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Palsy - Non Cerebral

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  • lori35785 1

    Return to same side of face

    My 17 year old daughters bells has returned to the same side of her face ( left ) I was told this was rare. Anyone else experienced this?

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  • e64767 2

    Bells Palsy twice! :(

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone had Bells Palsy twice and recovered? I'm beginning to get worried because the first time I had Bells it didn't take this long to recover. My recovery this time started at week #3 but now it seems to be at a stand still. Had this happened to anyone else?...

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  • Guest M

    My day by day account of Bells Palsy

    I thought I would post a day by day account of my BP, so others can compare. Day 1 I woke up after having a cold/bad throat for about a week and noticed it was a little difficult to speak. I had a look in the mirror and thought it was because of the cold. By lunch time I could not grip a straw with...

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  • michlove1985 2

    Bell's palsy 9 weeks no recovery

    I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy 9 weeks ago, following an ear infection, I was given steroids from the onset, referred to physio, which I'm still waiting for, I have been doing exercises daily, I went to the hospital yesterday for a check up and was very bluntly told by the doctor, that he...

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  • angel58024 2

    Bell's palsy for 2 months now... am I recovering?

    I got Bell's palsy march 26th 2017. I was getting these weird migraines on the left side of my head in the temple region for like a month before it happened. A few days before it started, I noticed I couldn't open my mouth all the way. Then I was eating soup and it tasted like I had burned my...

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  • mary35557 2

    Life with bells palsy

    Ive had it will be 5 years febuary & I haven't been able to find any doctors to help me. I can't smile 😔 I'm so depressed since I got it. I was 5 mths pregnant with my daughter and it's like I don't like to take pictures and I'm sad she will never get to see me smile...

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  • lucy58079 2

    can bell's palsy come back again!!!!

    hi guys, i had the bell's palsy on the right side of my face a year ago and got recovered in two weeks it's been three days since i started feeling numbness on the same side with little bit of pain on the top of the eye, cheek and under the ear, could it be BP side effect? or is it...

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  • tresremi 3
  • alexis02700 2

    2nd Bell's Palsy episode

    Now 7 years later I got Bell's palsy again. First time symptoms lasted about 2 weeks and cause was unknown. Treated with antiviral and steroids. Just got a tooth pulled and bone graft done on right side. Two days later I felt familiar paralyzing sensations in my eye and mouth (opposite side of oral...

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  • michlove1985 2

    Bell's palsy 9 months in

    Hi, I haven't posted on here for a while, I have just reached the 9th month. I got Bell's palsy in July 2016 and I had complete paralysis, I took prednisone at the beginning, had numerous ENT appointments. It was only in October, after no recovery at all, that I was offered electrical stimulation,...

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  • ggausa 1

    Pseudo Bulbar Palsy

    My mother was diagnosed with Pseudobulbar Palsy about 6 months ago and is going through all the symptoms. She has lost a lot of the ability to speak, swallowing and eating is not easy, jaw issues etc. There is really not much good detailed info or forums online dedicated to Pseudo bulbar Palsy. I am...

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  • armymom 1

    bell's palsy

    hi i have had bells palsy for nine months now when im tired or not feeling well the left side droops worse.(i have it on left side). the left side healed some but i still have a half smile and when i turn my head my left eye closes. even when i laugh how long could this last? nine months seem like for...

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  • lorna65277 1

    Bells Palsy.

    Woke up with Bells Palsy 6 weeks ago,as i was on holiday i didnt see a dr until my return to England so didnt get any treatment.The whole experience of this illness has changed everything for me,i think completely different about almost everything in my life from what i eat to the music i listen to....

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  • ilene09431 1

    Bells Palsy Day 4

    So I got diagnosed with Bells Palsy on my right on Sunday 03/12/17. I don't feel like my condition was very severe. I am able to close my right eye slowly. I got acupuncture done Tuesday and found good improvement was able to shut my eye more and with less force and my bottom lip seemed to be getting...

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  • jerry04693 2

    Effects Still after BP...almost 2 years

    I got my BP May 2015, took months to fully go away so I thought. And yes I took the Prednesone and the antibiotic (forgot the name) but I read overall those 2 meds usually don't have any good results anyways in making the BP better. But Now I still have some effects like: Left face pain (BP side)...

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  • carrie84 1

    Bell's palsy after 4 mos - new symptoms?

    I suffered Bell's palsy in October and it has taken quite some time to recover. I'm at about 85-90% recovery on the BP side but has started experiencing swelling and pain in the cheek and below the eye. Has anyone else had these symptoms occur?

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  • kim58045 2

    Pregnant with Bells Palsy, Anyone?

    I am now 34 weeks pregnant with my first child, and was diagnosed with BP on my 30th week. I have been to ER on the onset of the symptoms, and the doctors did not prescribe anything to me and said to wait and see after I give birth. On my 2nd week with BP I had a sever earache, headache and jawpain....

