Can constipation really cause this much nausea?

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For the past few months I've had terrible nausea every single day, and nothing has helped it. I've tried cutting gluten and dairy, taken zofran and reglan, tried antacids and PPIs, got a CT scan, endoscopy, and gastric emptying study, and various blood tests, all of which hinted towards nothing, EXCEPT for the CT scan, which showed some material sitting in my intestines. My GI wants me to get an x ray this week to confirm that the problem is in fact a motility issue, but to me I'm still sort of confused. My GI has put me on miralax since March, and although it made me more regular, it had NO effect on the nausea. The next thing to try would be magnesium citrate, which I plan on doing after the x ray if it confirms my GI's beliefs since I have nothing to lose. I'm also going to try taking simple magnesium tablets as well.  

Either way, could this really be the cause of all of this? There are some days where I literally cannot eat because I feel full/sick almost immediately... how could it not be related to my stomach? Also, when I do go to the bathroom, I don't feel any relief, which seems to be a symptom of something like IBS-C. I'm not necessarily sceptical, I just lack the knowledge to truly understand how these could be connected, especially when I've dealt with constipation off an on for a while and never experienced any symptoms like this. So, if anyone has any knowledge/experience on the topic, please let me know!


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    Everything you described. I been having since my gastric sleeve surgery Aug. 2015.

    I was told by my insurance company to go to John Hopskin University Hospital to get help. They are number 3 in the country for GI issues.

    This week I will be testing for the following.

    Test scheduled:

     1. Fluoro Cine- Esophagopharyngogram w/o speech

    2.GI Endoscopy

    3. CTA Abdomen w/wo contrast

     4. Anorectal Manometry

    I had a few endoscopies, colonoscopies, and CT scans with different doctors. But they haven't found why am I constipated all the time, why am I full and only had maybe 3-4 bites of food also why am in constant stomach pain. Terrible.

    I had my gallbladder and gallstones taken out, hiatal hernia repaired.

    Since then I was told my hernia is back. I have days I can't get out the bed.

    I can update you as I go with these tests. But I am starving and fed up. So I can relate. It's effects me and my fiancee. Although he knows I am trying to get well.

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      Gallbladder removal can trigger IBS and gastric sleeve surgery can also cause complications.  IBS C makes you constipated and causes a sore stomach.  Have you tried a food diary to see if food is the problem?
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      Yrs. I have tried a food diary. Nothing I am eating eases the pain. Not even water. Everything hurts. I been on Linzess and dulcolax pills to help me go and yes. Once I go I feel so drained but starving and better all at the same time. Smoothies everyday.

      My potassium levels are low so I have to have potassium liquid since I can't swallow large pills. I do take multivitamins, probiotic, and a enzyme probiotic.

      If it isn't this it's that. I am exhausted. It effects my daily living and social life. My fiancee is a retired chef. I cannot eat the small meals he prepares me That my nutritionist has for me to follow.

      Since the stomach spasms are so bad once food or liquid hits my stomach. I can't even take a pain pill. Since my stomach has a hard time digesting or absorbing.

      Whatever is causing all of this. I just wish they would go in and take it out. I don't think I need it whatever is causing so much havoc in my digestive system.

      I wouldn't wish none of this on no one. Terrible pain all the time, with the only relief when I pass my bowels.

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      If pain improves after a bowel movement, it could be IBS.  Maybe try eliminating certain foods if a food diary isn't showing a pattern.  You could cut out smoothies to see if your symptoms get better.  Dairy, gluten, fructose and processed foods are common triggers.  Try avoiding anything fatty or spicy.  

      Ask your doctor if you could have a liquid painkiller instead.  Another trick that works for me with swallowing pills, is to soak them in water for a few seconds to soften them so they are easier to swallow.  Try a glass of milk to help soothe your stomach when you take them if you find dairy doesn't trigger symptoms.  I usually need a whole glassful of water to swallow tablets because my throat spasms and pushes them back up again.  It treats them like foreign objects.

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    Constipation can make you feel sick if you have it for a while.  With IBS C symptoms usually improve temporarily after a bowel movement. Have you tried coming off fructose to see if that is causing the nausea?
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      i haven't tried coming off fructose, are there certain foods to avoid when doing so? I'm not really sure what its in and what it isn't in.

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      Foods with fructose include sweets, food and drinks with very high sucrose (table sugar) content and with high fructose like corn syrup such as honey and maple syrup. Vegetables in larger quantities that are high in fructans are artichoke, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cabbage, chicory, dandelion leaves, garlic, leek, onion, peanuts, tomato, courgettes.

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