can bell's palsy come back again!!!!

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hi guys, i had the bell's palsy on the right side of my face a year ago and got recovered in two weeks it's been three days since i started feeling numbness on the same side with little bit of pain on the top of the eye, cheek and under the ear, could it be BP side effect? or is it coming back?

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    Hi Lucy,

    You describe similar symptoms to what I experienced 2 weeks ago which was diagnosed as Balls Palsy. I was prescribed heavy steroids and anti viral drugs and eye drops. I demanded a head scan and it proved to be high blood pressure on 7th cranial nerve causing the balls palsy. However, having done a little research for myself I have now demanded a variation of blood tests to investigate Leptin Resisitance. This is more commonly known as the obesity gene. I won't know until next week but did your GP or hospital consultant explain what had caused your bout of Balls Palsy last year? Yes, I do believe it can return which is why I would suggest you go back to your GP and get it checked out. I am in the menopause and from family history I do not want to be another victim of Heart Disease or mis-diagnosed with something which is treatable if caught in time. Are you taking any medication for this bout of your symptoms? If not, get to your GP as soon as possible.


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    I know this is very late but it might help someone in the future. I just got over my 2nd round of Bell's palsy. The first time I had it I was 14 years old and it lasted 6 full months. I took no medications for it and I had zero pain. Then the day before Christmas (2016, I was 31 years old) I noticed pain at the back base of my skull and behind my lower left ear. The pain was dull, but very pin-pointed to just those two specific spots. On Christmas night I had numbness in my tongue. On the day after Christmas I went to the ER and after waiting about 6 hours the paralysis finally kicked in. I was quickly losing my ability to blink and smile. By the 13th hour in the ER the left side of my face just looked melted. I was put on acyclovir, prednisone and norco for the pain. The norco did nothing for the pain and only made me sick. After two weeks of crippling pain I was put on flexiril and it was a miracle. The pain just disappeared! It turned out that my palsy was due to swelling around my 5th (base of the skull) and 7th (behind the ear) cranial nerves. After I completed the medications I got weekly B12 shots. I read online somewhere it helps with nerve regrowth and I figured it couldn't hurt so why not.

    So both of my Bell's palsy experiences were very different. Some permanent (but unnoticeable) damage resulted from my 2nd experience. And while my doctors say it is rare to get Bell's palsy twice, getting it twice now classifies me as "high risk" for getting it a 3rd time. I've never been pregnant too (apparently it is most common during pregnancy) so I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. So needless to say I'm very worried of getting it again when I do decide to have kids. And if I do get it again, i just pray the damage won't be permanent and noticeable.

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    Hi! I know this is late but hopefully can help someone. I’ve had bellspalsy three times. The first time I was 12. I had slight but bearable pain behind my ear for a couple of days when suddenly I woke up with half my face paralyzed. It wasn’t Noticeable unless I smiled or tried to close my eyes. I was prescribed steroids and it lasted 6 months as the doctor said there was nothing he could do and there was no cure. The second time I was 15 and I could feel the familiar pain behind my ear again. I started to worry. During school I was laughing when my boyfriend at the time made a comment about how I was laughing weird, which freaked me out. I looked in the mirror and smiled and knew it was slowly coming back. The next day Half my face was paralyzed. I'm not sure why but I tried acupuncture and it worked! It went away within two weeks, this time no steroids. The third time I was 18, when I suddenly got it again! Since acupuncture worked last time, I immediately made an appointment and within two weeks it was fully gone. I think that the acupuncture really works even though there isn't much proof. But the professionals I went to put the tiny painless needles in nerve spots that connected to the main nerves behind the ear. 

    I also seem to have been getting it every three years and it always happened in December. Maybe something to do with the cold. This year I am due as it will be three years since I last got it. I will definitely keep warm and inside during the colder months. Hopefully I can prevent it this time. I also find that when I stress out a lot, the ear pain comes back so I know I have to chill out or I could cause myself to get it again. Hope this helps.

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    Had Bell's 14 years ago on left side at age 64 and it lasted for many months. Face finally went back close to what it was. This past Saturday, I started having stroke symptoms, went to UC who sent me to ER. After all the appropriate NIH checkoffs, it was determined I again had Bell's on the right side. Downward slope is occurring quite rapidly, drooling when I drink with a straw so wearing bar mop bibs. I work as a benefit counselor full time this time of year (4th quarter) so talk 10 hours a day 4 days a week, luckily it is all telephonic so no one can view me with my struggle in my home office. It is quite the inconvenience but bought a nice eye patch off Amazon after the first one hurt my head terribly. Also purchased two sweet little massagers that feel wonderful and adding some castor oil as read it may heal the nerves a little swifter. Also bought some methyl B12 as read that it was better than the B12 that I had been taking for many years, I also take B1 and B6 and had for years....anything I can do to have healthier nerves is okay with me.

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