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Dermatitis And Eczema

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  • elena1289 1

    Perioral dermatitis - my wedding in 2 months!!

    Hi, I am desparate since I am getting married in 2 months and red spots appeared on my face 3 weeks ago. Similarly to other women, I first thought they were typical acne and put some mask on it but they wouldn't disappear. I then googled it and found these posts but I'm also going to my

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  • MissKitty 2

    Red Skin Syndrome re: worsening atopic dermatitis

    Hi guys, Google 'Red Skin Syndrome'. I have suffered worsening 'atopic eczema' since early childhood (now 29 yrs old) and have discovered that I am one of the unfortunate individuals that have become addicted to topical steroids. They, and not eczema, are actually the problem. Not trying to be a

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  • sylvia34572 1

    Clobetasol Propionate Ointment 0.5%

    Does anyone know whether this ointment is effective? A dermatologist I saw today prescribed it for my excema. I've used steroid creams before and they seem to help temporarily. Any opinions on Clobetasol Propionate? It is the strongest steroid ointment that has been prescribed for me. Any other

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  • kat69331 1

    eczema and sexual life

    Hi all, about 7 months ago I started living with my partner, since then my eczema was quite bad but when we started living together it got much worse. Its all over my body and what's worse it pretty much affects our sex life. That means he can't even kiss me on my neck or back without it being

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  • Wonderboy39 2
  • Wonderboy39 2

    Rhofade for Severe Atopic Dermatitis

    I know that Rhofade is specifically for rosacea, but, could it possibly be efficacious for severe facial dermatitiswith significant erythema (redness) The most current Rx for general dermatitis is called: Eucrisa My theory (concerning my facial redness) is that beginning at age 12 Iwas Dx with

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  • TheNation 1

    Eczema for the last 6 years. Need help.

    Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day.  My girlfriend has been struggling with Eczema for the last 7 years, and after visting multiple doctors, dermatologists, allergists, and natruopaths, we've really run out of ideas.  Any help or insight into the issues she's having will be extremely helpful. ...

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  • jennifer58184 2

    Dermatitis on scalp - not going away

    Hi guys, I had eczema as a baby and it has come back aged 23 as dermatitis on the scalp. I went to the doctor and started on tgel, nizoral and betacap mousse. Nothing worked and I had to go back. I am now on just nizoral (no other shampoos) and use the betcap scalp applicator cream (stronger)

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  • lai151996 1

    Rash from cosmetic? Or this is measles?

    Hello! It was this afternoon when i tried my sister's make up and put this cosmetic product (revlon) as primer all over my face. As i put the product on my face, there was this burning feeling in my skin but i ignored it and continued putting the product. After maybe an hour and a half i decided to

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  • brentblack 1

    Skin flakes everywhere

    I have been suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and extremely dry skin eversince I can remember. I had it as a child- it would get infected time after time and I'd go through hell. As an adult, the whole thing had gone into remission with just occasional flareups and bleeding on my feet. However,

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  • kjsx988 2

    Toddler's Perioral Dermatitis

    My daughter's journey with perioral dermatitis has gone on for over a year and she isn't even three years old yet. It began last winter with a rash around her mouth that pediatricians kept saying was eczema or bacterial or fungal, so they kept prescribing steroid creams and bacterial/fungal

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  • Guest M

    perioral dermatitis - nghtmare then success!

    I am a 43 year old female who had very good skin until approximately 6 months ago. I began to suffer from this condition then thinking it was an allergy to something until it began to spread to my forehead, at which point I sought medical advice. I was initially prescribed Metrogel (which made no

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  • SearchingGirl 2
  • sempiternal95 2
  • jean52798 3


    any help would be appreciated. I have suffered with reoccurring bouts of ezcema on my hands, they are severe at the momement have  been for a week, it starts with itching where the itch drives you crazy,   they are really painful, I have used steroid creams but I find they are worse, I am using an

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  • ditaz30 2

    Chronic Contact Dermatitis

    I have suffered with this condition on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet now for over 30 years starting in 1984 whilst working in a Clothing Factory. I am allergic to 6 conponents of which are  Nickel, Cobalt, Rubber, Leather, Ariel Soap Powder and Potassium Chlormate. I have had Hospital

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  • Tumtum1963 4
  • Callmemustang 1

    Does eczema cause raised welts when severe enough?

