Can overuse of Avamys Nasal spray causes breathlessness & Anxiety?

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Hi, I use Nasal spray Avamys regulary to keep my hay fever under control. i am asthmatic and allergic patient from India. However, recently when I developed breathlessness and sudden weight loss, my physician asked me to stop using Nasal spray for three months and now he prescribed the same again after a gap of three months. However, it brought back my breathlessness & anxiety causing weakness and i am not able to regain weight and lead a normal life since last 4 months. Doctor also said my heart rate is up than normal. I faced similar situation 5 years back and after four months of struggle my breathing got restored. I also need to know in what conditions nasal spray causes sever itching and redness in skin, eyes? I am suffering from High proteinous food stuffs. My source of proteins currently is milk and eggs, cottage cheese etc. 

How can I get rid of my breathlessness and anxiety immediately?

How can I avoid itching on skin and redness in my eyes?

Looking forward to get answers from experts. 



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    Asthma in most cases can be controlled but I find taking certain other medication , nasal drops and certain other tablets can cause your anxiety levels to rise. Try Himalayan salt lamps and lavender in your room before you go to bed. Try mindfulness, meditation over a period of time it helps reduce your anxiety levels. One simple exercise to do is close your eyes breath in deeply for count up ten then as you slowly release your breath count to 7
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    Thank you for replies guys. However, I am still feeling my breath since last one year and my weight is not increasing. Is it due to weight loss I am conciously feeling my breath? 

    Usually we don't feel our breath conciously unless its breathlessness.  Please help me out.  I believe that Nasal spray should be taken year round with little breatk of 2-3 months so that side effects can be removed from body.


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    Hi fellow sufferer

    Is the nasal spray steroid? I think it is the same one as me. It stops the nasal congestion yet has many many side effects, one of the worst being anxiety.

    So I know where you're coming from and have this advice for you... Take the nasal spray as little often as possible, ask gps advice first but also ask if you can change to a different one. Have you had the mannitol challenge test? This shows what your reaction is to mannitol which is in fructose and this is in many medications. It sounds like you have allergic asthma and this can be helped naturally by changing your environment and avoiding allergens as much as humanly possible. I know it's not easy. However you may be able to get some help financially for example changing from carpets to non carpet flooring where you live if your allergy is deemed to be severe enough and you're allergic to house dust mites. See disability allowance. Air purifiers help, salt lamps, relaxing atmosphere, declutter home, damp dust daily. Also make at least one room you can truly relax in, say a meditation room. Try mindfulness or some soothing music. Maybe you are already feeling better by now. It's been a while since you posted. I do hope so, best wishes. ??

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    Hi Aaswad,

    So, your having issues . . . welcome to my world! :-) My story is not due to a medication, and it is far to involved to get into here. But, I suffer from what appears to be asthma or copd, or something that certainly causes similar symptoms. The short of the story is that I've been sick for 16 1/2 yrs, and still have no diagnosis. In fact, I had to be intubated and put on a ventilater for two days in June. So, I truly understand your concern! 

    That said, the medicine that you take is called Flonase here in the United States. I'll never understand why they feel the need to give the medicines different names in different companies! It drives me nuts.

    So, here are two websites for you to check out. The bottom line is, yes, it is POSSIBLE that the medicine is causing your problem, but it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

            Scroll down to page 6 of 47 in the pdf document (follow the pdf docuement page numbers) The section heading is called "Other Systemic Effects" It lists 'angioedema'.

             First of all, if you go to the emedicine website, don't let the picture freak you out! It is an example of SEVERE angioedema of the lips! wink It talks about angioedema. Which is swelling of the deep tissues, specifically of the lips/face/tongue. Scroll down to 'Diagnosis' and see the 3rd bullet point. I'll save you the trip if you'd like. It states . . .

    "Upper airway – Direct visualization of the uvula or tongue swelling; laryngoscopy is needed to assess laryngeal or vocal cord involvement; document swelling by means of physician notes, photographs, or both"

    What the statement above means is that angeoedema can effect the uvula (the hangy-downy thing at the back of your throat), the tongue, the laryngeal (basically from the base of your tongue to the top of your trachea/airway), or your vocal cords. All of which, if swollen can cause you to feel short of breath.

    ALL THAT SAID . . . I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT'S WHAT'S GOING ON! It's a VERY RARE side effect of the medicine, that said, the fact that it's mentioned at all means that it CAN happen to someone, and there is no way of telling WHO that someone will be! Therefore, it COULD just as easily be you as anyone else. It's just NOT likely! confused Be SURE to NOT work yourself up over it! It's CRITICAL to remember that you cannot seperate the mind/body connection! As I have been so reminded of the years, the mind IS the body!

    Breathlessnes, or dyspnea (the medical term) will absoultely cause anxiety, which will absolutely cause your heart rate to go up. IN FACT, anxiety can CAUSE breathlessness! It can ALL be wrapped up in one nice neat package. BUT, it may be something else. If you've had this problem before, were you using this nasal spray back then? From your statement above, it doesn't sound like it. But it DOES sound like maybe your doctor should look into doing some other tests. Just to be sure. You have the RIGHT to ask that he look into it, perhaps by running some tests like PFT's (pulmonary function tests), or perhaps an ECG which checks the rate and rhythm of your heart. Anxiety can definetly be a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that you rule out the obvious other problems that could be causing your symptoms. The most important thing is that you are TOTALLY honest with yourself and your doctor about your symptoms and how you feel both physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Like are you experiencing an unusual amount of stress at work or at home of late? Are you having relationship problems with someone, or financial issues, etc. I'm NOT suggesting that you are, just suggesting that you give that serious consideration.

    I'm certainly no doctor! These are merely ideas and food for thought. 

    So bottom line; to answer your question . . . yes, the medication CAN cause the problem you describe. BUT . . . AGAIN it is HIGHLY unlikely. . .

    ?Talk to your doctor, let him/her help you figure it out. You might want to change medications just to be sure it's not the medicine causing your problems. 

    Hope this is helpful for you, but more than anything,  . . .  I hope your feeling better SOON!!! biggrin


    Greensboro, North Carolina


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    My three year old daughter has experienced almost the same symptoms after using Avamys spray.We have discontinued its use and even after two months she has not gained the weight lost .Her breathlessness and anxiety are reducing slowly.Did you gain weight after discontinuing Avamys?Please let me know as I am much worried about the little child.

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    Hi, I just have the same side affect like you short of breath and heart racing.  I had use it one week on and one week of for 1 month and half.  After that I used everyday one spray for one month then i developed short of breath and my heart rate is higher than normal.  I wonder how long will this go away and my heart rate will go back to normal like before again 66 per min.  I am very worry because i have 2 young kids to take care..

    Please let me know what i should do.


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