really amazing if that...

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  • paula64324 2


    I was wondering if anyone could help. Last year I was having period like pains, more on the left side, feeling the need to wee more ( and Weeing more) pains down my left leg. I got pregnant in June last year and all symptoms seem to disappear. I gave birth 10 weeks ago and the symptoms seem to creeping...

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  • Wndwlkr 2


    Hello everyone, I guess it's best to start from the beginning. 32 years ago I had a partial hysterectomy due to endo. I am now 55 and I still have my ovaries. Recently I have started experiencing severe pelvic and back pain. I had a transvaginal ultrasound and the tech found lesions and scar tissue....

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  • abbeygrace 1

    Urgent advice on laparoscopy

    Hello! I'm new to this site and I would really appreciate some information about anyone who has had a laparoscopy for endometriosis. My name is Abbey and I am 16 years old. I started my periods at 11, and since then, the pain and everything that has come with it has escalated to the point where I am...

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  • sarah35503 1


    Had surgery for this and fibroids&cysts removal of the my bellybutton is leaking and smells can i clean it

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  • lucy90213 1

    Feeling alone and confused.

    Hello, In October 2015 i had a sudden on set of pain and after seeing my doctor I was advised to go to the hospital where they kept me in and did Tests, they found blood and white cells in my urine so I was discharged after 3 days with antibiotics, my pain lasted for 4 weeks and nothing was helping!!...

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  • Roois 2

    Bowel Problems

    Have any of you guys been diagnosed with endometrosis and have had bowel problems? I've had horrible stomach issues and have been to multiple GI and had all the tests done. They are unable to find anything, yet I have the most horrible pain and random bleeding. I also have horrible pain in my bladder,...

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  • amy57522 3

    Dr says I have endo but gynae won't do laproscopy

    I am 25 and started my period when I was 12. I have always have painful periods and I have had LOADS of pelvic ultrasounds. For the last 12 months I can guarantee I have been admitted into hospital with lower right abdominal pain and each times they always thought it was my appendix- it never is. My...

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  • kelly65982 1
  • desae006 2
  • sharon1919 2

    Discharge under Birth control pill

    Hi all, I have been taking a combination birth control pill for about 2 months now and it has been working fine but recently i noticed that i have been having dark discharge normally during the day when i am out and about. I take the pill daily at night so i wake up with very little discharge but it...

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  • Darcy1718 1

    endo is damaging my relationship

    hi I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago after a lap. I was fitted with the mierna coil at the same time but recently I have been having pain and bleeding again. Have been for scans and coil still in place. My cysts have not grown so looks like an early coil change is my next option. However...

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  • taara112 2

    Stress triggers pain?

    I am experiencing severe pain one hour after I begin to stress. Every time. Does stress trigger your pain and how fast are you experiencing it?

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  • jayD2016 1

    Endo or no?

    About a month and a half ago I started having severe lower back pain, so bad that I could barely get out of bed. I can't pick up my toddler and i can barely dress myself. I started by going to the chiropractor , I had a few adjustments and a couple rounds of accupuncture. I believed my back was out....

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  • Almoody1989 1

    Trying to get pregnant

    So my husband and I decided that we were going to start trying to get pregnant recently. I have been off my birth control for just about 8 weeks and I still have not had a period. Should I be concerned? My Dr said that if I had not had a period in 8 weeks that I would more than likely need to have surgery...

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  • MrsLake123116 2

    Scared about lap surgery may 10

    Honestly someone said to repost because my title could've been better so here goes. I'm 22 years old and scared as hell for surgery on Wednesday. I have my pre opp appointment today and I'm just really scared going into all of this. What am I looking at for recovery? Tips to going home the same day?...

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  • lisa33471 4

    Endometriosis & laparoscopy

    I recently saw. Gynaecologist who said that I could have possible endometriosis. I have a small cyst and one of my tubes is slightly swollen with fluid. She advises that I have a laparoscopy as it's the only way to know for sure. I have suffered a while now with pelvic pain, back ache, stomachache, and...

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  • chloe91343 1

    Could this be endometriosis?

    Hi. I am 18 years old, i first started my period when i was 11. Ive always suffered with bad periods from what i can remember. My mom said they will be bad you have just started your periods. Its been 7 nearly 8 years of having really bad painful periods. They are really heavy back in school i had...

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  • taara112 2
  • taara112 2

    Nauseous and cold chills

    It is interesting to see what kind of symptoms this disease causes sometimes... The latest for my is feeling nauseous and getting cold chills in the evening. It gets really bad, I feel sick and like I have a fever, but my temperature is still normal. Have anyone else experienced the same thing? I am...

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  • taara112 2

    Is it dangerous having endo in the bladder?

    My endometriosis is much better since I started taking my supplements, but I still have some symptoms. I have some pain behind and below the ribs, and I think it is the bowel that is hurting. I also have blood in the urin, so I must have endo in the bladder.  I feel that I can live with this pain, it...

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  • desae006 2

    Diagnosed with endo 2 years ago and TTC, any tips?

    I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis 2 years ago, and have had 2 surgeries. Each occurance was unexpected, as I had no symptoms leading up to my excrutiating pain. A quick trip to the ER confirmed that I had an ovarian cyst. I had a follow up with a gynecologist the next day, and scheduled surgery...

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  • sanne87 2
  • hayleyJ82 2

    Painful sex

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2009 I am now controlling it with the pill which means I don't have periods anymore. I was wondering if anyone finds sex really painful & if the have any tips as lubrication gels haven't help or trying different positions hasn't help. It's feels like a razor...

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  • KT1195 1


    I'm looking for some guidance/advice. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year (10 cycles). After a few months of nothing we decided to get his sperm checked.. we got the results back last month and while he's not perfect the doctor said there it was nothing that should stop...

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  • MrsLake123116 2
  • Akxjndjrieowksn 2

    Does this sound like endometriosis?

    Here are my symptoms: -Severe "tearing" pain in lower middle pelvis (uterus area? Pretty low though) -Pain when peeing in lower pelvis and into vagina, tearing pain when standing up from toilet -Severe stabbing pains when having a bowel movement, in rectum specifically and generally in my entire lower...

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  • adele15928 2

    So I have endometriosis??

    Hi everyone, So I'll start from the beginning.. so I had my first baby 7 months ago ( very stressful labour 26 hours ). Around 2/3 months after having her I suffered an excruciating belly ache with bloody stools, put it down to something I had eaten. It happened again 2 weeks later- went to the hospital;...

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  • ellie309 2

    Feeling scared

    Having a major wobble today. So after my scan last week I had a message from my consultant to say that my lining was 36mm which still could be normal for me depending where I was in my cycle and was nothing to worry about. My bloods were OK apart from ca125 which was 50 but had come down from 86 3...

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  • remygirl 3

    Signs of endo

    Since I started my period when I was 12 I had horrible long painful cloted periods and I wouldn't go to school. The solution to this was birth control I did great on it until I was switched to progesterone only. In Oct 2016 my life changed I went into the e.r with a ruptured cyst the next day I began...

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