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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • foss99 2

    New IBS symptom tracker app

    Hi All have just released the first iPhone app of its kind that helps you track your IBS symptoms. The symptom tracker will help you record your bowel movements and the type and severity of symptoms that you get each day. It will also allow you to record notes on food and lifestlye. ...

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  • frazzled 3
  • zwald 2

    Possible IBS, Need Opinions

    I'm 20 years old and male. The only medicaiton I'm taking right now is Zantac for GERD. The only procedure I've had done is an endoscopy that was to see if I had ulcers (I didn't, but I did have mild gastritis and was diagnosed with GERD). Loud gurgly noises often come form my abdomen, usually accompanied...

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  • frazzled 3

    Kefir and IBS-a

    My head is about to bust from researching what may help my IBS-a.  Has anyone had experience with Kefir and if so, what?  Does it provide any relief?  I don't think I'd wish IBS on my worst enemy. 

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  • kelly17333 1

    Embarrassment from IBS gas

    I'm not sure what kind of help or advice I'm looking for but I really need to share this problem with people who may understand. I'm 32 and have suffered from IBS for about 14 years. My main problem is bloating, trapped wind and excess gas. Over the years I've learnt what/how to eat to control the bloating...

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  • nat6288 1

    Viberzi for IBS-A alternating symptoms?

    Hi!  I have been diagnosed with IBS-A alternating between constipation and diarrhea for the past 10 years.  My doctor prescribed me Viberzi to control the diarrhea attacks I get (usually after a meal).  I don't always have diarrhea as I can be constipated for a week or so at a time as well.  However,...

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  • sam18386 4

    Just the worst news ever

    Hi people on here.  MY family have just had devastating news or it could be.  My uncle could have the same cancer (of the bowel) that my Granddad died of.  Can hereditary bowel cancer pass down the family and is IBS the precursor to bowel cancer?  I am really worried as I don't need this on top of everything...

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  • Dorset87 2

    Colofac 200mg

    Finally been given some new meds for my ibs - only been trying since February and they refused until colonoscopy completed. I've seen various threads on colofac 135mg but I have been given the 200mg version to take twice a day. I will be using it for mainly diahorrea and wind symptoms - anyone have...

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  • sam18386 4

    Does ovulation make your ibs bad?

    Hi people please help.  I have woken up with awful ibs today and know I was due to ovulate any day, does your ibs worsen ladies around this time or is it my imagination?  I know I've been stressed but it doesn't normally flare as badly as this when I'm stressed.

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  • greatgatsby 2

    I feel really alone, I don't know who to turn to

    Hi, I'm 24 and I recently got diagnosed with severe IBS after six years of trying to find what's wrong. I'm happy I know what's wrong but I was also told there's a 5% chance I will EVER get back to normal - as in being able to leave the house and getting a job etc. My mum and sister are there for me...

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  • sharon73515 3

    Anxiety related IBS

    Hi folks, First of all apologies for yet another post! Really struggling to shake this anxiety episode, thought I had a grip but hey ho. Basically my docs and I believe I have ibs. I had a flare up a couple of months ago with the usual symptoms of constipation/soft/ diarrhoea. Slight aches tummy, wind...

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  • peter54141 2

    My colon problems

    Hello,   I am a 26 year old male and for three years now (since I was 23) I am having colon problems. In these three years I have probably visited the doctor around 20 times and I have been send two times to two different gastronologists. I remember a period within these three years were my symptoms...

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  • leeniepie 5


    How have people reacted to stevia as a sweetener? I'm not looking to buy it but it's being added to may things now as a 'natural' alternative to artificial sweeteners.

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  • cstew 1

    Is this really IBS?

    I was diagnosed with IBS in 2012 (mostly IBS-D) but after changing my diet, I have been able to control the symptoms for the most part, and do not have a lot of issues with it, other than the occasional bout after greasy/fatty foods or alcohol and some bloating. So, the issue: since 2009 I've been experiencing...

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  • Dorset87 2

    Medication ibs-d

    Hello, sufferer from ibs d for 9 years - was on amitryptyline various doses 10, 20, 30 for most of those 9 years with the use of probiotic tablets, either way they stopped working or didn't help as much as they used to so I came off them in February and didn't see a change in symptoms so was proof they...

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  • diane79126 3


    Hi, Has anyone had problems tolerating Lactose free milk?

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  • Tim038219 2

    Trouble emptying bowels and multiple morning toilet trips.

    37 y/o M. Generally fit and healthy (running, general gym exercise, etc).  So here is what I'm experiencing (slowly gotten worse over 1.5-2 years) - any advice would be welcome.  When I get up in a morning, after around 5-20 minutes of pottering around the house I have a sudden urge to go for a BM...

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  • deb79380 2

    I am pooping more than I am eating

    I am pooping formed stool but the amount is large as if I am pooping more than what I am eating. I am having this symptoms for the past one month. I have seen doctor and sometimes, it just goes away and I feel fine but sometimes, it again comes back. I have done upper abdomen USG and it is normal. I...

