Can someone help? Horrible stomach pain episodes, burping, headache

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For the past 2 years i had stomach pain after drinking alcohol, but only the next day. It comes and last for about 30 min to 2 hours. The pain is in the middle of the stomach, above the belly button and below the chest. It starts like a pressure, and i can feel it building up and for a few seconds the pain is so bad i can hardly take it, it helps if i bend forward but only a bit. I don't know how to describe the pain, kinda like a warm feeling with pressure.

For the past month i haven't had a drink, and i have this pain almost every day. Mostly it occurs after eating. I also burp a lot when eating, it helps me to release the pressure. 

Also few days ago my chest and upper back started to hurt, later that day my hearth started beating really fast, i went to the ER, my hearth rate was around 150. Later it calmed down, and they suggested i might have Hiatal Hernia. I will schedule Endoscopy to see what is wrong with me.

Eating foods like Pizza, French Fires and some other foods make my stomach painful as well.

Recently i am also having headaches, mostly back of my head, i also feel dizzy after eating.

2 years ago i had similar episodes and went to ER, i though it was something with Pancreatitis but my blood was mostly normal.

Headaches started a month ago, when i was having a stomach pain episode, i felt like the pain traveled from my stomach to back of my head, weird feeling.

Please, does anyone have any idea what that might be? 

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    Also i forgot to mention, i tend to spit a lot when i have the episode, there is more saliva coming out then it should.
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      Hi Dan, it does sound like HH - I have one also.  The saliva excess is due to acid, your body will make more saliva when it feels under attack from acid - the saliva is actually fighting off the acid.  I too get that when I am too acidic but panicked until I realised it was my body fighting for me.

      The foods you say hurt you are very typical of acid reflux/hernia.  It is bland foods with plenty of green foods to lower the acid.  No spices, no acid foods, avoid tomatoes and tomato sauce and onions garlic and chocolate, also coffee. Take antacids - your endoscopy will help you figure it out.

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      Hey Gwen, thanks for answering, you also have this kind of episodes? 

      "The pain is in the middle of the stomach, above the belly button and below the chest. It starts like a pressure, and i can feel it building up and for a few seconds the pain is so bad i can hardly take it, it helps if i bend forward but only a bit. I don't know how to describe the pain, kinda like a warm feeling with pressure."


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      And also i tend to urinate a lot during the day. 
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      Are you drinking a lot?  Tea and coffee are diuretic, particularly tea and will colour your urine.   If this is not the case, take a urine sample to your doctor.  If your urine is dark, smelly and you are going frequently, this cam also indicate infection.
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      I drink 2 cups of coffee during the day, i think i drink normal amount of water. Pee is normal color, but it's more watery, light yellow and sometimes almost white.

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    Avoid the processed foods that trigger pain and any other foods you know cause your symptoms   Stick to a bland diet and avoid rich, fatty and spicy food.  Cook from fresh. Keep a food diary to see what other foods cause you problems.  You might have had palpitations if you were stressing about your symptoms.  It sounds like gastritis.  An endoscopy would show it.  They will probably look for h pylori as well which can cause gastritis.

    Try sipping milk to calm your stomach.

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    You may have a HH but I'll go with simple reflux and yes it can hurt like that. You could also have some very mild 'damage' due to acid.  Very very common. Try Zantac (the dose is very low on off the shelf products) and see how you go.  Gaviscon is also a great product with little to no side effects. At the end of the day if you go to the docs you'll be sent away with PPIs 99% and you want (if poss) to stay off of them for as long as poss, but if you require them you require them. Don't worry, very common symptoms.  

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    I'm 37 year old male , normal BMI. I have all the symptoms that you mentioned like

    1) going frequent urine sometimes after having food.

    2) painful and bloated stomach and lot of burping after havng pizza,fried foods etc and now days even with the blant foods

    3)fast heat beat

    4)Headache and dizziness 

    i dont  drink alcohol.

    I'm dealing with this issue since 10 years now. The very first diagnosis was Gastritis through endoscopy and after 2 years i started getting pain on the right side some times, with hida scan, i found my Gallbladder was not working at all, from there my dizziness also started with every meal i ate with headaches. Then i ate bland food for 4 to 5 years, which kept symptoms under control though it did not cured, when things were under control i ate lot of restaurant foods which ended up with gallstones. Right now i have severe bloating, burping with dizziness and headache. my gp want to remove the gallbladder , but he says 50:50 chances of going back to normal as i have also have gastritis. so i'm bit confused which is  causing the problem , only losing my gallbladder will tell now if its my stomach or gallbladder , but i feel its more towards the stomach. but many says if gallbladder is causing problems, then it affects the whole digestive system.However i see few folks who removed the gallbladder and still suffering with digestion issues , so bit confused.

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