    A little back story. I had eczema as a kid. I also have it still when in contact with certain chemicals, with extreme heat and with bug bites. My eczema symptoms are red, inflamed, very itchy, splotchy and hot to the touch, which explains sort of what im going through now but i cant tell if its

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  • KajuKatri 2

    Longer steroid use to cure Ezcema

    Hii, I am 21 years old (male) and have been victim of eczema since i was about 7 years old. It occurred in various parts like legs,hands and after using medicines it used to go away. But from last 2 years it is just reoccurring on my face again and again. I start having swollen checks accompanied

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  • jennifer14578 1

    ear eczema

    I have seborrhoiec ear eczema which keeps getting infected. It is very itchy and dry.  Olive oil makes it worse.  I have tried some other eczema creams but this has caused balance problems.  Can anyone suggest what I could use long-term instead of olive oil?

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  • emilyvb 2

    Help me with my **possible** perioral dermatitis

    Hi Everyone. I am at my wits end with my skin and wondered if anyone could suggest anything. About eight months ago I went on a course of antibiotics for a wound that wouldn't heal. It did the trick, but a couple of days after I finished the course I began to get huge flakes of skin coming off

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  • Jaafrey 2

    Are there any events for adult eczema sufferer's

    I have severe atopic eczema all over my body and am very self conscious. This leads to not socialising and getting depressed. I was wondering if there are any meet ups and events for sufferer's where they could get together for activities like sport, swimming etc.

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  • chloe 2000 2

    Boyfriends Very bad eczema that gets worse only in my house??

    So this is on behalf of my boyfriend. He's 18 and had eczema his entire life. He's been prescribed every cream under the sun for it and some slightly soothe the itch but none are ever very effective. It started getting a lot worse since he's been going out with me and only ever gets so itchy and

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  • wendy2608 1
  • cath5680 4

    Don't want to use steroids

    Hi, I've suffered with eczema since childhood (now 36) & used to use steroids a lot on my body & face when I had a flare up. Things settled for awhile & when I ran out I didn't bother getting a new prescription. Fast forward a few years & despite antihistamines the itching is driving me crackers &

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  • Minana 2

    Dermatitis using crutches... still 3 weeks to go

    I had a non cemented total hip replacement 3 weeks ago and have been using crutches with arm rings. Need to be on them another 3 weeks. Have developed contact dermatitis on my thumb, forefinger and a v sore patch on my elbow and just below it. The irritation began when I swapped to more comfy

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  • katie90075 2

    Lichen simplex chronicus help!

    So I have had LSC for over 9 years now and it progressively has gotten worse. It is now to the point where it effect my day to day life. Last night for example I slept maybe 3 hours total in between ice packs and creams. I have it on my female parts and it effects everything I do. I can't even wear jeans!...

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  • Alexis3335 2

    Rash breakout all over back, can't figure out what it is!!

    So just let me start off by saying that a couple weeks ago, my newborn baby brother had to be taken to the hospital because of a rash breakout all over his arms, and the doctors just gave him some cream and said he should be fine because it's just eczema. (Btw when I was a baby like him I had

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  • d91277 1

    Can someone help identify this facial rash?

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out with a facial rash I've had for about a year now (male, 27, white). It started as very small blotchy dots/spots on my forehead and this only showed up after I'd showered. At the time, I assumed it was maybe heat rash from the hot water or some

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  • chloe76413 2

    Perioral Dermatitis

    I've been suffering with PoD for months now which is the worst thing ever! Can someone please recommend some really simple/organic light face moisurisers that are chemical free? I have tried zero therapy but need a moisturiser for when my face is really really dry! Also, any SLS/chemical free shampoos?...

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  • Sugarjoyjoey 1

    Driving me mad!

    Been under doctor for a few months now.. meds don't seem to do anything! Blisters and pus still forming on my sole of foot.. have random blisters on hand..

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  • alex58471 1

    Keep getting dry, red marks around eyes and on the forehead

    Its been happening on and off for 2 years now but recently it has been happening more frequently, basically I seem to get very dry, red rashes under the eyes and eyebrows, and also some on my forehead. I dont know what causes it, it may be a reaction or it may be eczema, it takes about a week to

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  • wen06862 3
  • natethegreatt 2

    Flaky face and scalp for 10 years. Advice?

    Hey guys, after 10 years of a frustrating skin condition in finally seeking help from my peers (you guys!) instead of a dermatologist. I have very flaky skin on my face, ears and scalp. Sometimes my skin looks amazing and smooth and even, especially when I shower a lot. But even then, if I rub it

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  • brianbeitz 1

    Ladies Cotton Track Pants

    Hi Everyone.  My wife has a serious contact dermatitits with anything that contains polyester.  We live in Australia and are trying to locate somewhere that sells 100% cotton fleecy track pants for when she is just realxing watching television or similar when the weather is cool. Have had no  luck

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