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Hello there,

I'm hoping and wondering if any one can help make sense of my symptomns, fibromyalgia? As it's been a puzzle for the past 2 years. 2 years of being lost and my world being tipped upside down. Apologies in advance for the long message but hope you take the time to read, thankyou.

It all started January 2020, I was a fit 44 year old male, initially symptomns started with a chronic painful throat, (lasted 2 years now) and also I'd wake every morning with a chronic tense head, a type of tense head ive never felt before, severe eye strain, dizziness. I went to ENT, neurologist, they couldn't find anything and it came to the point where the ENT took my tonsils out, but that didn't help, speech and language next that didn't help, after about 3 months I noticed I started suffering with fatigue, at first every 3rd day I would need a rest day, at around 9 months it got every other day I was layed up, fatigued and increased throat pain after exertion. Then it progressed to where I had to pace myself every dayx do a lot less, but managed a walk each day but nothing with intensity. The pain and fatigue has gotten worse and worse, roll on 2 years I've started getting pain from head to toe, and at the same time have gotten raynauds, most days I can't even manage to nip to the supermarket around the corner. My sleep is badly effected, it seems the moment I fall asleep my stiffness and tender points kick off to their worst, when I wake it's almost like my body is in shock. is this normal with fibro? Can fibro start with one effected area and then spread after some time? Has anyone got a chronic bad throat what never goes away? I've only not long gotten in touch with a rheumatologist. I've had around 7 scans in this past 2 year, and lost count of how many hospital appointments to no avail of any positive findings. I've spoke to the rheumatologist and he said he needs to investigate a little more, I asked could it be fibro he said a strong possibility and if he can't find anything this will be the diagnosis. I also get spasms in my feet, calfs, thighs, and even my abdomen and various other places when I wake. Can anyone make any sense of this, or relate. Or have any expertise. I've been put on duloxetine but only started the lower dose. I'm praying for some improvement with this drug, as this is so tough.

Many thanks.

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    muscle spasms could be low magnesium. try magnesium spray on area before sleep to see if that helps. blood test will show if your low on vitd e fish oil,and other nutrients tied to muscle spasms.

    just a guess try finding a home monitor that monitors the air in your room. I have a computer device that is wireless and monitors the radon, oxygen, voc, temp and pressure. it turned out the heater was causing headaches and other issues and fixed the issue. headaches and brain fog and all the issues caused from breathing in accumulation of toxins with the door closed and all windows shut.

    in winter we all want to stay warm , so its a nice program to add on computer to help keep the air we breathe while we sleep clean and added a air filter cleaner.

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      Hi Barbara,

      Cheers for reply, I'm new here, I may of worded "spasms" wrong, its more like twitches than spasms. I believe twitching accompanies fibromyalgia. I have had umpteen bloods done and my magnesium levels and all other things are fine. Its interesting you mentioned air filters, I was looking on amazon other day and I'm going to invest in one. I don't think it's air quality or irritants tho as its so debilitatingly bad, the headaches and eye strain, and dizziness, but miracles do happen I guess and if it helps even 1% anything is better than nothing. As you you when you've a chronic condition your thankful for any relief whatsoever.

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      fibromyalgia symptoms also include ....Heightened sensitivity to light, noise, odors, and temperature. assuming you dont smoke or over indulge in alcohol or have high sugar intake diet there is relief.

      in many cases its treated with medications that you can ask for ...but some as i have noticed have unwanted side effects. its a hit and miss..

      i decided to not take any meds as some relief is not worth the long term side effects.

      in my case just staying in good shape walking diet and sleep. becoming mindful of daily tasks is helpful. i have had this conclusion to my treatment after years of trying to out run this disease with medications. in my case i am content with managing FM with diet, rest, treatments that help me sleep and on bad days double down on what has worked for my FM.

      everyone is different it's is a search and common sense with your FM experience that will help guide you to a better quality of life as best as possible .

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    @carl-newcastle I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by two different rheumatologist.

    One of the worst symptoms is the feeling of being dizzy whilst walking. I wouldn’t say I feel dizzy but its more towards balance and gait issues, there is a sense of dizziness.

    I find that if I take Nurofen and 1 mg of diazepam the next day I’m perfectly fine.

    It’s just super annoying constantly feeling tired fatigued and not being able to do things like a normal person.

    My sleep is heavily affected, many times when I try to sleep I get this feeling of a shock that wakes me up as if my body is trying to relax my muscles which causes a weird wave throughout the body that wakes me up.

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