can Non-allergic Rhinitis cause blood in phlegm and nose?

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Hello all,

Hope someone can help. My Dr diagnosed me with Non-allergic Rhinitis, it started about 1 year ago and has been terrible ever since, 24 hours a day. Sometimes are worse than other. Its worse when I have smelt a perfume or cleaning products or soap etc. 

My right nostrel is much worse than the left. My symptoms are constant sneezing, runny and blocked nose. 

However, I have also been getting pain around my right eye and around and under my right eye, very painful. This sounds like sinitus from what I have read. DO you think that my rhinitis is causing my to have sinitus also?

WHat worries me is that sometimes I have blood in my phlegm the comes from my mouth and blood in my mucus from my nose. Could rhinitus and phlegm cause this? 

Sometimes the pain is so bad around my right eye and sometimes my nose then starts to have a nose bleed BUT only in the right nostrel? what could this be? could sinitus and rhinitis cause this? 

How can it be NON allergic rhinitis as when I smell smells, pretty much any smell or house dust it makes my rhinitis worse? 

I noticed it MUCH worse first thing when I wake up, like I wake up and its not too bad then I get out of bed and all of a sudden I feel my nose getting irritated and like clockwork the sneezes start and the runny nose terrible for like 1 hour, then it calms down a little. 

My dr perscribed me beconse but it made my rhinitus worse, so bad I couldnt sleep so had to stop taking it. 

What do others recomend as I have read that living in the UK theres not much help available. What do people recomend and advise in my situation? I have tried EVERYTHING over the counter and herbal and things you breathe in and I mean everything possible to buy and nothing has helped or worked. Other than the decongestant spray which for 24 hours makes me remember how it feels to not have rhinitus but then after 24 comes back worse than it was before the 24 of being free of rhinitis becan. So dont take that anymore. 

Anyone found any mirice cures? any strange herbal thing that we can take and the rhinitis vanishes for ever?


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    I don't have any cures but this ailment is so though because there is no across the broad cures. Doctors like to treat everyone the same and with that people r given the same med's which for many do not work. Yes decongestant sprays if use to often will have a rebound effect which mean ur symptoms will feel worse. All I can say is u r not alone 

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    Hi again Mike,  I read your first message before seeing this one.  You sound exactly the same as I do.  Rhinitis causes awful sinus issues.  Yes, blood can be in our mucus and it's coming from the back of our noses.  So long as you're not cough up blood from your chest, from the back of your nose isn't usually anything to worry about.  It's all the inflammation and trying to blow down all the mucus.  It's my left nostril that is bad and like you, as soon as I lie down at night it's bad.  I use Otrivine decongestant and it works wonders for a decent nights sleep, however, it mustn't been used for too long as we'll get a rebound affect, then everything gets worse.  I have in fact over used it over the years, the only way to sleep.  However, I think it started to affect my eyes, as I was seeing little swirliy squiggles.  Optician has found nothing wrong, so I put it down to the ortivine, which in it's leaflet says can affect vision.  I know in your previous message you are asking about herbal treatments.  I don't think there is anything out there that will help this condition.  Ask your GP to prescribe firstly the Flixonse Nasules, as they are stronger that the Flixonase spray.  After a short while it will dry up all the mucus and you'll find you will stop blowing and sneezing.  These can only be used for a maximum of 6 weeks.  Once things have eased then ask for the Flixonase spray....this can be used permanently and I've been using it for years.  The nasules have to be administered with head hung over the bed and leave head hanging for approx 50 seconds.  I find it really hard with head hanging back to know how much is going into each nostril.  One would be getting too many drops and the other hardly any.  Unfortunately, I waste 2 nasules, as I drop 5 to 6 drops from each of the nasules into the bin leaving me with 2 nasules with the correct amount for each nostril....bad I know wasting them, but hard to share one nasule with 2 nostrils. They shouldn't make them like this, as it's so hard.  My Rhinitis, Sinus and Eustachian Tube got so bad back in April I had to request Prednisolone steriod tablets, a 20 day reducing course, which worked wonders.  My smell and taste returned after years and years, post nasal drip went, sinus headaches went, ear un-blocked and rhinitis and allergies all good too.  I had 3 months of relief and some really good night sleeps.  However, suffering allergies, the cycle has started all over again.  Smell and taste gone and everything else returned.  So I put myself onto the Nasules and everything not bad at all.  Once I've used them for 6 weeks I will then revert back to the Flixonase spray.  Because of allergies, polyps grow up both sides of lining of my nose, the drops strink them to allow me to be able to breath.  I've had surgery on my sinuses and polyps were removed, however they grow back, but are kept under control.  Because this is a chronic condition, I really don't think any over the counter in Herbal Range will help us.  Sadly, we are stuck with it and living in England with our damp weather, that doesn't help either.  Have you been to see your GP ????


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    Yep have tried nealsmel and other nasal saline rinse and they help for the first few mins then my nose becomes even more blocked than it was before I took it. 

    anne05078 when you mentioned Yes, blood can be in our mucus and it's coming from the back of our noses.  So long as you're not cough up blood from your chest, from the back of your nose isn't usually anything to worry about. ""

    The blood is in my mucus that comes into my mouth and though my nose. How do I know the mucus that has blood in it in my mouth is not from my chest?

    I have tried  Otrivine decongestant but doesnt help. OK not tried Flixonase Nasules, Flixonase spray will they have a rebound effect?

     Prednisolone steriod tablets sounds great, but doubt GP would give to me. 

    I spoke with my GP and she just said that I had non Allergic rhinitus and just to take the beconaise but it made me worse. She said to them come back to them if no luck. ALthough polyps could be possible, I doubt it as I can not see any up my nose. 


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      I have nasal polyps too.  We can't see them because they're in the lining of our noses and grow as big as grapes on stalks.  That's where the problems is when we can't breath.  Using a steroid spray shrinks them.  As I've said above I use Flixonse Aqueous steroid Nasal spray and find it helps to a degree.



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