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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • felinia 4

    IBS and Slimming World

    For all IBS sufferers who are also members of Slimming World, SW has this week published an article on their website for members.  It suggests how members can adapt the plan to cater for their IBS, but also stresses heavily that members should follow their given medical advice.  It also touches on

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  • foss99 2

    New IBS symptom tracker app

    Hi All have just released the first iPhone app of its kind that helps you track your IBS symptoms. The symptom tracker will help you record your bowel movements and the type and severity of symptoms that you get each day. It will also allow you to record notes on food and lifestlye. ...

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  • marco58651 2

    Is it normal to be farting *all the time*?

    I pass gas constantly, and have no control over it. Every few seconds, I feel a little bit of air coming out. After a while, the smell builds up. The smell's not _terrible_, but it's noticeable and embarassing. This is making me terrified of ever leaving my room. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow,...

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  • rhonda19552 3

    Pencil stools or worm like or bits and pieces - is it PI IBS

    I have mentioned before I was diagnosed with semonella 6 months ago and my bowels are still Not right. I have all Sorts of soft stools lots of small Pieces some pencil some like worms and some a little bigger but never one solid piece. Is this normal for ibs or PIIBS I am so anxious and upset as

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  • guest96 2

    What is the main cause??!

    Hi there, I have been told I have ibs as all my test have came back normal, I have done a lot of research and have even tried the fodmap diet which was not a success. I am finding it hard to understand why I am still having diarrhoea if I changed my diet and eliminated anything that could trigger it?...

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  • i27694 2

    IBS D and pregnancy

    A little while back my partner and I found out that I'm pregnant. It was a lovely surprise, but unexpected - we'd decided not to try at the moment because I've been having such a difficult time with my IBS symptoms (chronic constipation and several stool impactions). I'm 13 weeks at the moment and

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  • Guest M

    Hi, Please help, I faint with ibs symptoms and its scary

    Hi everyone. I am female and have had ibs since I was 15-16 years old, I am now 35. I get diarrea and bloating mainly but sometimes can get constipation. If I lift something too heavy I feel like I have \"strained\" my stomach and the pain starts. Sometimes I think it is related to food.

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  • steven70982 2

    Weird stools

    So for the past couple months I've been having digestion issues, from gas to stomach pain to weird stools. But recently i thought it was getting better I was eating fiber one bars and they seemed to give me alot of gas so I stopped, along with I haven't had a banana in a couple days so Idk if that'

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  • cece01894 3

    IBS and left flank pain

    I'm absolutely miserable every morning I'm experiencing a radiating pain in left upper back for about an hour after I wake up. Then when I pass gas I feel much better but it really is bothering me bad I'm not sure what to do. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • alexander04446 2

    IBS/ Stomach related problem? Not sure need help.

    Before I start, forgive me for rambling. Understandably, mentioning anxiety, this could go in that forum rather than this, however, I feel this is the right place for me to get feedback. I'm 22, and for about 4 years, possibly 5, I've had issues with my abdomen, an example of some of the symptoms

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  • Alecia33 2

    Ibs and migraines? Recently diagnosed with Ibs

    Hello all. I was told I have ibs, I do have a majority of the symptoms and have made another post on here about those. I was told to start taking linzess to try and get me regular as much as possible. What should my next steps be? Does any one el see have migraines and ibs?

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  • hazel28 2

    Back pain and IBS

    I've recently been diagnosed with IBS after a bad bout of what I thought was trapped wind. The symptoms listed in various articles seem to bear this diagnosis out. However, nothing much is said about back pain. My IBS spasms start with bad back pain which then spreads round the right side to the

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  • mark40245 2
  • Cheetah 4

    Maybe not IBS? Bile acid malabsorption?

    In 2008, when I was 62, I had my gallbladder removed.  In 2011 I felt very ill for months and, after various blood tests and a colonscopy, I was told that I had IBS.  I've been taking Mebeverine since then, but it's not particularly effective.  I still often have pain after a meal and have to go to

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  • felinia 4

    IBS and Slimming World

    For all IBS sufferers who are also members of Slimming World, SW has this week published an article on their website for members.  It suggests how members can adapt the plan to cater for their IBS, but also stresses heavily that members should follow their given medical advice.  It also touches on

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  • g75183 3

    Health anxiety and IBS flare ups!

    I am a 29 years old male, 12 years ago was diagnosed with IBS, after a 6 month battle with chronic anxiety and panic disorder, I finally beat it and everything was years later, I have recently a few months ago recovered from a bad bacterial infection, after several blood tests and ultra

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  • CandyBlast 2

    Definitive Low Fodmap Gluten Free charts?

    Does anybody have a good chart for this? A lot of websites, especially ibsdiets' wesbite has listed Broccoli, Karela and other stuff there as low-fodmap, but that seems to aggravate ibs symptoms. I have C, but this question is for all the people who go through symptoms on a weekly basis (cramps, C/

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  • kim59492 4


    ok i have ibs if i overload on too much rich food i will surely suffer. i went out for lunch yesterday. i was naughty and had prosecco (1glass) and creme brulee not a great mix for my stomach. I dont know if it was a mixture of rich food but i was bloated afterwards. I came home an hour or so later

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  • alex-29 1

    Questions about IBS and Alcohol

    I have have been diagnosed with IBS since I was 13 and its a pain the the a** but now i'm going to uni in a few months and I want to experience life and go out with my friends and I don't want to get drunk all the time but I would like the opportunity to experience life and what its like being

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  • lizzie1976 2

    Please help are these symptoms IBS?

