Can someone help identify this facial rash?

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I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out with a facial rash I've had for about a year now (male, 27, white).

It started as very small blotchy dots/spots on my forehead and this only showed up after I'd showered. At the time, I assumed it was maybe heat rash from the hot water or some sort of reaction to shampoo or facewash. I had some steroid cream lying about in the house so I began to use it pretty much every day when I realised how effective it was at making the rash go away, and I was oblivious to the dangers of overusing a steroid cream. I then developed perioral dermatitis spots around my mouth several months later, and I'm absolutely certain it was due to the overuse of this cream. I ceased the steroid cream and eventually the perioral spots completely cleared, but I still have the rash on my forehead, which has gotten steadily worse and more prevalent than before.

I have it pretty much all the time now, and it's exacerbated by absolutely anything coming into contact with it, including water. It manifests as small, angry pustules when exacerbated, and red inflamed spots at other times. It is painless and never itchy. I am always very gentle when washing, I switched to Burt's Bees shampoo (SLS-free) and I no longer wash my face with anything but water, but the rash remains. It looks like it has begun to spread to my temples and cheeks and I am at my wits end trying to get to the bottom of it. I have to apply a thick, greasy emollient (Diprobase ointment) and it helps somewhat, but nothing has ever completely calmed it.

I have no idea what this is and I can't figure out what triggers it (apart from washing/rinsing with water). I had problem-free skin before this developed, and my best guess is that I've damaged the epidermis. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    I had the same thing for almost two years....started on my forehead and eventually moved down to my cheeks and chin.  After showering or working out it would be much worse.  After many doctors diagnosed me with a number of things and gave me different creams that didn't help...I researched on my own.  Look up demodex mites....everyone has them on their face....they are little bugs that live in our sebaceous glands....a lot of people don't have issues.....but some of us who have weakened immune systems because of rosacea....and I assume your perorial dermatitis....tend to get an allergic reaction to them.  We also have ten times more than regular people.  No doctor believes me....but I got rid of them takes at least six months and isn't pretty but so worth it.  Ingredients you will need: selson blue (or any anti dandruff shampoo), tea tree oil, castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil.  Do not use any facial cleansers on your face....this makes it worse.  Try your best to cut out sugar. these bugs live in cycles...when they die is when they pop up more. 

    This is what I did:

    - a mask of selson blue and castor oil once daily for ten minutes....this kind of burns and will make your face dry after.  

    - before bed....tea tree oil...I used ful strength but you can dilute. And coconut oil. 

    - day time...tea tree oil and olive oil (just a little with water mixed so it's not too oily).  It sinks in to your face and you can't see it. will notice within a couple days a huge difference and you will be tempted to stop.  You MUST keep doing this for six months or you will have to start all over again....I did that twice and then kicked myself.

    so after a week you will feel amazing and attractive again with smooth skin.  This will not last the end of week two you will be upset as it will most likely look a million times worse...this is the die off stage...but thus there are more hiding deep within your glands.  Keep going and don't give up.  Every two weeks your skin will look like you've had a chemical peel....but little by little you will get less bumps.   It takes six months to get rid of it entirely.  

    If yours is only on your forehead it shouldn't take as long...mine got really bad because it took me so long to figure out. 

    I have NO bumps, NO redness, NO scarring.  I get out of the shower and feel pretty.  I workout and am not embarrassed by a million bumps that show up.  I sometimes just rub my face because I can't beleive it's so smooth.  My family and friends had to hear me whining during this process and I don't think believed me...but now they agree that I was right and I cured it on my own.  Without doctors or pricey medicines. 

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      How did you come up with the concoction to use and knew it would help? i. e. the dandruff shampoo in face isn't something that iv heard of before but interesting. Glad you found a cure. You could potentially help a lot of people of this works for everyone and is tested to be true and not damaging. Good for you. smile

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    Were you ever able to identify and treat this rash?  I've had the exact same symptoms for almost a year now and I am equally baffled as to what it could be.
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    I suspect the answer to your question is in the question itself - hot showers. I had this problem for twenty years before I got to the bottom of it. Just like another respondent above I used to swear by Selsun Blue, it seemed to help reduce the symptoms but never resolved the problem totally. But be careful, Selsun Blue was withdrawn from the UK market several years ago. NEVER leave Selsun  (another product from the same company) on your skin for any period of time - it is twice the strength of Selsun Blue and  it gave me chemical burns, fortunately without scarring.

    You also mention in your post that you now just wash your face with water. Yes, I went through that phase also, and even missed any wash I could, if for example I was not leaving the house. But guess what, the problem got worse. Then I read an American doctor who said that if the yeast balance in the skin gets out of sync it can cause a fungal growth with symptoms like SD. Like he suggested I lathered up with soap using tepid water and things started to improve. It probably helped to remove all those chemicals deep in my pores also.

    But hot showers were the main problem. It is so difficult to get used to cooler showers, but consider this - the shower head is only inches away from your forehead, pumping scalding water directly onto the skin. You could not find a more efficient way of stripping  out the natural oils from the skin. I shower with tepid water only now and have been clear of all symptoms for almost two years.

    And here is a tip that will make those tepid showers all the more bearable, even acceptable - I keep the bathroom door closed (with central heating on) for half an hour before showering. If the bathroom is warm it is far more comfortable.

    For a fuller account see my post further down the forum page headed, "How I Cured Myself Of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis ..........etc".   (nb. SB should read SD)

    In this post I mention that my problems disappeared in a week. But, please bear in mind I had been clear of all symptoms for more that a year at the time, and my skin was clear of any chemicals whatsoever. Also, the problem I then had, was due to a temporary lapse back to bad habits and rectified quickly. You may have to be a little more patient.

    Good luck

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      I registered just to thank you, ken. I've had the same issue for a couple months and I had indeed been taking much warmer/hotter showers than usual lately.

      Immediately after I started showering with cold or relatively mild water temperature the red blotches on my forehead were barely visible. It's only been a couple days now but I'm certain they'll eventually disappear for good if I keep it up. Thanks again.

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