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Dermatitis And Eczema

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  • cocoli123 1

    sore redness around my nose and mouth...

    the sore redness around my nose and mouth have been irritating me for about a month now. at one point it started going flaky and dry but now it's turned red and bumpy. I have tried topical treatments, antibiotics, cream, everything but it none of them has worked. what should I do? and what do you think...

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  • 808 1

    Facial treatments with Estheticians?

    Can a person with Eczema and Psoraisis & possibly Lupus, get facials from an esthetician?   And if the answer is yes... what types of facials are helpful and which ones should be avoided?  Any specific ingredients to use, OR, stay away from?

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  • NachoToco 1

    Eczema/Dermatitis Cure

    Your skin is creating new skin cells faster than they are falling off.  This is causing your skin to build up, then die, then split open and then become infected.  It sucks, as you may know.  Tried many Doctors, patch tests and many creams, ontments and even drugs my regular Doctor said were very bad...

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  • ic123 2

    Left with light blotches all over arms, is this normal?

    My daughter is just 2.5 and suffers from eczema. I've noticed since shes got a tan that she has blotches of untanned skin on her arms, it's really obvious. Is this from the eczema and likely to go? I'm just a bit worried that the eczema has damaged the pigment in the skin or something. Has anyone else...

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  • annie 73308 2

    Eczema on my whole face! help?

    Ok so I've had eczema my whole life I have yet to find anything that works or helps. I know my diet is factor, because I'm allergic to everything! I was fine with it being on my legs and arms all growing up I'm 26 now. And it has traveled to my face it's been here for 2 months and is not letting up its...

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  • bocabay7 2

    I have strange spots that have appeared on my wrist arms and legs

    As above i have had 7 different visits to my doctors who have tried different steroids and creams to no avail tbh ive lost confidence in my doctors surgery. They have now referred me to dermatology which will take a few months. The 2 main bigger spots, one is a red ring round normal coloured skin with...

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  • kite5208 1
  • K.A. 2

    Research study - experiences of living with a chronic skin condition

    Hey all! I'm a researcher at Royal Holloway University studying experiences of living with a chronic skin condition. I’m keen to find people aged 18 and over with eczema who would be interested in speaking with me about their experiences. This project focuses on how people cope with and manage the physical,...

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  • mark70246 1

    Dyshidrotic Eczema sharing my experience

    I developed DE around Feb 2016. Although I've always had mild eczema my whole life.  I would get some spots here and there on my hands, which would usually clear up.  My problems with DE started to appear as my regular eczema, but I noticed this time I would get blisters and fluid building up. It started...

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  • lauren87156 1
  • alicekim 1

    Anyone have experience with the new antibody drugs?

    Regeneron has a new FDA approved drug... anyone have experience with it? More information is at this NYTimes article: Moderator comment:I have deleted the links to the images as they went to a site unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. Users can upload images directly to this site, see below for...

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  • christine25191 1

    Alternative Cures

    When I was 1st diagnosed with ezcema 8 years ago I had tried every over the counter cream known to man, none would work, even a steroid cream prescribed by my doctor didn't work.  I found on the internet a cream which came in a small yellow pot not much bigger than a thimble with magi-creme written on...

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  • brentblack 1

    Skin flakes everywhere

    I have been suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and extremely dry skin eversince I can remember. I had it as a child- it would get infected time after time and I'd go through hell. As an adult, the whole thing had gone into remission with just occasional flareups and bleeding on my feet. However, since...

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  • seeker66996699 1

    Red spot on penis shaft ! I need your advices

    It is been a while ,around like 4 months ago that i have the same thing before ,it was healed ,but now it came back .. Red/pink spots on penis shaft , when it get dy , a dry skin will form in top of it and rarely is itching I m try'n vaseline those days but is seems no changes on it

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  • Guest M

    Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

    Ive been suffering with this condition for about 2 years now. Im 27 years old and ive found it to be very distressing. Ive never suffered from any skin conditions ever before in my life and find it bizzar that im suffing from it now. Sometimes it effects what i do as i dont like to be seen out when it...

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  • wen06862 3
  • jennifer14578 1

    ear eczema

    I have seborrhoiec ear eczema which keeps getting infected. It is very itchy and dry.  Olive oil makes it worse.  I have tried some other eczema creams but this has caused balance problems.  Can anyone suggest what I could use long-term instead of olive oil?

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  • carole65728 2

    I have intense itching in one of mye ears

    I have been suffering from itching in one of my ears for years but recently it has got really bad.  I have been prescribed various ear drops and steroid creams over the years which give temporary relief but it always returns. It has been diagnosed as eczema. Can anyone advise of treatment that helps....

