Can I cure panic disorder without meds

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I've been having panic attacks and agoraphobia For several years, it's really bad at the min the doctor gave me more anti depressants last night, took 1 never felt so ill , panic attack after panic attack, has anyone got thru this without meds,

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    I started suffering from anxiety alittle over a year ago and the doc gave me antidepressents that made me feel depressed and a sense of emptiness. it was a terrible feeling and i decided that i was never going to take meds again instead take a natural approach. i started doing yoga every morning before i start my day for 15 to 20 minutes of controlled breathing and started drinking calming teas like manzania. i read that the brain and the stomach are linked to one another so your diet place a big part too. i was a big junk food kind of guy but started eating healthy foods and noticed a dramatic effect. i use to get attacks every day but i havent had one in over 3 months. i noticed that it was all in my head and basically i was creating scenarios that i was becoming ill like i would make heart problems pop up in my head or i was getting cancer. so its all you you just gotta strap yourself down and say f you anxiety im in control. this really works for me when i feel like im gonna get an attack its all a mindset that you are in control. control your thoughts dont let yourself think bad things think happy thoughts and dont let it stop youy from doing the things you want. like right now i felt some pressure in my chest like air and started thinking i had something and quickly changed my thoughts and said outloud f you. haha i know this seems unorthidox but it really does help me so i hope it helps you. remember healthy diet try doing some breathing techniques in the morning and control your thoughts its all in your brain trust me it will get better!!! smilesmilesmile
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    also dont feel sorry for yourself and say why is this happening to me instead take a strong minded approach and say anxiety you have been controlling my thoughts too long im in control now! you have to be tough minded i cant stres it enough its all in your head theres nothing wrong with you trust me just think happy and dont let negativity enter your head
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    Hi Dawn,

                   Yes it is entirely possible to overcome this without medication, for some people medication is a godsend and provides the ability to ease symptoms so that recovery can be worked on usually with therapy like CBT but not everyone suits or can even stand medication.

    I myself take some that unfortunately no longer helps me but is hard to come off, I will spare you the details of my plans to taper it but over the years I have become increasingly terrified of new medications.

    Recently I have suffered a major breakdown, the panic is intense, going out almost impossible and of course the GP offered new medication but personally I am too scared to take it.

    So what do we do? Well we have to fight for therapy, CBT is best, if you are in the UK though waiting lists can be long if going private isn't an option.

    So to get relief until therapy starts first we need to become our own therapists, you know that what you fear the most is actually fear itself, it's a vicious circle because the fear comes,it brings the panic and we feel more fear so our suffering is prolonged.

    Today I have felt repeated episodes of panic and shut down every one of them, I did that by stopping the fight, I did not fight the panic, I allowed it, I embraced it and did that knowing that panic could not harm me.

    I am far from cured, it takes time to break that circle but you can break it, you wont do it though until you accept it and float through it, stop resisting panic and it gets bored in the end and wears itself thin.

    Now about going out, I know that fear, it keeps me awake at night and jolts me early in the mornings but I will give you some examples of my own self help techniques.

    Yesterday I was in the supermarket, my anxiety hates the place and countless times I have hyperventilated and had to leave but yesterday as soon as that fear hit me instead of leaving I stayed, I repeated in my mind 'stay' and safe' and I did not need to leave, in fact I bought a lotto ticket on the way out rather than dashing off.

    Then my husband offered to buy me new clothes, oh dear god how would I go into the shop never mind actually look at the clothes? So I slowly took those steps thinking 'I can', at first it was horrid but I made myself stay, clothes started to catch my interest, note the word interest, anxiety hates that, it dies with feelings of interest and enjoyment, I didn't just stay, I chose 4 items, explained my anxious predicament to the staff and they allowed my husband into the changing room, I tried on clothes, I swapped clothes and I realised as my husband paid that I was chatting and smiling to the staff.

    Remember I said about time? Well one success wont be the cure, you improve with time but don't be disheartened by that, every step you take no matter how difficult is a step towards healing but you must be patient.

    In the evening my anxiety had returned, my husband grabbed the car keys, told me to wash my face as I had been crying and we set off to another shop, the panic began as soon as we pulled off the drive, hard, fast panic andevery inch of mewanted to go home but I didn't and 5 minutes later I was in that shop and my anxiety had reduced.

