Can hypothyroidism cause random depression?

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The past couple months, I've been having these random bursts of depression that ranges from 3 days to a week long at the most (so far). They come out of nowhere, and there's not really a reason behind it. I get this sense of hopelessness during the depression, and I've been having suicidal thoughts because I feel like I either won't get better, or I just feel so indifferent about my life and see no point to it. I haven't actually legitimately considered suicide, it's more of a "what if" thing. Can an underactive thyroid cause these mood shifts?

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    Depression doesn't describe how I feel about my hair loss due to

    thyroid issues.

    I have been on thyroid pills for over 7 years, NEVER misssed

    a dose and all was fine until my Doctor put me on a cholesterol

    pill because my levels were too high.

    I attribute the statin to be the cause of the hair loss, because

    that is when I started to lose my full thick hair. I would say I

    lost over 50% of my hair and can no longer style it because

    it is so THIN!

    I went to a thyroid specialist and she did an ultrasound of

    my thryroid and it showed my thyroid was not working AT ALL !!!

    Needless to say, I stopped the statin pill immediately, discussed

    it with my primary care doctor and he said that was OK with him.

    This all started in November, 2015.

    Thank god my hair is no longer falling out. It is growing longer,

    but NOT THICKER.

    Also, the specialist asked me about my home life and I told her

    I am unfortunately living with my husband who is constantly drunk

    and stoned, and has a friend *girl" whi is 27 years younger. She

    is also an alcoholic and a weed smoker. I was told stress doesn't

    help with hair re-growth.

    I just started using 7500 mcg. of Biotin and am using

    OGX shampoo with biotin and collogen.

    You can buy it for the least amount of money at Walmart.

    I don't know if it helps or not, but I will continue using it.

    It smells nice and when I wash with the shampoo and

    conditioner version of it.

    What are your issues and when did they start?

    Have you had hair loss and for how long and what

    are you doing about it?

    Keep me posted.

    Hope to "hear" from you again.

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      I'm really sorry to hear that, but I don't have a hair loss issue. I've had some family problems in the past but those are long gone now so they don't really bother me. I like to think it's related to my thyroid and I don't have bipolar depression or anything like that because that would suck. I'm just really hoping once I get treatment for my thyroid my depression will go away.
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    Hello Alyssap:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease since 1987.

    Yes, low thyroid or HYPO, can make you feel depressed.  The thyroid has a function for our energy and mood swings can happen when you go low.

    So get some blood work done.  TSH level and T4 and T3 and TPOA and TGab blood tests.  Also mood swings can come from low levels of seritoin  which is a brain chemical.  They can test for that level also.

    Some symptoms of Hypothyroid are: feeling cold, weight gain, sleepy, headaches, depression, bruising, low heart rate and low body temp, brittle nails and dry skin. There are more these are most common ones.

    Keep us posted on how you do,


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    In answer to your question about bouts of depression with underactive thyroid is a definate yes, yes and yes. Both my nephew and I have underactive thyroid and we both suffered so bad from depression. This was before we found out we did. Once we found out within that first week of taking levothyroxine we could not believe how good we started to feel. Our depression and thoughts of suicide subsided and we started to feel normal again. But unfortunately after 2 1/2 yrs of taking thyroxine my depression did start to come back. No thoughts of suicide but have depression off and on. Some days are so bad I can't even speak to people. Then the next day will be better. I think because our thyroid numbers probably fluncuate. I know mine do. My endo trys to do a good job of watching my numbers (tsh) and making small adjustments. I really sympathize with what your going thru. Its not a very fun way to live. I've kind of learned to deal with it. My family is used to it now and never knows what person will wake up in the morning. Me or Sybil. Lol. Hang in there and let your Dr. know how your feeling. I refuse to take anti-depressants. Would try food changes first. Might help.
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    An under active thyroid definitely influences your mood. Before being diagnosed, I felt really depressed and although I have been taking Levothyroxine, I still occasionally feel depressed. I get an 'empty' feeling.

    If it isn't too unbearable, try to put up with it but I, being one not to put up with mood swings easily, went and asked for anti depressants. They have helped a great deal and I have noticed a big change in the mood swings.

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    Yes, I get bouts of depression as well.  It does just last 2-3 days so I'm starting to just roll with it.  Fake it till you make it!  I know it will go away and so I just try to ignore it.  It's not really your emotions, it's your hormones.  So keep your chin up!  Once your thyroid meds are balanced you will feel better and better.
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    My suggestion is when you are depressed (I hate it when people say, get out, go exercise it will help, but one doesn't feel like doing that when depressed!), use it as a time to reflect on your feeling, perhaps learn how you can feel better.  Seems that was when I'd look at self help articles, or books... Focus on you.

    Now that I have a worse illness, I'm learning so much about how wonderful life can be. Sad it took illness to make me really dig in, but atleast I'm feeling so much better. My last readings where pretty high for me, but I told Doctor I have no symptoms of hypothyroidism, but she called and said up my Armour anyway. Ok, I will, but will keep eye on it. 

    Good for you to get on forum and ask. That alone often helps. 

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