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  • adamjackman 4

    Dry Flaky Skin in the Ear

    I keep getting dry and flaky skin in both ears, sometimes it gets very sore too.  I have been prescribed Hydocortisone cream to apply, but that says to use only for seven days at a time. Unfortunately, it just keeps coming back.  Is there anything else I can try?

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  • bob52848 1

    Dermatitis identification

    For about a year now I've had an oily scalp.  It's started to spread to my forehead.  From looking at pictures online it's not seborheic.  The only thing that is visible is a small amount of dandruff on my scalp but not forehead.  Mostly it just feels oily, greasy.  I've tried head and shoulders and...

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  • KajuKatri 2

    which skin lightening cream shall i use if I have ezcema

    Hey i have been victim of ezcema. My face had acne and there were scars on it and so i started appyling creams and i dont know how or what trigerred the ezcema but ezcema spreaded on my face. The ezcema got worse since last 2 years on my face and I used to had swollen red skin with yellow liquid ozzing...

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  • kate43022 2
  • Tumtum1963 4
  • cath5680 4

    Don't want to use steroids

    Hi, I've suffered with eczema since childhood (now 36) & used to use steroids a lot on my body & face when I had a flare up. Things settled for awhile & when I ran out I didn't bother getting a new prescription. Fast forward a few years & despite antihistamines the itching is driving me crackers & the...

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  • patrickV 2
  • tammy32466 1

    Perioral dermatitis nightmare please help!!

    Hi I've self diagnosed as having perioral dermatitis had it on/off for the last 8 months. At first I automatically applied a steroid cream hydrocortisone yeah it went as it was only a little around my nose but after a few weeks it came back so I tried daktacort cream yeah it helped a little went away...

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  • brendan2855 1


    I've had red skin (like a rash) around the corners of my mouth for about 4-5 months. I've been to my dermatologist several times. They first told me it was angular cheilitis and then told me it was most likely contact dermatitis. They have given me three different creams, none of them have worked. I...

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  • rameshk66932 1

    Pus boils on jaw

    Hi, Pus boils are forming in the jaw of my face, if I took antibiotics it gets clear. After some days it reoccurs in the same area (jaw). Did pus culture for the same. It shows klebsiella pneumonia bacteria, so Dr prescribed antibiotics still continues for 7 years. Please help for permanent solution,...

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  • Guest M

    perioral dermatitis - nghtmare then success!

    I am a 43 year old female who had very good skin until approximately 6 months ago. I began to suffer from this condition then thinking it was an allergy to something until it began to spread to my forehead, at which point I sought medical advice. I was initially prescribed Metrogel (which made no difference...

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  • sylvia34572 1

    Clobetasol Propionate Ointment 0.5%

    Does anyone know whether this ointment is effective? A dermatologist I saw today prescribed it for my excema. I've used steroid creams before and they seem to help temporarily. Any opinions on Clobetasol Propionate? It is the strongest steroid ointment that has been prescribed for me. Any other effective...

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  • jessica20116 1

    Perioral dermatitis or skin rash???? Help!!! Please

    Hello back in February I got a small cluster of little pimples around my chin it was small and flaky and it itched I thought it'd go away but here I am months later in may and still suffering from this except it's gotten worse the tiny cluster bumps have spread to underneath my nose and around my mouth...

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  • elena1289 1

    Perioral dermatitis - my wedding in 2 months!!

    Hi, I am desparate since I am getting married in 2 months and red spots appeared on my face 3 weeks ago. Similarly to other women, I first thought they were typical acne and put some mask on it but they wouldn't disappear. I then googled it and found these posts but I'm also going to my dermatologist....

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  • MissKitty 2

    Red Skin Syndrome re: worsening atopic dermatitis

    Hi guys, Google 'Red Skin Syndrome'. I have suffered worsening 'atopic eczema' since early childhood (now 29 yrs old) and have discovered that I am one of the unfortunate individuals that have become addicted to topical steroids. They, and not eczema, are actually the problem. Not trying to be a nutjob...

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  • kat69331 1

    eczema and sexual life

    Hi all, about 7 months ago I started living with my partner, since then my eczema was quite bad but when we started living together it got much worse. Its all over my body and what's worse it pretty much affects our sex life. That means he can't even kiss me on my neck or back without it being itchy...

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  • Wonderboy39 2

    Severe Atopic Dermatitis (Redness and Pain) from Shaving - Rhofade?

    I know that Rhofade is specifically for rosacea, but, could  possibly be efficacious for severe facial dermatitis with significant erythema (redness) The most current Rx for general dermatitis is called: Eucrisa My theory (concerning my facial redness) is that beginning at age 12, I was Dx with cystic...

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