Can I take Fibristal again?

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Hello, I am 46 years old. I have a large fibroid and doctor prescribed me Fibristal for 3 months to shrink the fibroid. For the 3 months I felt so good, I did't have cramp. After that, doctor suggested me that I have to get hysterectomy, but in this situation I can't have surgery as I just got hired by my company (you know the probation is).

So for now, my period comes back again and I feel cramp again and painful. 

Is anyone know could I take Fibristal again?

For your info, I finished Fibristal at the end of August 2015.

Thank you so much.

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    Hi i am in the same position as you are, with hysterectomy my next option. Esmya (as it is called in the uk) has just been authorised for long term use. Before this it could only be used twice with a 3 month gap in between. So would say you could have it again for 3 months on Dec 1st.

    You need to check with the doctor what it is registered for in your country. 

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      Thank you for the quick reply.

      I will check with my gynaecologist about that.

      I wish I can take Fibristal for long term until my fibroid is gone so then I don't have to get hysterectomy, in my deep heart, I really don't want to get hysterectomy.

      I can't imagine what happens after hysterectomy because I work at the warehouse (standing, lifting and walk alot) not in the office.

      Btw thanks again.

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    Hi Lily,

    I did 2 trials of Fibristal with 2 months of break in between. My doctor told me that it is approved to take for up to 4 trials (in Canada) and possibly longer. However, I decided to not continue as it did not shrink my fibroids at all, I'm fact they kept growing. My periods aren't that bad to begin with even though my fibroids add up to a 25cm uterus, so I just didn't see the point continuing as I also experienced a lot of mood swings and depression while I was on it. Soon after my second trial was over, I also started noticing other side effects such as losing muscle tone/mass, hair falling out, and shrinking breasts. My doctor thinks that the whole hormone blocking effect of fibristal worked on the receptors in other tissues except for the fibroids.

    I'm glad that fibristal is working for you as it's definitely a better option than hysteractomy but I just wanted to let you know about my other side effects too as this is still a very new product.

    I'd love to hear if any other treatment has worked for anyone here. I've tried many treatments (including a myomectomy but the fibroids came back) and diets and alternative treatment but nothing seems to work for me. I am now considering embolization as my last resort before hysteractomy even though I've read that it may impact my fertility - I am 33 and haven't had any children yet.

    Best of luck to everyone dealing with this problem!

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      Hi Niki,

      I don't know if Fibristal really shrink my fibroid, i just felt good when I took them. Yesterday I went for ultrasound again to check. And I will call my gyn to know the result of the ultrasound.

      Right now I am in the position that "can't have surgery " due to my job, my first full time permanent job. So I wish Fibristal can make my life better for a while.

      But I think my last option is hysterectomy next year, so I can take "leave on absence " from my job. And I hope they don't fired me.

      I am really getting sick about this fibroid. I just want to end it.

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      i Niki, i am 37 with no kids and like you tried myomectomy (they were unable to remove due to postion), diets and had one course of Esyma/fibrastil where they did shrink but 6 months later back to the same as they were before. Now on my second course on Esmya, till i decide what to do. Consultant gave me hysterectomy option only
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      I just finished my first course of fibristal. I didn't have my cycle for the 3 months on it and i did have the hot flashes, wieght gain due to water retention, and the migraines they said would be a side affect. when I had the ultra sound to see what happened, the tech said that she couldn't really see anything and that I may not have the response that was intended. Yet when I had my doctors appointment I had good news, both my fibroids had shrunk. So now I have to go back to the gyni and talk with her to see if i can continue with more courses and see if they will continue to shrink.  She did say that there was another medication that I could go on if the fibristil did not work but I never got he name of that one. 

      I dread thinking what another three months would be like but if I can get another courses of shrinking then I think it will be worth going back on it again.  I did get to check this out in the CPS that is available to doctors and phamacologists and the information in there was invaluable.  See if you could try the other drug that would be the best option if you could. I was afraid of the drug but i am so happy that I did it.  Right now I am giving my body a break but I will be going back after school to see if I can take another course and see if they shrink again.  I have my fingers Good luck with your next step

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    Hello.  I am 51 years old.  Have not entered menopause stage yet. My fibroids are getting larger in size and number.  My gyn put me on Fibristal to reduce size of fibroids.  3 months on pills, 1 month off, 3 months on, 1 month off and 3 months on. There will be 3 cycles when I am finished.  Right now I am in my second round of pills.  My energy has returned and no bleeding!  I will be having an ultrasound after the third and last round of pills.  The past week I have had some spotting, but I have an appt with my Doctor in 2 weeks and will discuss that then.  Not sure what will happen when I stop taking these, but I guess I will find out.  If they don't work, I most likely will have to have a hysterectomy. 
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      Hello cindy, curious if you have any symptoms since your posting. I am 50 now and have started 2ND month of taking fibristal (in canada) as my large fibroid has distorted my uterus and pushed my bladder causing me great difficulty in urinating. Within a week I noticed a difference. My gynecologist has recommended me to do 3 mhs on, off, then back for 3 months and then we will re evaluate. He does not recommend a hysterectomy unless absolutely necessary. The only symptoms to date have been occasional headache and now some pelvic pain (am assuming it's the fibroid shrinking) but have doc appointment coming up to ensure alls ok.

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