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  • frazzled 3

    Cymbalda and IBS-A -- ANY EXPERIENCE

    I'm slowing weaning off of Mirtazapine 15 mg. dose and doc wants me on Cymbalta.  I'm not sure I want to go onto yet another antidepressant and go thru all those side effects again.  Anyone have experience with Cymbalta?  Thanx.

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  • nayia 2

    Is it IBS? PLEASE help!

    Hi, for last 5 months I have had to rely on fibre to have formed bowel movements otherwise they're loose and explosive. I have severe health anxiety so anyone knows what could be cause or why have to take fibre. Doc says IBS.

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  • marilyn35906 2


    I've just started using an OTC supplement called IBGard. It got excellent reviews, as did IBSFormula. Has anyone else tried either of these, and if so, what is your opinion on its value?

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  • Bukowski 1

    Possible Stomach condition

    For well over 10 years now my bowels have given me some trouble but to varying extents (Now a 27 male). The most obvious thing is that since I can remember going for a number 2 has been a stress - the smell is always terrible, giving the feeling that it needs to be covered up. There is no "normal" experience...

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  • Riggs006 2

    How can i gain weight with stomach issues?

    Hey just a quick question, i have lost almost 10lbs in the last 6 months of being unwell, and my stomach issues make it difficult to eat a lot of foods, I'm only 9st 3lbs which is too skinny in my opinion and alot of people have been saying how thin i look recently. I still have a decent appetite i just...

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  • lindsey 80643 2

    Tenderness after constipation and "clean out"

    I have a bit of IBS with constipation per the GI after a clear colonoscopy 4 years ago. I go through periods of constipation and it's tough to go without miralax daily, so we saw the GI for a colonoscopy to check things out and IBS-C is what he diagnosed me wth. I just returned from a 5 day vacation...

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  • sandra26184 1

    IBS and gastritis guestion

    I have a bloating and hard to breathe in adomen after eating certain foods. They said it is from IBS and Gastritis does anyone else have this problem.. 

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  • Hepzee39 2

    Tender feeling on left side under ribs

    Hi - has anyone ever experienced a tender feeling under left side of body under ribs mine can feel tender and sore to touch and can be from front round to back - not a pain but a discomfort feeling and fel it more when sitting or lying down. Past 4 months it has been feeling like this - have been under...

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  • nicholas02199 2

    Pain very low down ?

    I have had IBS for many years but over the last couple of years my symptoms have got worse and over the last few months have an almost constant pain very low down in my abdomen about 2-3 inches below my belly button and to the right & left and also getting mild lower back aches, my bowel movements alternate...

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  • jakeb 1

    Need help understanding IBS

    I've been experiencing extreme gas, bloating, fullness and it always seems difficult to swallow food or water. Also my mouth has been producing more saliva than usual. I was told I probably have gastritis but I really have not received any definite answers. Can someone give me some help understanding...

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  • acakes 3

    Upper Abdominal Bloating after Eating

    I have upper abdominal bloating, plus an accumulation of belly fat after a couple months of high stress. This fat could be high cortisol, or it could be due to inflammation. This is the cause of sudden belly fat. I gained the belly fat while simultaneously losing weight (wasn't eating enough due to stress)....

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  • jessica 58406 2

    Does anything help?

    Hi all, I am really struggling to get my symptoms of IBS under control, I take probiotics everyday and linseeds but it's still not helping, buscopan doesn't seem to help me either. Is there any medications you can recommend for me to try, getting desperate now.

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  • Vaultdweller111 3

    Slight accidents.

    I've had IBS for around 9 years, in that whole time I've had 2 accidents, very slight but accidents nonetheless... sort of misjudged flatulance. My question is, is it normal to have accidents with IBS? Does anyone else have them? Or am I the only one? It makes me feel so embarrassed even though no...

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  • ellisha78435 1

    frightened about abdominal pain

    Hi, I'm a little concerned about some discomfort I am experiencing in my lower right abdomen. 2 weeks ago I was feeling tired and had a slight pain in my lower right abdomen. The pain gradually got worse and by 8.30pm a few hours after dinner I felt nausous. The pain radiated throughout my whole abdomen...

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  • kfox1979 1

    Multiple symptoms.. Not sure if this could be IBS

    38/M without a history of any major health issues. Non Smoker, Occasional drinker, moderate cardio multiple times a week at the gym. About six weeks ago all the sudden I ran into issues with sleeping because my heartbeat became very prominent (not racing) in my chest, head, neck.  It woke me up constantly,...

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  • Carolineburr 2

    Peppermint oil...

    Hello all, I'm new and after some advice. I've had IBS for years but recently I've had gastroenteritis and I have really bad bloating which isn't going away. My GP advised I try peppermint oil, I bought some liquid today but I don't know how to use/take it... can anyone advice on taking this?? Many...

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  • dave64969 4

    Turmeric for IBS?

    Has anyone tried Turmeric capsules for IBS? There are claims that Turmeric reduces the inflammation. Side effects? Thanks for anything you can share.

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