Can I drink alcohol with Mono / EBV

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I've already posted here once before, in short I have had mono for about 3 months now and I still have a low grade fever / headache to this day. I am turning 21 in 1 week, and unfortunately I am guessing I will still be experiencing low fever / headache / etc.

I live in California, and I am planning on going to Las Vegas with some friends about 3 weeks from now... I don't plan to drink much, or really do much at all, maybe go out one night.

I asked my doctor about this earlier today and he said it "should be" fine just don't go overboard, but that doesn't give me much reassurance. I'd only plan on drinking 1 or 2 beers on my birthday next week and once while I am in Vegas, but I don't plan on drinking at all if there is a risk of any problems. I've been sick for 3 months, missed out on my summer vacation and had to take a semester off from school, so a couple nights of fun seem granted, but I am curious if anyone else here has drunken a bit of alcohol while having mono...

From my blood test results last week my doctor said my liver seems fine, if that helps with any advice.


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    Hi Clayton,

    I've had mono 6 months now, I drink a glass of wine almost every evening, and sometimes a couple of glasses, if I'm out with friends.

    I honestly don't think it makes a difference, I don't feel worse after glass or two of wine. My doctor never said not to drink, I wouldn't go overboard, but maybe others on this site have other experiences.

    I don't think a beer or two would hurt you, maybe it would pick up your spirits a little celebrating your B-Day with your friends.

    Have a great trip. 🤗

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    i have a glass of wine most nights you gotta have something to get you through this ! but what i can tell you is that if i have more than one or two i DO suffer worse the next day .

    make sure this is something you can really do i mean vegas is such hard work .... loads of walking its not like youll be resting on a beach somewhere.

    i realize that you really want to go but we have to baby ourselves right now ... one false move can set you back weeks ! i know as just had my mother here and although shes pretty easy to deal with it set me back loads .

    im so sorry you missed your vacation i missed mine too in june ... could not make it and had to cancel .

    i went out early evening tonight just for one hour and i was just yawning and shivering the whole time .

    i would see how you feel closer to the trip .... if you do have to miss it then just remember that theres many trips for you to come .

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    Hey Clayton,

    That is so rubbish that you've been unwell around the time of your 21st birthday. I do hope that you are well enough to make your trip to Las Vegas, just remember not to overdo it and get plenty of rest too if you are able to.

    I've never been a drinker anyway so probably the wrong person to answer about that, but certainly I know it would probably be wise to avoid alcohol. Maybe 1 might be fine on your birthday but just certainly don't overdo it and I know last thing you would want is to feel rough the next day. If you are able to enjoy yourself without the alcohol that might be best!


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    Before I was ill, I would say I drunk quite a lot of alcohol, but only socially. mainly at the weekends. Since then I haven't had any alcohol, which has been 8 months now. Only because my doctor told me not to have any, but she also recommended me not to have caffeine and any junk food. I think out all three I've only had the junk food. I would love to have a beer again, but just don't feel upto it yet. My head is not clear yet. I still get the spaced out feeling and headaches, so alcohol feels like a no go to me at the moment. I guess only you know how you feel. it would probably be better to test the water before you go to Vegas, such as go out for a drink where you live or try a few drinks at home?. I couldn't think of anything worse feeling like death and not being close to home.

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      thats such a good idea . go out and have a drink near home first .

      i first took ill on a trip to santa fe .. i was mainly in the hotel room the whole trip and how i made it home on the plane ill never know. no fun being sick away from home .

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      I agree Dodge and Lori sounds sensible if planning to drink maybe at home might be the best place, but again I agree also avoiding alcohol and caffeine as much as possible is certainly the best idea during this even not the most fun I know for people who like a drink.


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    My doctor advised me not to drink. He said the liver is already working overtime because of the virus and there was no need to make it worse.

    I can't imagine a beer or two would do too much harm though, just be sure to drink lots of water to help your liver out.

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