Can indigestion be this severe?

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3 weeks ago I ate a heavy serving of shrimp scampi pasta, with large broccoli pieces, large shrimp, and lemon juice sprinkled on top. I ate so much that I could barely breathe, but it was so good.

A few days after that, i am hit with chronic nausea, stomach tightness and pressure near my left chest. The biggest problem for me is the nausea that doesn't go away.. I've tried Pepto, pepcid, Dramamine, and Omeprazole.. so far nothing is helping me.

I've gotten blood work, ekg's and chest scans from the er and everything is normal. My gastro appointment is over 2 weeks away, and I honestly don't think I can last that long. I can barely stand because of the stomach tightness and the extreme nausea. I haven't vomited yet though. I rarely have any heartburn and I don't have any pain... Just tightness and nausea...

My question is, have anyone experienced long bouts of indigestion like this? Could this be a hiatal hernia? I sit at my desk all day and I tend to slouch so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it is. I've actually noticed over the years that my stomach felt like it was growing tighter, but I didn't have any other issues like nausea or reflux.

If you've had any similar symptoms please let me know. I'm losing my mind

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    I also have tried changing my diet and eating smaller portions, but nothing is helping me at all. I almost would rather have heartburn pain versus this constant nausea
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    You're not giving us enough information. Are you overweight, do you smoke, do you drink alcohol, do you exercise, etc, etc, etc. Going on what little you've told us I suggest you drink a good dose of Liquid parrafin and it might shift the load if not already gone.

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      I'm not overweight. I don't drink or smoke. I don't exercise either and don't have the best diet. I barely eat more than one meal a day because my time is spent in front of a computer working. I'm also noticing light brown pieces in my stool and I have no idea what that means. I still feel very sick, it's worse in the morning. No pain, just nausea. I'm concerned it could be a gallbladder issue

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    You've answered your own question. Get your diet and life in order. You're not eating properly, get some fresh air and start living. Don't say you don't have the time, you have. It's in your own hands to sort this, do it and get a life. This might come across as arrogant but you give the impression that's what you need. Good luck.

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      The thing is though, for these past few weeks, i have changed my diet. I'm mainly eating a bland diet and drinking a lot of green smoothies. I'm even doing yoga to get my digestive system working. But everyday I am still nauseous and have a tight stomach. Reducing my time sitting at my desk as well. I don't think eating healthy is going to solve my issues anymore because I still feel as bad as I did on day one! Thanks so much for your advice though. I'm thinking I might have an ulcer. If it weren't for the persistent nausea, I don't think it would bother me as much

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    Hey dear..Health is wealth and the best principle to maintain an incredible and lasting health is to keep your diet in a normal sequence.Try to have time for your self and also take a break off the computer for atleast 2hours in order to gain a balance diet..I also work on the computer 24/7 but i don't joke with my health..If you gain the whole money in the world and you don't have a proper health segment,how then could you be able to spend your money.

    So my friend my advice for is to try by all means to have a balance and proper diet for your body..Wish you all the best.

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      Thank you. I have been changing my habits for the past 3 weeks, but nothing has really improved for me. I think the only thing that will help is getting diagnosed officially and hopefully I can do that before thanksgiving
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    A little bit more information is that I'm 26 and generally healthy. I've never had any major illnesses in my life and this came out of nowhere. I'm more nauseous in the morning and that stays usually the whole day. I eat small portions frequently, and I've noticed that once my stomach is empty, that's when my nausea subsides a bit. Banana's are my favorite fruit, but they completely set off my nausea intensely. For some reason I can't stomach them. Usually by night time it feels bearable, but as soon as I wake up again, I'm sick all over again. I've missed many important events because of this, and my anniversary was cut short after trying to eat a small portion of a salad and rushing home after becoming nearly sick.

    I know that my anxiety probably makes this feel worse than it is, but it's definitely not all in my mind. One reason I think it could possibly be an ulcer is because last year I had really bad period cramps and took a lot of ibuprofen with not much food on my stomach. After that I felt a burning sensation in my stomach and almost went to the ER because of it. Ever since then, I've had slight burning in my stomach on and off, but it was very mild and ignorable. Well last month I took some naproxen on a slightly empty stomach again and I felt the mild burning in my stomach afterwards. I didn't feel sick or anything, but I wonder if that is it. The burning I feel is under my left ribcage and it's in the same spot any time I feel it. The burning comes sometimes when my stomach is empty like lastnight, and I'll get intense hunger pains every now and then, but it doesn't hurt at all. I barely consider it a pain because I'm used to feeling it at this point.

    So I'm not sure if this is the cause of an ulcer. I don't have intense pain or anything, just REALLY bad nausea, but I really hope I will get my answer soon, and hopefully this post will be able to help someone in the future that may be faced with these issues,

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    Hi there, just to say that this does sound like a hiatus hernia,I have one and of late have had similar symptoms to you.

