can anyone tell me why?

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i have had a helpfyl reply to my question .

just wondered if anyone can comeup with a solution as to how to balance my digestion. . as if i can balance it maybe it will allow me to eat other things i am unable to cope with .like salad esp raddish which believe or not i love .and crave . regards tina

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    Tina...difficult....for me....radish has the enzyme helps break down carbs/ thus excellent for digestion...but.....

    do you think your lack of coping with these are "ruffage"? meaning raw...

    Next, could it be intolerance or allergy but am confident you know best......I am off to conferrence/workshop least for the next several hours...will try and get back to you best...claudio

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    Surely you balance your digestion by makikng sure you hvae enough good bacteria in your stomach so that it crowds out the bad. Quickest and easiest way is to eat goats yoghurt.
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      YES hun thats logical but if i eat wholemeal anything, or raw foods it cripples me causing constapation .

      in my teens 20/30s i needed wholemeal to help with constapation

      in the summer i totaly crave radish and salad but if i eat it it constapates me something awful needing lactulose .

      salt and vineger gives me heart burn .

      iv tried probiotics in several forms.

      i am ok for a few days then all hell breaks out in diroeeh

      i know it all sounds crazy . but i think the digestion has been affected by the fibro because i cant be as active as i was . and we all know being active aids digestion.

      i am seeing an alternative neautrislist she says i sound like her how she used to be, she says i need probiotic but in a very small does it needs to be bascily dripped fed into my system .

      apparently if your stomach is lacking good bacteria due to illness  and you put a standered does in  after a few days it will shove all the bad stuff out really quickly .which isent good ayway because any good bacteria will be flushed as well .if your healthy then your gut bacteria is only slightly out and a prebiotic once a day will keep it in balance .

      i am not sure iv explained it very well


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      no hun you wont believe me but as much as i love all differant types of mushrooms they don tlike me they give me terriable cramps

      its a shame because i didnt like mushrooms till my 20s and i had to stop eating them after my third pregancy .i keep trying a small portion from time to time but everytime cramps and constapation. the same with hen and duck eggs love them but no way.

      iv had cheese on toast this morning ,with cooked beetroot on top il pay later cheese will make me thirsty because of the salt and the beetroot will give me acid .but hopefully not to bad.  loved cooked beetroot .

      i still think the ph of my stomach was upset with taking gaviscon thru out my third pregancy because i havnt been right since. before i could eat anything. i know that was in 1990 but 97 i had a hysterectomy and it got worse again. i couldnt eat cearel or peas after that.

      iv done a very strict exclusion diet to get my yeast under control which has stayed under controll since 2006 so i am happy abot that.

      the thing that puzzles me is if i eat a high sugar and fat diet weight drops of .only thing is i would proberly unbalance my yeast again, and i dont realy have a sweet tooth and i know i couldnt keep it up with out making myself ill ,

      on the exclusion diet i was not to eat any sugar or sugar producing foods

      or yeast foods , so no potatoes ,root veg,bread, cakes biscuits, gravy ,

      etc. i lived on chicken, meat ,yogart , unsalted peanuts,cabbage,it was very boring very long 3 months cured my problem but  i didnt  loose even a pound in weight. and no one could say why.

      if i live on slim fast ,cream, and sugary things the weight goes.

      its driving me crazy .i so want to loose weight and eat healtheir but the body wont allow me to its crazy. and frustrating , knowing what i need to do and willing to do it but the fatigue and food problems means i dont know how to get started ,

      my faverite sandwich is gratted cheese with tomatoes ,radish , beetroot ,and lettuce and cucumber, but since my fibro has worsened this would make me ill for at least a week . the tomatos make me feel sick, and the rest just sits in my stomach giving me pain and cramps, drives me mad.! i do keep trying these foods but everytime i regret doing it.

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      Thanks maybe? What the Pits with your system..I wouldn't want to be 1/10th as you...your Admirable...most would have thrown in the towel and gone for anti depressants or Vodka (I'd be doing both)...your yet like a 20 year old demanding "answers" and being your own human lab mouse..just amazing.

      A few questions....but before might be correct moreso than even you might believe....there isn't any question in my mind at this time that you lack the proper enzymes to process certain foods...If its pancreatic enzymes..then at" PH specific" at the duodenum. it produces a hormone that signals the panco to make enzymes...some of the supportive elements of the duodenum have gone bye bye via your hystorectomy..but the Gaviscon too could have disabled the "full" process??

      Difficult for me to get a firm grip since you have issues like yeast and fibro.

      (just a few, questions1...Yeast, what species CA or CD?

      2. do you yet have your gall bladder?)

      when you last did blood work, and if the 3. TSH was included? 4.Any abnormalities? and final 5. HBT test done?

      Notwithstanding...I'm pleased you will be seeing a nutritionist...could be you have as much or more knowledge...but if upto date with all of the new technology and info data base....could really be beneficial...hope hope...


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      i still have my gall bladder and appedix .i dont have a yeast problem any more since doing the exclusion diet i mentioned .

      the stuff your telling me makes alot of sense

      if something is not working in your body then problems will occur

      covering up with pills and lets face it is all pills do is not for me

      i put up with the pain and fatigue of fibro and use what i can that is bennifcail to the body . like magneisum oil, heat and cold patches

      and a iv brought a belladonna pain patch havent tried yet.

      last time i had bloods done was last year it showed an increase in inflamation markers ,and that i lack badley in vit d .

      i take vit d and k2 as a supplement, q10 b12. i dont bruise very much even after breaking my nose last year there was just a tinge of green across my nose no black eyes you wouldnt have known , and i broke a bone in my thumb which hurt like hell but i took no pain relief at all just silver and arnica gels gold internaly arnica homeopathic and polar frost for my hand ,

      i just dont believe in throwing chemicals into your body for the slightest thing  i always try to do with out, toothache and earache and siatica being the only exception those pains drive me up the wall.

      i wouldnt take pain relief for fibro because its a long term condition and i cant see it being good for your other organs esp your liver . i am now 54 and want to join my great granma at making a 90 plus thats anothe 30 yrs imagine what that would do to you .i certainly wouldn tmake it to 90 if i took all the stuff they prescribe for fibro.


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