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Is this disgusting pain for real !! 2 weeks ago in an effort to try and change my diet someone suggested I eat nuts seeds etc, 

as well as lots of greens.

i ate half a pack of mixed nuts and seeds mainly hazelnuts and almonds. I've never felt so ill in all my life.

for almost the whole time since I ate them I've had pain like you wouldn't believe and terrible growling in my tummy. The nausea is so unbearable at times I have never been sick (hopefully not) I have a habit of coffee every morning that's fine but if I drink more than one the nausea starts and comes in waves making me very miserable indeed not to mention terrified I am by nature very stressed indeed 58 and feeling like I have some dreadfull disease that's increable I'm worried sick.

stools are normal and very often  I can not at times expel the wind and find I'm in agonising pain like I've never felt before it's scary stuff some foods seem to be ok others not so much sometimes nausea is the pre cursor to a bowel movement and I feel so much better afterwards I have had diahorea 

but feel plugged even though I'm going to the loo ok I feel full with eating a small biscuit at times am I going insane never realised ibs could cause this very frightening pain I'm scared to leave the house because of the fear of nausea starting although I know its only temporary as if I pass wind it's gone instantly it just feels so scary  at the time it's happening please help am I going mad will this ever stop.? Pain can be anywhere all over my stomach upper lower middle and into my back when it's really bad HELP !!!!!!

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    Hi Sorry you are having so much pain.

    If you can tolerate nuts, you should only eat a very small amount, maybe about 8-10

    also a lot of veg on top of all  the nuts you ate, would give you a lot of pain. I dont eat nuts at all, they dont agree with me,, too high in fibre. Do you drink with your meals, i was told to drink before and after food, to give your digestive juices a chance to work. It sounds like you are having very bad wind, that can be brought on with anxiety, stress, talking when eating,, also certain foods, especially high fibre ones. 100ml of pineapple juice before breakfast is good for the enzymes in your stomach.  Have you taken any foods out of your diet, you should go to your doctor and get referred to a dietician. I have tried different drugs, like buscopan, i found them to constipate me.

    There are lots of things to try, but you should ty a get professional help.

    Hope you get sorted out

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    Hi, no you're not going mad, unless I am too! I've been getting the most horrendous nausea combined with the abdominal pains and weird bowel movements! 

    I am always prone to air on the side of constipation, but this ibs just makes everything so irregular, so much so I get extremely stressed and think I've got something so wrong with my bowels that it can't be ibs.

    I too get awful wind, and rumblings, and cannot eat because of the nausea, that sometimes lasts on and off for days and days. I cannot stand the nausea, I can usually put up with most things as long as I don't feel sick and nauseaus. 

    When I first started with the nausea, it reminded me so much of morning sickness I thought it had something to do with hormones,  but that went out the window as I am 60 and all that malarkey has well and truly gone!

    Sorry if this isn't very positive for you, but I too can't believe how dreadful this ibs can make you feel. Really,  really poorly, and so you can't even think about planning ahead as it makes you feel so ill.

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      Dear Pam and indeed all of you who have so graciously replied firstly bless you. Reading your replies actually eased the pain.(which I know is wind as when it moves or I belch the nausea goes too).

      but oh my the pain is so bloody awfull.

      my eating habits are erratic and I stick to strict gluten free diet and have done for years as I cannot tolerate wheat I guess the second coffee is a really bad idea and indeed yesterday was a good day with little or no nausea.

      ive just eaten a simple small meal or rice and mince all seams good so far and indeed if I can get past the nausea I feel better when my tummys full also feel same if I don't eat and just drink decaf tea is fine what scares me is waking in the wee small hours with horrendous stomach cramps doc prescribed Zantac which I took but prolonged use gave me chronic runs !!

      its this not knowing how to deal with various symptoms that's the bug as I'm scared to go places in case I feel sick as I just want to curl up at home in a familiar place it's so not fair and docs just pass it off all he time buscopan did nothing except made my tummy growl even more and left me in agony.

      im soooo gratefull for your replies and knowing I'm not alone makes me feel more relaxed so you have all helped considerably Thank you 

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      So sorry to hear that you are in such distress and pain.  I've had IBS for around 20 years but recently asked GP for blood test for Coeliac.  It was positve and I'm now on a gluten free diet (12 weeks in), I am a bit better but it takes time.  As you are already on a gluten free diet (have you had blood test?), I can only say that Caffeine is not good for you.  Keep on at your GP for tests, they don't do anything unless pushed.  Good luck
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    you need to get an appointment with a the meantime, "if" you have the mental muscle to do a one day fast of only water...2nd day take two tabs of DGL, the lozenge…750mg each,

    take one at 30 minutes and another at 15 minutes before easy digestive small meals.....must know your status post these 2 days to "guess" what might be the underlying cause of your distress. If you only want to stop the nausea, then a few “sips” of coke syrup or a coca cola without the fizz..merely shake until the fizz is gone...its not a cure and is only temporary.

    The underlying cause/s can be many...but you might “guess” and post…. as to what...when..etc...?? Claudio

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    Try some ginger tea, peppermint tea and buscopan (tablets)

    ease cramping, stomach spasms which leads to nausea.

    all the best =]

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      I also go through the exact same symptoms as you, nausea after eating being number one, i always try eat plain foods because im scared of getting sick& wash it down with some peppermint tea 
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