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  • Gaz124 1

    Strange back pains

    I know about the pains you can get at the front but could the pain in my back be connected to my diveticular?

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  • susan95516 4


    I was thinking about having a tomato with my lunch tomorrow but I have heard you shouldn't eat them when you have DD. Does anyone eat them and are they ok Thanks

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  • kathy 33400 2

    Gastrogrsfen enema..

    Heard from surgeon today. He's scheduing me for gastrogrsfen enema. He wants to make sure there isn't anything like narrowing that's giving me flare ups..don't just rush in to surgery before checking all avenues...very thorough surgeon. I like that he's this way. Anybody had one done? What do they...

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  • janice26479 2
  • Philj66 2

    Dastardly Diverticulitis

    I am 67 perfectly fit up until 6 weeks ago, have a good balanced diet, carry little extra weight, in all aspects very healthy, then acute pain doubled up in agony hospitalised and diagnosed with The dreaded D Liquid diet for about a week with antibiotics seemed to cure it and Colonoscopy scheduled for...

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  • barbs55 2

    My perforated bowel - a result of undiagnosed Diverticulitis

    On the morning of 17th July 2007 I was particularly happy. Summer Term had just ended so I had 6 weeks of holiday from my Teaching Assistant job ahead, my husband was coming back from a 3 week research visit to Australia on Friday and my first grandchild was due in August. Life seemed very good – I was...

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  • linda282930 3

    Anyone Had Surgery

    If anyone has had surgery in the UK could you let me know your experience please. ? I've been offered surgery as I have multiple diverticular. I am having flare ups too frequently but at nearly 70 surgery is daunting . Hoping for positive posts but would love to hear any experiences. Thanks....

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  • susan95516 4


    Has anyone had a sigmoidoscopy my consultant wants to do one to look at the DD because he couldn't get results of colonoscopy on computer due to the fact I went to NHS for it and was seeing him private. The reason I ask is he said for me to have it without sedation he feels it would be better for me....

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  • linda282930 3

    Diet For DD

    I'm struggling to find anything to eat that doesn't set my pain off and as I'm possibly facing surgery I need to build my strength up. Could anyone give me some meal ideas please ? I can't tolerate soups, eggs , meat, vegetables. I'm always hungry and feel weak from lack of nourishment.

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  • susan95516 4


    Well just come back from seeing consultant. After asking loads of questions and examining me he wants me to have full bloods done he wants my thyroid looking at and celiac also anemia Also have another camera can't remember what he called it but I do remember he said he wants to look at the left side...

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  • crosado8 5

    Just diagnosed Acute diverticulitis with bleeding I

    What two antibiotics have you all taking for Acute diverticulitis with bleeding I had a Ct scan today with dye and showed I had Acute diverticulitis with bleeding after been up all night in non stop pain and bloody mucos discharge also there was blood in the actual bowel too plus the bloody mucos discharge...

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  • Dargene 1

    Fed up of IBS but now a Diverticulitis sufferer!

    When I think back I suppose I've always had problems with my bowel. I remember, as a child, mum giving me sugar water to help me with my constipation. (not that I really think it helped). :!: Having had my appendix removed as a teenager, then having three children and suffering from IBS for the last...

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  • susan95516 4


    I have read on here that some people are told to go on a low fiber diet. But I was told to eat fiber I am wondering what is best I have slit of diarrhoea so should I cut down on my fiber Any suggestions please

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  • susan95516 4


    I spoke to natures best and they recommended acidophilus extra so I am going to take one a day for 2 months and see how I get on

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  • june60444 2

    Second flare in 6 weeks

    Just got over a bad flare where I was in hospital for 4 days now its all started again docs just put me on antibiotics and I'm only 35 wish I could stop this from keep happening any help

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  • anna91065 2

    Psyllium Husk Powder

    Has anyone tried this for DD ?  I've bought some in the hope it will help!  I was only diagnosed in May as had a terrible flare up but looking back over the last few years all my symptoms in the past are typical of DD and since May I still get pain on and off.   Worryingly one morning I had all over...

