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  • yvonne78969 3


    Had a bad day yesterday with the dreaded Diarrhea,started ok in the morning,then went again 2 hrs later then really bad about 6.00pm,cramping into the late evening,then woken up this morning at 4.30 and very loose again,dont know whats caused it as ive just eaten my usual foods of wholemeal toast,

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  • Elliesel 2

    Is this a flair up or just as not had a BM

    I haven't had a bowel movement since Wednesday when I ended up in A&E. I had a 5 day course of cipro which finished Sunday night. I starting eating soup but only 1 a day as have very little appetite. I did have some biscuits as felt I needed the suger as feel weak and shaky at times. I took 1

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  • malcolm23072 2

    Infection wind

    Why is it when you have a  colon infection you belch a lot of wind. How does it get back into the stomach to enable it to be belched out. Surly the easier route would be out the backside.

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  • susan95516 3


    Thank you everyone for you messages. I have got my antibiotics but going to hold off taking them Pain as eased and Not been to toilet this afternoon since taking Imodium

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  • susan95516 3

    Eaten something yesterday

    I must have eaten something yesterday that As kicked my DD off. Been on the loo 4 times already no blood not much pain going to see how I get on this morning Might take Imodium to try and stop it

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  • caz45653 2
  • Elliesel 2

    last day of cipro will the pain come back?

    Im 36 and I ended up going to A&E on Wednesday with pain and blood from back passage. After blood tests and history of polyps I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. I'm due a colonoscopy in a few weeks to confirm. I was discharged with a 5 day courselves of Cipro. (I see many say 10). I'm wondering

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  • redstar22B 2

    return of symptoms relating to diverticula disease

    After about a six month gap my symptoms have returned. It starts with urinary urgency acting like a infection and gradually numerous other symptoms start to appear. Increase in acid reflex, aches and pains, usual constipation suddenly changes to urgency to go. Low back pain on left hand side and at

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  • nana2my3stars 2

    so fed up

    hi,can anybody shed light any light on my problem? i was diagnosed in august with dd,wasnt having many problems,mostly pain on left side and a few bouts of dirahhea,since beginning of feb i started with diarahha which lasted 6 weeks,2 of those weeks i spent waiting to see gp,finally got to see her

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  • felinia 4

    Colonoscopies and Diverticular disease

    I am making this post on my experiences with Diverticular Disease and Colonoscopies - the good and the bad parts - in the hope that it will help others and add to the information already posted by other users.   I was diagnosed with moderate Diverticular Disease 15 years ago aged 51, after I had a

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  • anna34359 2
  • cjb106 3

    Diverticular Bleed

    I have had diarrhea and rectal bleeding for a month and discomfort (but not pain) lower left side. I went to see my GP and she ordered blood and stool samples. A few days later I woke up in blood stained sheets and when I got up blood was running down my legs. I called 111 and was told to go

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  • Arranmary 2

    Painkiller for diverticular disease - please!

    can anyone suggest effective painkillers. I have diverticula disease, much worse in the last year. Not sure if I get diverticulitis, but have nagging left side pain, many visits to the toilet, very fatigued and sometimes get no sleep at night. Doc took me off co-codamol, probably right as I had

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  • linda282930 2

    DD Cafe

    Would anyone like to participate in a thread on what you CAN eat ? I know that we are all different but it might give me an idea on what things I can eat or to try. I just don't know what to eat anymore, getting thinner by the day ! I usually have sweet potato, carrots, chicken, but my

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  • debi00947 2


    I follow this page all the time and find it an absolute godsend when I read the comments!i feel so blessed that I don't suffer 1/2 as much as some of you poor people x I really do feel for you x This last week I've been suffering with pain in my left side more than I've ever felt! No bleeding as that'

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  • Dargene 1

    Fed up of IBS but now a Diverticulitis sufferer!

    When I think back I suppose I've always had problems with my bowel. I remember, as a child, mum giving me sugar water to help me with my constipation. (not that I really think it helped). :!: Having had my appendix removed as a teenager, then having three children and suffering from IBS for the

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  • susan95516 3


    On amoxicillin for a bad cold and cough. It's coursing me a lot of pain in the left side Do you think it's the medication x

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  • Maddi 1

    Sigmoid Colon Removed for Diverticulitis

    I had elective surgery in March 2011 to remove my sigmoid colon which contained a mass of problematic diverticulae. I was told by medical staff that at the age of 46 it was unusual to see so much! However, because I have always enjoyed a healthy diet, it was agreed that my condition was very likely

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  • marie28646 2


    Hi everyone. Im just wondering i had my first colonosapy yesterday Tuesday at 11 am do you think it would be ok if i went for a run this evening wednesday , 1day after. I wouldn't want to make things worse .im training im doing 11 km challenge on Saturday, fingers crossed

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  • Pennypops 2

    Is a flare up the same for everyone?

