can heart flutter continuously without loosing consciousness ? anxiety or heart ?

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can please anyone help..

i don't know if its anxiety or heart issue

here is my long story short

it started with occasional panic attacks and weird numb/tingly feeling in my left breast while i was little stressed about past. my sleeping and eating habits were really bad and had no routine. no excerise or other physical activity.

Things in my life started to improve and my panic attacks started getting worse.

Within 5 months i started having high resting heart rate, chest n arm pains, and palpitations. been to a&e 3-4 times and all bloods normals, normal ecgs.

MONTH 6 & 7

along with high heart rate, i started at least one panic attack in a day and palpitations. i went to dr, he put me on anxiety medicine. over a period of 3 weeks i tried 3-4 different medicines without any luck then i started taking homeopathic anxiety medicine called arg nitricium 200 and i started to feel normal within days for 1 month. heart rate was better, hardly any health anxiety, was able to sleep


heard a news of distant relative's sudden death and bang !!!!!! panic attacks returned with weird head pressure, pins and needles in legs n arms, IBS symptoms and palpitations. i started to get restless days n nights. got ECG, 2 Echocardiograms, treadmill test and 72 hours holter/ecg montior all CLEAR. only thing my cardiologist said that i had little high heart rate which he put down to anxiety and stress as other results were unremarkable


- within 1 day back to back panic attacks and continous palpitations and i landed in a&e's resus where my resting heart rate was varying between 105-135. 2-3

- cardiologists monitored my ecg and the monitor i had on and they did blood work all normal. they said its just sinus tachycardia and not dangerous.

- i remained in hospital overnight under observation where they sent 24 hr urine test for my adrenal glands which was later reported as normal.

- iron, b12, thyroid, electrolytes- NORMAL. i was discharged with 40 mg propanalol and advised to follow up with gp and was given outpatient appointment for endocrines.

- next day i wore 24 hr holter monitor while i was home and i tried not to take propanalol and found sinus tachycardia with occasional sinus arrhythmia. 310 episodes of sinus tachycardia over 24 hr period. i felt horrible throughout those 24 hrs

- within next 10 days i went to a&e 7 times with wierd head pressure, palpitations (without propanalol), chest pains,wierd body sensations/flutters/muscle twinching in chest, arms, hands, feet, legs, back... impaired sleep, pins and needles in arms n left leg,feelings of doom all the time. i didn't feel any weird sensation while in a&e. All ECGs normal with/without sinus tachycardia. 6 drs put down that to anxiety, 1 advised further discussion with cardio and another 24 hr tape.

went to GP, he advised taking antidepressants which i cudnt take coz of unmanageable side effects. GP found my 24 hr ecg results unremarkable for any heart disease.


don't know what to do. my high heart rate is under control with propanalol but i can still feel my heart beating strongly...and feel flutter in my left breast n tummy. pulse is between 68-78 resting and i still feel wierd, as if m vibrating deep inside. chest, underarm, side, upper chest pains for few seconds sometimes with moving sometimes at rest, cough from cold/flu from past 3 weeks taking antibiotics. i am completely housebound .. my symptoms gets worse at night some nights can't sleep so i sleep during the day

can anyone tell if its anxiety or heart problem? i am going crazy

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     Only your doctor would be able to diagnose heart condition versus anxiety.So you've been to the doctor, all test came out normal yet your anxiety and symptoms continue. First let me tell you that I have experienced everyone of your symptoms you listed. It all started in my 20s and I also was worried about my heart  and weird diseases. I am now in my 50s and although I still get occasional anxiety I have put it into perspective. I am perfectly healthy.  Anxiety will not kill you. It is annoying and very uncomfortable but it can be managed.  Have you ever considered talking to a counselor? That was literally a lifeline for me and I continue to go even when I feel well. Sounds like you are having a very difficult time managing your anxiety. It is very hard to do on your own! So I have found out.Anxiety symptoms can mimic heart problems, other terrifying diseases or disorders,  A counselor you feel comfortable with can give you the tools needed to help you combat this issue. Please be relentless and determined to fight this and don't let it take you over. My life was ruined by it for over 30 years until I decided I won't be defeated! That's when I started going to counseling , Listening to meditative audios online that deal with negative thinking and anxiety, eating healthy, socializing to take the focus off of me. One thing that completely Lifes my anxiety is regular exercise. I feel like a different person when I'm done! The worst thing we can do is be alone all the time and think and think and think. Our minds are powerful and tend to go to the negative if we let it.   Remember this…… Fear stands for  FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.    You deserve a life that is peaceful and happy…… Please talk to a therapist for some great direction!

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    Also i forgot to add, my resting heart rate lying down 66-72, sitting 80s-90s, little walk and standing takes me to 110+ and if i carry on walking for over a min its 130+ returns to normal within a 1-2 minutes with rest
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    How long have you been taking the propronol it takes like 3 weeks to get in your system I have tachycardia and palpitation I been taking metoprolol for ten years or took my anxiety fast heart rate and palpitation away now I have the palpitation back ? rate upper 70s and 80s at rest it should be in the 60s with my medicine like you Dr changed my medicine raised my metopeolol side affects awful now back to old dose palpitation all the time feel like I can't breath most of the time get a break sometimes and I feel weird at times shortness of breath my heart Dr sending me to ? desires that deals with the electrical part of the ? I had so many tests I do have things going on also my gyn thinks I'm starting menopause I know it sucks but hang in there keep busy I was bad for a min now I'm out and about even when I feel awful the do subside after awhile that makes in manageable

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