    Hi everyone , I really hope someone can help me as I'm very scared . It's a long story but I'll try to cut it down 🙈 Six months ago I had rectal bleeding and diorhea , I had a colonoscopy and two polyps were removed , one quite large one . Two months later I had open myomectomy surgery on my

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  • Alecia33 2

    Linzess- Ended up in the ER!

    Has anyone had experiences with Linzess? I took my first dose today and I ended up in the Dr from an allergic reaction! I could barely breath, had no bowel movement, and had cheat pain!

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  • CandyBlast 2

    Going out for drinks / crampy IBS question...

    Got IBS-C  and had it for a year now after a terrible gut infection and am prone to cramping. Going out and socialising has been a challenge for the past few months, becuase all of my friends drink every weekened. Taking Fructose intolerance into account, is there anything I can have, like

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  • peter54141 2

    My colon problems

    Hello,   I am a 26 year old male and for three years now (since I was 23) I am having colon problems. In these three years I have probably visited the doctor around 20 times and I have been send two times to two different gastronologists. I remember a period within these three years were my

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  • Alecia33 2

    At a loss... is this ibs?

    Hello all. Iv read quite a few posts on this forum, and on probably every other forum about abdominal pain on the internet. If been to my doctor, and my gynecologist, and the emergency room. I have been having pain in my lower right since I had my appendix removed last year in october. I am

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  • jaadelouise1 2

    Please help me figure out what is wrong with me.

    Hello everyone. I'm Jade. I'm 21 and at the moment I'm jobless. For the past 10 months I have been suffering from serve abdominal pains, very bad nausea, constipation and loose stools and drastic weight loss. I went from 12 stone to seven and a half stone. I have been referred to the hospital but

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  • 10derdigits 2

    I can't take much more

    Hi, I'm Chris, I'm 45 and I can't cope. This is my story. I Have suffered with various stomach grumbles all my life. I have never been a sick person (only physically sick once from a bug in 30 years) but always had bloating, uncomfortableness. Paid many a trip to the doctors but it was always

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  • mindy410 2

    Probiotics Helped Me

    I would like to share this because it has helped me.  I use to have episodes at least once a week.  Stomach pain and diarhea. I was going crazy.  I decided to take Probiotics and I will say I have not had an episode since.  I am going on over a month now whereas I was getting them once a week.  I

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  • becky40790 2

    Alternative/Holistic Options?

    Hi, I'm a wife of someone who has been diagnosed with IBS for about ten years now. All the medicines he has took or is taking currently taking have made no difference. He had to stop working temporary, and as much as we would like the option to have two incomes, we're stalled out at this point! I'

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  • pat35683 2

    Here we are again!

    Hello everyone, Another bad night, the first in a few weeks so be thankful for that! This is really just a sharing post, I don't think any advice would help as I've tried nearly everything over the years. Of course, if anyone has found the magic pill, please let me know! I took my usual "helpers",...

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  • sharon2510 2

    They say I have IBS

    since September 2015 I have been having pain on the left side just below my ribs that is brought on by eating. I can only eat small amounts of food before feeling full up and suffer from constant nausea. I saw a General surgeon last year who had no idea what the problem was. I am now on my second

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  • dorian 35283 1

    I have diharea 3,4 times a week

    Hello first of all im sory but my english isnt i have diharea 3,4 times a day for a year i dont have any problems for 1 month,other times i have it evry single i rlly dont know what is the problem.I think i have problem with stresfull when im in a car

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  • luke998 1

    IBS is getting worse and effecting my mental health

    So I'm an 18 year old male and I've suffered from severe IBS for almost 3 years now, but it has got worse in the past few months and seems to get worse as each day goes by. I have cut all gluten out my diet and most dairy out my diet and try and do a reasonable amount of exercise each day however I

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  • Flik22 2

    Loperamide advice

    Hey, Just wondering how many loperamide a day IBS D sufferers take and how long it works for? Surely our bodies will get used to get it if we take it daily?? Xx For instance today, I went numerous times this morning, planned to meet a friend at 11am so 10am I took one loperamide, it kept me

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  • stuart33428 2

    IBS Pain in the bum...has anyone had the same?

    I am wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms as me before, to put my mind at rest that my new symptoms are IBS related. I have had IBS for 20 years, and have taken fibre supplements every day that seem to keep it largely under control. But earlier in the year I had a major flare up, taking my

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  • thomas41546 2

    Excessive pee and poo issues leading to constipation

    Moments ago i experienced a sudden urge to poop, i went and couldint go with enormous pain when trying to push, it felt so hard and solid. After 20 mins I finally since november i have had diareeah and excessive peeing like the bowel and urine thingy are never full. Will it return the

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  • angiegirl 3

    diverticulites pain

    my sister was admitted to hospital yestoday for testd and she has infected Divertiularitis.   She came home with antibiotics. she normally has a high pain threshhold however she is in terriable pain in her stomach and when the right side is pressed she gets pain on the left. she also has a bad

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