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  • woody337 2

    Diagnosed with BP this week; pain increasing despite steroids

    Diagnosed with Acoustic neuroma in 1997; 24hr tinnitus began in 2006 (after MRI) Tumour was monitored and surgery in 2009 followed after few months by labrynthitis and then loss of hearing on right side. Now have BP right side - assume same virus. Got onto prednisilone within 35 hours - slight improvement...

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  • myra114 2

    Coping with Bells Palsy

    I am 20 years old fairy active and was diagnosed with Bells 2 days ago. I thought I would write about my experience day by day and hopefully people reading this can add in their own experiences as well as people going through Bells at a similar time can relate. On Saturday I woke up unable to blink...

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  • DoctorMark 2

    Bell's Palsy recovery and residual effects

    Bell's Palsy is more common than people think, I suffered from it in January 2015, I woke up to a face that didn't work on the left side. After doing some stroke tests on myself I was confident I had Bell's Palsy. I went to hospital and was prescribed the typical treatment of steroids. 3...

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  • sharon1981 1

    Bell's Palsy

    My Bell's Palsy started 3 weeks today (Thurs). It started with tingling of my lips which spread to the right side of my face. I thought I was allergic to my new lipstick so didn't worry too much. The next morning my face felt numb and my mouth was a bit droopy and felt like when you go to the...

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  • kathy 90972 2

    Left side tight ,pain?

    This is my second time with Bell's Palsey. First in 1999. Now Jan 26, 2017. Went to E r . Recieved Meds. My question, this time I get more head ache on the left side,of my face, feels brusied. I do the eye patch , have the ointment for the eye. It is the left Ieye that won't shut on...

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  • tamaradv 1
  • donna07054 2

    Bells Palsy

    I had Bell's palsy 3 1/2 years ago my recovery took awhile and a had hard time, now after most of it is gone from what everyone else can see, I am all of the sudden itching on the back of my head near that 7 th cranial nerve, !!!! Does anyone know anything about this systom or had the same issue....

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  • woody337 2

    treatment at last! and more

    Hi - my comments seem to be in with many others so have started a new discussion.  Just coming up to 29 weeks - only began to see a little improvement at 17 weeks and it has been very slow - almost too slow to notice! Had an appointment with the neurosurgeon regarding a separate problem but...

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  • DoctorMark 2

    Stroke or Bell's Palsy?

    So you are going about your day and you notice a small pulling sensation in your upper lip on the left side, you scratch it, rub it then decide to ignore it because it will not go away, a few hours later you notice the left side of your upper and lower lip feel strange, you face a mirror and wrinkle...

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  • Oka 1
  • Jross2828 2

    Possible signs of Bell's Palsy after Dental work?

    I have a family history of Bipolar Disorder and Depression. I have never taken any medication for anything along those lines because I have never needed it. I went to the dentist about 10 months ago and had a root canal. Before the root canal, I had an abscess that was very noticeable on my right cheek....

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  • alleycat36 2

    Off Balance almost dizzy.. 3 weeks

    Hi! I've had BP for 3 weeks today. Started out with an awful earache then my face went numb. I took 5 days of steriods and after 2 weeks and my first accupuncture treatment thankfull the pain went away... however I am left with the feeling of being very off balace, almost dizzy. Anyone else have...

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  • sandra1782 2

    1 week with bell's palsy

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Berks palsy 1 week ago, 5 weeks after having a baby! I was on a steroid dose pack and antiviral meds for a week. I've started having excruciating pain behind the ear on the affected side. It's so bad specially at night. Has anyone else expedience pain?

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  • valerie26714 2

    Overwhelming fear of Bell's Palsy not improving

    I have had Bell's Palsy for 16 weeks now.  I still cannot move my eyebrow, smile, close my eye and have difficulty speaking, especially when fatigued.  The severe pain behind my left ear and pain in my cheek has eased.  I am so fearful of it not improving or going away.  I had...

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  • wendy holder 1


    hi i am writing this to see if their is any one who has or knows of people with psp.unfortunatley for me and my family both my parents have this awful disease.sadly my dad died january 2009 and my mother is in the late stages of this far as we are aware and dr nicholls from queen elizabeth...

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  • michlove1985 2

    20 weeks with Bell's palsy my ongoing recovery

    It's been a while since I posted, but thought I would let everyone know how my recovery is progressing. I have been attending electro trophic stimulation for the last 10 weeks, I started with one session a week and I now have 2 sessions a week. When I first started I had no recovery at all, within...

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  • karen 33873 2

    Still experiencing pain

    I'm at the end of 5 weeks into Bell's Palsy and face and eye almost completely recovered thankfully. However still experiencing pain in ear/head and face, it's mostly a nagging pain but then I'll experience a shooting pain in ear/side of head that goes down into my face- is this normal...

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  • kerry80873 1
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