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  • libralady13 5
  • justinneed2 1

    hi ..i need advice

    was in hosp 2 weeks ..i have 2 abcess caths in gut.from  what i understand.i  need to lower my bowel inflammation within my 5weeks left to a surgery..1 how can i help it with out a flareup i use peppermint tea so far? & 2 can they do a colon check if it subsides....i obviously cannot close a 2perforation...

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  • susan95516 4
  • bethia59893 3

    At a total loss

    I had my hospital visit and a pulp removed got to go back see consultant end next month, the surgeon told me to cut out all dairy as I was bloated all day every day, I cut out milk cheese yougert cream, all been replaced with goat products, all bloating gone, but I am still very worried , first my tummy...

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  • BA21 3RU 3

    Keep going to the loo

    Just finished 3 weeks of antibiotic and to say been to the loo 4 times normanly it's onces every two days do you think I should go back on antibiotic or it the coming off them that's caused this

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  • bethia59893 3

    Can anyone enlighten me about Diverticulitis

    I have had a pulp removed it was what they call min diverticulitis, l go back to get the results of lab test on the 29th. I just finished my anti biotic for the last week of flare up. But my problem is none of that really. If I bend or streach or try to lift something a little heavy I can't because the...

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  • heidiperidot 1

    heading off an infection- ideas?

    Hello, I'm new here.  I have extensive diverticula, and have had years where I've had 3+ infections that needed the flagyl/cipro treatment. I've managed to avoid any infectious bouts for about 2 years now, but I've developed a 'hot spot' again. Do any of you have tips for how to help my body prevent...

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  • zeta00700 1
  • cathy10988 2

    suggestions please! low fiber diet

    Been on low fiber diet now since mid April and I am really needing suggestions on what to eat.... breakfast is the hardest.... do any of u eat yogurt or drink milk?.... and if so any particular kind?..... my meals are so limited and I am finding I am having to force myself to eat! any suggestions on...

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  • susan95516 4


    My severe attack was December had about 5 others since then but not as bad I am now taking fybergel and mabevarine so bowels are loose I have lost a lot of weight due to not eating much. I was overweight so it's a good thing I am going to ask DR if he can get me in touch with someone who can help...

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  • susan95516 4


    Had a lot of stress yesterday problems with children so this morning my IBS has kicked of really bad sat on loo at 5 am been on twice since o the joy x

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  • susan95516 4


    I took fybergel yesterday woke up with really bad stomach pains needing the toilet twice so far. So I am going back to my mabevarine and albran hopefully it sorts me out

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  • joanne46317 2

    I have Diviticula Disease

    Is anyone else suffering with severe bloating and pain in left side and back that has diviticula disease?  I was diagnosed last year, but I seem to be constantly in pain and bloated.  

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  • jools1960 2

    diverticular stricture sigmoid colon

    hi all i was diagnosed with diverticular desease via CT scan when admitted to hospital in 2013 when i was told my colon nearly exploded! i have since then had several flare ups and recently had anogher hospital admission where a CT Scan showed a diverticular stricture which may need surgery to remove.......

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  • susan95516 4


    I tried a small amount of chicken fried rice soft noodles and chips last night about 5-30 I was woken in the night with acid reflux and stomach pains it went on for ages. So Chinese food is another Nono for me

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  • linda282930 3

    Would It Be Worth The Risk ?

    I have been offered surgery on my bowel because of severe diverticulitis but because I also suffer with Interstitial Cystitis the consultant can't say if it will cure my pain . I could have the operation and still have this terrible bladder pain. They can't be sure where the pain is coming from. ...

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  • linda282930 3


    I have been offered surgery for my diverticulitis and am feeling really scared. Because I also suffer from painful bladder syndrome the surgeon has said that he can't guarantee that the operation will cure me. Anyone had the surgery? Is it very painful and what is the recovery time? Any...

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  • susan95516 4

    Pork steak

    I am cooking pork steaks tomorrow for my family I was just wondering if anyone had problems with pork. I haven't eaten it since I was diagnosed. Thank you

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  • caroline57780 2

    Ongoing problems with DD

    Hi everyone, I have suffered with DD now for some time and my symptoms seem to be getting worse , I have near enough constant pain , bloating , backache and spasms as well as near daily bouts of diaherea where i need to get to the loo asap or the inevitable happens. I never go anywhere without wipes...

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