Can anyone relate to these symptoms(unsure if anxiety or not).

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So background on me I'm an overall healthy male and I am 30 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 178 pounds.

These attacks began out of the blue about 2 years ago and have been a nightmare in my life ever since so i will give a run down of what i experience and if you have any suggestions or insight please share with me.

So during these random attacks that i get i experience a resting heart rate of between 160-190 bpm, and my blood pressure goes up to an average of 180/100(as documented by the Emergency room doctors). I also experience a sense of impending doom like im having a heart attack and soemetimes but not always get blurry vision tingling hands and feet and muscle spasms or contractions that are uncontrollable.

Now the cause of these attacks is so far unknown and i am currently in my last few days of a month long halter monitor for my heart. However there are sometimes certain things that will cause these attacks. One is exercise if i even remotely push myself even slightly in the gym weight lifting or running an attack will happen. Also if i drink caffeine an attack will happen. Sometimes also they happen at random watching tv..during a movie or something similar. They have also began happening lately if i eat a bigger(but not crazy big amount) of food.

Now so far my doctors have the following to say... My cardiologist says its PVC of the heart and are completely benign. He told me im ok to push myself Working out(although the attack will always happen if i do). My general physician said he thinks that its SVT of the heart. I also went to a second general physician for a second opinion who told me its overactive nervous system. The ER doctors so far have all said anxiety attacks except for one ER doctor who said he suspects something wrong with my adrenal glands.

So far the only medication i take is a 20 mg propranolol (inderol) beta blocker and only take it as needed if im feeling an attack coming on.

These symptoms have been steadily taking over my life more and more lately and are beginning to get in the way of my happiness as my favorite things to do is workout and play basketball. Due to these attacks i have been unable to do either one unless i go about as slow or slower than skmeone in their 70s or 80s in which case i do ok because i am not pushing my heart at all.

Does anyone experience anything similar to this?if so what do you know about these types of symptoms and do you have any suggestions of things to try?


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    Read my last post it'll explain your questions

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    Anxiety over the heart is very common, here are some things that i think you may be experiencing. It sounds like these "attacks" could either be runs of pvcs or SVT. Runs of pvcs >3 are ventricular tachycardia. 2 is a couplet.. and one is isolated or a singlet. Many people tend to get V Tach confused with bigeminy .. which is when a pvc occurs every other beat ( beat pvc beat pvc beat pvc ). V tach is when they occur consecutively meaning ( pvc pvc pvc pvc pvc) which can turn into a fast but regular heart rhythm. Supraventricular tachycardia is a fast and usually benign arrythmmia that occurs in the atria. Plus it is a shockable rhythm.

    However, I cant say whether or not you are having V tach or svt because you werent specific enough in what you feel. But since you are an otherwise healthy individual... V tach is VERY unlikely. Even if you did have V tach.. it would probably still be considered "not dangerous".

    I hear that the best thing to do with these unfortunate hiccups in the heart is to stop worrying about them.. which will probably make you want to throw a brick at my head and i totally get it because i have pvcs as well! And last night it felt like i had 2 in a row which made me really scared!! Sometimes beta blockers could do more harm than good but sometimes they actually get rid or the arrhythmia which is great! People bodies are different and they react differently to different things. Some hearts can tolerate 23 pvcs in a row!!!.

    There is a doctor on youtube who discusses this

    topic very thoroughly and hes a cardiologist. His channel is York Cardiology. Try watching some of his videos .. they are very reassuring.

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    Thanks for the replies . anyone else?
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    I have similar symptoms, I am very paranoid over my heart but I experience palpitations that last all day! And when I get into bed at night I feel calm and content but my heart is constantly close to 110, doctor told me it's probably anxiety.. Even when I'm calm? But when I feel very uneasy it can get up to 150, so they prescribed me 10mg propanol to take when I feel any symptoms coming on, they work somewhat but I feel like if they work it must be an actual heart problem I have. Il get my echo done in 2 days and let you know if I find anything out

    Also: I can't lift weights anymore and it kills me because that's all I enjoy but when I do I'm certain to have an "attack?" Where my palpitations will come on and my heart will stay high for a couple hours after. I'm 20 years old and have the problems of someone who is dieing haha

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    I'm sorry for all you're going through I can sympathize with the heart rate I was diagnosed with tachycardia 8 years ago I was at the hospital several times before being admitted and of course they wanted to treat me for anxiety but with tachycardia it feels like it anxiety symptoms but I know anxiety was there mine all started feeling sick to my stomach then my heart rate went up to 1:40 and stay there I was put on metoprolol it's in the same category as the medicine you're taking but it doesn't calm you down it slows your heart rate it took 4 weeks to kick in when it did I felt better eventually the anxiety went away now eight years later it started like that again although my heart is in the eighties and nineties what that medication is used to being in the sixties so going to see my heart doctor on the 12th and I'm hoping that's what it is cuz if not and it's going to be like last time and took me almost 2 months to find out what was wrong with me I usually don't get anxiety and less it's physical not mental I suggest to you to get a second opinion at a different cardiologist in the meantime don't let it consume you you got to keep yourself busy where your symptoms will get worse if you don't sometimes my anxiety eases up or goes away it eased up a little bit today cuz my head and my throat don't feel like somebody squeezing it real tight but it feels a little tight just hang in there hope this helps

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    I have svt and I get this regularly. With svt.. my heart will be beating normally (70bpm)and ten within 2 seconds it goes up to 230bpm (as recorded by the doctor).. it lasts however long it lasts. Sometimes I just have to lay down in a certain position and i can feel it going from 230 back down to 70bpm in 2 seconds. It's scary that I had it for 10 years before being diagnosed.. I just always thought it was an anxiety thing. Either way, it's harmless. I've avoided the ablation surgery to have it corrected as it hasn't played up in a while. Best of luck!

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