Can gastritis cause functional dyspepsia?

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I've been diagnosed with postprandial functional dyspepsia and bile reflux gastritis. Both of these problems appeared after my gallbladder removal surgery a year ago and both seem to have been directly caused by it.

The gastritis is fairly well managed by a bile binder which I take daily. But the functional dyspepsia is proving much more difficult to get under control (which causes me to feel like whatever I eat/drink sits in my stomach, and then causes a feeling of trapped wind and burping for hours afterwards).

My question is whether it's possible that the FD is actually just a symptoms of the underlying gastritis. I feel like the gastritis never fully clears up so perhaps that's what is causing these symptoms. I would appreciate anything that could help towards gaining clarity over what's going on.

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    I've been having this upper abdominal discomfort for two months which feels like some kind of pressure/tightness below the ribs and continuous burping everytime I eat/drink anything. I also have occasional heartburn and pain around the navel area.

    My gp diagnosed me with acid reflux and prescribed PPI's which I have twice a day. Though it doesn't completely clear up with the medications so I've been thinking if it could be indigestion. It all began suddenly one night after I pulled an all-nighter and has been here ever since.

    Gastritis does cause indigestion so it could be a symptom of the same.

    I've been struggling myself with this weird abdominal discomfort and burping for two months now and it's really stressing me out. Are your symptoms similar to mine?

    I'm going for an ultrasound in two weeks so I could update you on that if it helps.

    Also, if you find any solution for the burping, please update here!!

    Thank you and good luck 😃

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      This thread is amazing! I literally read it through last night.

      My story is that I've been having this awful burping issue ever since I had my gallbladder removed last year.

      Basically, as soon as I eat/drink anything, I burp. That's the easy part. Then comes the feeling of bloating and fullness and these small little burps that drag on for hours. I get the gurgling noise in my throat too and feel like air is working its way up. Sometimes, I force the burps to come out by trying to massage my chest/throat or trying to contract my abdominal muscles. That usually only ends up aggravating my acid reflux.

      I had an upper endoscopy after the op so presume if I had a hiatal hernia that I would have been told. My diagnoses are bile reflux gastritis and functional dyspepsia. The burping issue is absolutely miserable and is ruining my quality of life.

      Oh - one more thing that I haven't seen mentioned. Whenever I eat or drink something I feel as if the liquid/food is just kind of sitting there in my stomach. This precedes the fullness and the burping. I've been tested for gastroparesis. I haven't officially received the results yet but looking at the images on the CD they gave me I'm pretty sure the emptying study was negative. My feeling is also that my motility issues are in my esophagus or at the entrance to my stomach. My gastro has mentioned that he thinks I have impaired gastric accommodation which he describes as a problem that the stomach has trying to "receive" food. He thinks it's vagal mediated and related to damage I experienced during my surgery.

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      Symptoms sound pretty similar.

      Do you also get the strange feeling of food/liquids getting stuck somewhere on the way down?

      Honestly, haven't found anything that so much as helps yet. But only a couple of weeks until I get to see the gastro. I'm going to push for a change of medication as this is really tough to live with. And as other posters (on different threads) have mentioned here: it's reduced quality of life a lot!

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      I don't feel like the foods get stuck but I do get bloated. Whenever I eat/drink anything, my stomach just gets bloated a lot even if I don't feel full but that's something I've had for a long time now and it didn't really stand in the way of my regular life but two months ago, this upper abdominal discomfort and burping started out of nowhere and this is really affecting my quality of life.

      I keep thinking about it a lot and I have to properly consider whatever I eat. It's really frustrating.

      I visited a GI specialist too and they just gave me PPI's for GERD again and asked me to make some lifestyle changes.

      I've tried but it doesn't work much. It really does get me stressed sometimes because it's affecting my quality of life.

      I'm trying to find some solution for the abdominal discomfort too but not there yet.

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