    I have Barretts Esophagus,a hiatus hernia and diverticulitis,and recently I have had intermittent diarrheoa,passing

    8-10 times per day,along with what feels like a pulled muscle in my stomach,not everyday I hasten to add,although the strain or tightness is always there,this is usually accompanied by numerous flutterings in the stomach,which I put down to nerves,as this is making me very anxious,which of course does not help.

    No pain,ever,just occasionally some bloating,especially at night.

    I can eat anything,but sometimes I regret it,my appetite is phenomenal,which is so strange,I have had colonoscopies,endoscopies,blood tests and the problems I mentioned above have been highlighted by these.

    I am 68,I walk miles per day,at pace,I hardly drink or smoke,and look after myself pretty well really.

    I shall have to see the doctor again as this last bout has lasted a few days,but with regard to your problems I can tell you that I had a duodenal ulcer at age 22,which was eventually dispersed thanks to a medicine called Caved-S (this was 1972 I may add) and this burning you feel does not sound like an ulcer to me as you would get a lot more pain,I actually thought at the time I had cancer.

    One thing that it could be is a peptic ulcer,these are quite nasty and can cause symptoms like yours,but there again so could a hiatus hernia,either of these will cause lasting indigestion,along with bloating and many more side effects.

    I must admit I never get nausea,but if there is a hernia then acid reflux and GERD will trigger nausea,interesting that the meal you referred to was sprinkled with lemon juice,I love lemons but they do not love me,and it adds weight to the fact that you may well have a small ulcer in the stomach wall,best to get it checked out.

    Hope this helps,I am lying in bed and have just had a spate of tummy discomfort,but that's not unusual,I have learned to accept it,it never seems to go away.

    I wish you well,and I do hope you get a diagnosis for this as soon as you can,good luck!

    Regards Malc

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      Thanks so much for your response. It's crazy that at 68 you're dealing with these illnesses and still kicking. I can't imagine doing it that long, you're a very strong person. I had diarrhea for the first week and it went away, but the nausea stayed. You're very lucky to not get nausea!!

      I also was thinking it could possibly be hernia. The only thing that made me think differently is that I got a chest xray and they said everything looked normal. I thought hernias in the stomach would be noticeable on xray's since it pulls the stomach up a bit? Who knows. 

      And you're right. I'm thinking an ulcer, but I have little to no pain so it wouldn't really be the first thought in a doctors mind I'm sure. I guess the last thing I can really number it down to is a hernia or probably H. Pylori infection, since the nausea is persistent.

      It really does suck. Right now I really would love to eat my bananas, but I know I will intensely regret it because I will have severe nausea afterwards. Thanks so much for your response and I hope your health gets better as well in the long run!

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    Maybe you have gastritis.   Try a food diary. Ask for your appointment to be brought forward.  When I was panicking about my stomach pain, I asked for an earlier appointment.
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    Hi I have made a similar comment on my suggestion today with another,this will hopefully

    The dr said my very tender r h side of abdomen was diverticulitis  and put me on three days off good quality broth ..and drinking fluid etc... then a few days of very small meals.. a small piece of fish with a spoonfull of veg..cabbage or,spinach etc...or a poached egg,  or a small portion of tomatoes without,any seeds or a few mushrooms ,or a couple of spoonfuls of minced turkey

    I had these very very small meals a few rimes a day.. not even a side plate size..

    Truly that worked..maybemit,was,the seven days flagyl and cripto I had to take at the start..reluctantly I,admit..I am not good with them..

    having had to take every day before,this Senna fibrogel ducosate, all on prescription with a prolapsed bowel for,the second,op schedule in a couple,of,days.(if not cancelled again)

    I have not taken anything for my constipation since followingmthis, still eat little and often but,one meal is,now a little larger..

    So in conclusion it maybe,that although I am 82 and haven’t had a big appetite for quite a time, I was actually getting bunged up inside, with things like raisins ..skins..tomatoes seeds and things like that, and my Evacuation, was so slow I almost,stopped functioning properly.

    I ha e slow evacuation but I seem to be managing at the moment without Senna etc, and I can’t believe it really,  How could I,have been so stupid,and just,accepted all these prescriptions.

    of course I don’t know how I will. Be after my bowel op..but if it was the correct thing to do with further pain, my first reaction would be good quality broth, bought from Ocado ugh...then tiny meals.

    I have no medical knowledge,and it has taken me a long time to ha e some common sense.

    I apologise if,this doesn’t fit your situation,’s just,that,I,though it might be of interest to see what has worked for far

    good luck 

     ps of course I may be back for more advice myself 😊

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