    You don't fight it, you accept it and it will die in time, this is not my first breakdown and every time it's the same, the more I fight it off and run from it the worse I feel but then I stop fighting and slowly,slowly it gets better.

    It doesn't matter if you try and fail, it only matters that you tried because one day you will not fail and so starts your recovery.

    Do it in small steps, if you are housebound go simply to the front door, take a step out, breathe deeply and go back in,if you can manage some kind of journey, perhaps even with a safe person do it even if that panic is there, don't worry if you feel scared, don't allow that to upset you, accept that fear, it will one day pass and the reward for your efforts will be worth every second of that anxiety you felt.

    Do not set up expectations, they add pressure which in turn adds guilt if you can't do it, trying is what counts so don't expect too much from yourself, slow and steady really does win the race with this.

    I will tell you something, as I sat to type this I was overwhelmed by panic, it is now gone, that is because I was interested and engaged in what I was writing and for a while was able to stop 'checking in' on how I felt, you have to engage yourself in other thoughts and this stops you from concentrating on your anxiety and panic, it's a distraction.

    I will panic tonight, I will panic in the morning but I keep telling myself I can do this, I accept my feelings but I can still do it, after all no matter how I felt yesterday or for days before that,I survived, I did it and so I have evidence that I can do it and you can too.

    Take care xx

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      Your story is inspiring, and I tried to add apt it to me, but my dear is not going out, in fact I spend as much time as I can outside and in shops, for me it's the hateing being at home, I'm scared of being alone and having nothing to do. It gets me down, and very anxious how do I deal with that?? BTW I'm on sertralune 50mg 8 weeks now.


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      I would say apply it in the same way as I do with going out, so start with very short periods of planned time alone or if it can't be planned and you find yourself alone apply the loosen and accept technique,loosen your body by slumping those shoulders and relaxing your tummy muscles, accept the way you feel and don't set expectations.

      The fear and anxiety is real but it can't hurt you, don't fight it by thinking 'I must feel better', instead think 'this is how I feel but let's allow it and say it doesn't matter too much'.

      Write a list of activities to do at home, simple things are fine, have you seen the adult colouring books? They are very good for relaxation and distraction, gradually the fear will die, it might feel like it wont but it will, remember though it's time and that can be the hardest part because we want relief now but walking through a storm rather than avoiding it is the only way out xx

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    Hi, Dawn:  I have suffered from panic attack and depression for as long as I can remember. I believe I was about 5 yrs. old.  I would go to school and do nothing but worry about my mom and home and what if something were to happen to her.  My daddy was a salesman and had to be out on the road a lot and I worried about him, too...then I worried about getting through school, and what if...what if...I was miserable, even though I had a wonderful, loving home with an older sister to protect me and a very loving mom and dad...It was not my enviornment, it was my brain chemistry...I am now 67 yrs. old and I've been on Xanax and Luvox and Cymbalta for many years now, and other than the pains of old age, I'm doing well...I would not advise anyone to go through anxiety attacks/depression without help from meds...I would not be here today if it were not for my very caring doctor who worked with me for years to get me on the right track.  We only only one life, why live it in misery when there are meds to help you through life, so you can be happy once again...Hope this helps, sweetie....
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    Hello Dawn,

    I've had panic attacks since 6 months now. At first i was having the attack everyday but then i switched to a healthy diet and also exercises ( jogging + gym ) and it really helps. 

    I reduced drastically my intake of alcoholic drinks and smoking. I lead a much healthier  life and the panic attacks have greatly reduced ( about 1 attack in 2 months). However, i still have the dizzy feeling or light headedness but the other symptoms like sweat, palpitations or shaking is practically gone.

    Also, you need postive things and stay with happy people! Doing positive things, laughing , exercise , healthy diets , these will increase the level of serotonin and beleive me, you will feel much more better.

    I have not taken any meds till now and i want to go through this without the meds and its side effects.

    Doing breathing exercises during the attack also helps greatly , the important thing is to inhale through nose , hold , and exhale through mouth. Focus on the breathing :-)

    Im doing much better than 6 months ago but im still fighting this without meds and i hope to succeed!

    Any tips for the dizzy feeling anyone?


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