    Ok i was first diagnosed in January as hospitalised for 3 week due to hole in bowel I'm not sure if that was an example of a typical flare up or it was different due to the bowel only know that the pain lower left hand side was unbearable and my temperature was hard to '

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  • loslinos 2

    Cefalexin 500mg three times a day for flare up

    Hi  has as anyone else had any success with using Cefalexin for a diverticulitis flare up?  I have never ever been prescribed this before, usually they gove me metronitrazole (urgg!) and amoxiclav .  This disease is ruining my life!! 

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  • lindalaz 2

    Colonoscopy and Flare

    I am seeing a common thread through some of the posts.  Have any of you experienced a "flare" after having the colonoscopy?  After not having a flare for a while?  I am due for one and having second thoughts if it might cause a flare due to its intrusive nature.

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  • susan95516 3


    I started fybergel yesterday and are now constipated as this happened to anyone else. Should I give it a few more days. Thankyou x

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  • JonBNF 2

    32 yo nobody is helping me

    I want to say this all started on Halloween but when I really think about it started roughly 5-6 years ago. But when I was 20 I began to have bowel problems went through a bunch of tests and diagnosed with IBS. Went on a high fiber diet plus psyllium for the next 3-5 years when I began to notice

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  • susan95516 3


    No more fybergel it's made me so constipated and pain in my stomach. Gone back to my antispasmodic tablets albran and probiotic drink. At least I tried it It just didn't work for me x

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  • xcalibr 2

    First Diverticulitis attack, need help please

    My Mom suffered from Diverticulitis but she passed last year and her and I had never really discussed anything about it other than my sister or myself might eventually suffer from it because it could be hereditary. I have some questions that I would have asked my Mom but now I please need help

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  • linda282930 2

    Don't know what to do.

    I have been in awful pain for days now. GP said I have a bladder infection that has set my diverticula off and told me to keep on with the pain killers and to up the fybogel . Problem is it's not working! I'm scared to eat as the pain is so bad even though I'm starving hungry. Having a

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  • LucyB53 3

    Colonscopy after colonectomy worries

    I had a colonectomy and four surgeries afterward. I'm terrified of having a Colonscopy for fear of having a puncture or some other issue. I am virtually pain free and I don't want it to start over again for any reason. Has anyone out there had a Colonscopy after the colonectomy and how was

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  • susan95516 3


    Can anyone please tell me how to take my life back from from this horrid disease. It has completely taken over I had to cancel a weekend away with my husband because I could get off the toilet. It's really getting me down I can't even make arrangements to visit family incase I need the toilet x

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  • linda282930 2

    Back Pain And DD

    I suffer terrible back pain after every BM. The pain then goes round to my lower front. Does anyone know if having a BM can cause back pain with DD ? Does anyone else suffer terrible back pain and lower stomach pain AFTER a BM ?

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  • susan95516 3

    Stomach pain

    I started a probiotic drink 3 days ago I know have a really bad stomach ache and diarrhoea. Do you think it could be the drink. Any suggestions if I should keep taking it

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  • Pennypops 2

    Bloated stomach

    Hi, since I've been diagnosed after a hospital stay in January by stomach is constantly 't get me wrong i didn't have a flat stomach before and i am overweight however it looks like I'm ( But I'm too old to be) anyone else have this ?

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  • yuokes 2
  • linda282930 2

    Where Is Your Pain

    The worst of my pain is low down in my stomach, in the bladder area. Anyone else get it here ? Confused as to which is causing the pain , bowels or bladder. Does anyone know if you can get bowel pain in the bladder area ?

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  • linda282930 2

    Don't know what to eat anymore.

    I'm really looking for some meal ideas as I'm so fed up with sweet potato and carrots with a little chicken occasionally. I would love some soup but I don't eat meat and can't tolerate vegetables. What do you all eat ? I'm so hungry all of the time but I've become afraid of food because

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