can one have different symptons either than abdominal pain for diverticulitis

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Diagnosed with severe diverticulosis 5 years ago through virtual colonoscopy. Now having lower back pain ,rectal pressure++, nausea ,bloating and lower left abdominal tenderness. My doctor put me on antbiotics and said I had diverticulitis. Can one experience these symptons with diverticular disease.

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    Hi Eleanor 

    Sounds awful for you. Those are DD symptoms alright but also are common to IBD sufferers as I have both DD and Crohns. Over time I think we just treat the symptoms (or at least our GPs and Gastroenterologists  do) whatever the underlying cause is unless it deteriorates and surgery is needed.

    Sorry don't understand the rectal pressure. Not sure what that is.

    Best regards

    Pete W


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    Morning  Eleanor.

     having my morning coffe .in bed of course, after disposing of the ""rubbish""

    have to confess that I am quite psychotic if  it doesn't " leave the  .building " 

    As we are both on the same level of this disease, I thought I would have words 

    with you.Bloating is usually my own fault --food--- which is soon sorted with

    a Mebeverine, not too often now, I know what causes it .Flour based products

    The tenderness is probably caused ,by your bowel movement ,if it's not an 

    easy  peasy exit you are straining and upsetting your unfriendly colon

    Have you had a colonoscopy recently? I may be a good idea ,rather than your

    G.P stuffing you with antibiotics, all very well, but your immune system will be

    in fast decline, then your body won't be able to fight anything off.

    I suppose you are stressing your skin off worrying about it, again, as you well

    know, not good. If the pain isn't too strong try a Paracetamol.not so deadly

    as antibiotics.H

    You need to sit your G.P down and ask for another Camera job, ASAP

    You need to know,

    This disease is a minefield of aches and pains, I deal with each ,one at a time

    ,I'm the best person to do this ,as I have an ongoing reason , To stay pain free

    Don't know if you use herbal remedies ,but I and quite a few of us use

    a probiotic ,called Acidophilis with Pectin ,H&B sell them  .it's like your best

    friend in a capsule. Two a day keeps the pain away !!!

    Your diet might need a bit of attention . You can chew your favourite foods,

    but you must not swallow.


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    Hi, it's me again so soon. I have just read my horoscope ,thought it was very

    approptiate ,it says    Watch what you eat and drink today, don't overdo it .

    The man's a genius, . It's quite a good sight, his "Foresight is usually quite near

    the mark on a daily basis. Yes, I know, "load of Rubbish "  But I have had to make some decisions lately, which I have been dragging my feet over, but 

    the readings have given me a push and now .Iv'e sorted them ---- ALL of them.

    which has in turn reduced My  stress levels


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      I'm quite certain that stress plays a significant roll in this condition. The last 6 years have been tough, I've lost both parents, a brother and a sister in law from another brother. In addition to having my wife survive breast cancer 8 years ago add in alot of stress at work and poor eating habits and Walla, Diverticulosis.

      Since my flare up I did need antibiotic to clear it up, I'm taking a probiotic and keeping a journal of what foods to avoid. So far so good.

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      I found a site last week on the Web that gives an interesting approach from a non medical professional, Just a fellow diverticulitis member of our fraternity who says he attributes the I'll s of our condition mainly from an over production of acid which causes the deterionization of the mucusal. lining of our intestines that leads tothe problems were having.
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      I think it's true the adage that says  "Lifes a bitch, and then you die "

      Hope you are getting stressless, I think stress is a major bad guy and

      is responsible for lots of illnesses The problem is, it's not a visible spot 

      we can scratch,and we don't know where it is, and only people with it

      can understand what it does. I hope you are taking the probiotic

      every day ( 2 )  iv'e had a SHED load of stress and problems this

      week, but not a peep from the colon department, so, the probiotic 

      is obviously well in charge. Eaten a couple of kit Kat's along the way

      I am allergic to chocolate, but the mixture of biscuit and choc is O.K

      Trouble with antibiotics is ,they strip the immune system out of your


      Glad you are good, hope you stay that way lol

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      To be honest david, I have more or less found my foods,that are O.K

      and I do keep adding  items that I was scared to death to eat before.

      I still shy away from nuts .which I lurv !!!! popcorn  and sweetcorn, and

       a few more wantables ,new word ,And I'm happy -ish with my grub.


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      It's good to hear from fellow sufferers of this condition, that there are define try some do's and dont's. To cope with this, everyone is different and some are sensitive to certain fods that don't seem to be an issue with others, but in general it's very helpful to share what's working and try it for yourself then little by little your food library increases as do your meal options. As we get older, seems like inevetibably some health issue will arise, although this is a tough one to face for life, there are people who deal with far more difficult diseases, so it helps keep things in perspective moving forward, not back.
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      Yes david,I think you have hit all the nails on the head, regarding this disease which is left in the background ,with not a lot of interest shown

      in trying to cure it. The most interest from the medics side seems to be

      "Climbing " everybody's colon.just out of curiosity, and causing a lot of

      patients a LOT of pain in doing so.,

      Can't solve the age thing ,it's just a number, endured or ignored .I now 

      have the D'D towards the bottom of my ""fright " list. same place as the wrinkles, no magic cure for those either .cool

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      Thanks Jacqueline for the sage avice. Don't wish this condition on anyone but I wonder if a gastroenterologist had these symptons if they would be more receptive and helpful.

      I just started doing pilates( a new exercise for me) when this flareup started I'm not sure if the abdominal stretching caused this attack..

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      AAHH  david, if only, I could drown my sorrows and colon in booze,

      but I can't get past the smell of the stuff ,except Bailey's .not to be drunk in pints .

      Just downing my first coffee of the day, which usually sets the cleansing

      department off !!!!

      Can't see what the day is like ,my bedroom is ,as  the Black Hole 

      of Calcutta.pretty dark. 

      David, I don't recall you saying which probiotic you take I do hope 

      it's Acidophilis


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      Morning Eleanor

        Could be the stretching and the bending (you didn't mention that )

      if your colon is rigid it wont do it any good, and is giving you

      a warning .

       I think you are right about the patronising attitude of consultants in

      particular. I have heard that they are to treat patients more humanely

      I will believe that if and when it happens Digging into my vast

      experience I know of only two that warrant a hug after the consultation,

      and do, in fact get one.

      You may have to find a more colon friendly exercises, your colon will not

      give way,,EVER, so there is no pont in hurting yourself by trying


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