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Hi guys I need some help please. So about 3 years ago I came down with bad lpr symptoms which included lots of throat clearing with tons of mucus and burning throat. Got it under control about 2-3 months which was from June- September. Ever since then I have had mild mucus when eating and some throat clearing but not constant and every time I eat victim so used to that its fine.

About 4 weeks ago I bought a vape to try. Put it on the highest setting and I think I burned my throat because that night I was clearing my throat a lot and coughing and choking. Returned the vape. Felt better that week until I went to a three day concert. Inhaled a hotdog down the wrong pipe and started choking which made me have to clear my throat Constsntly for 6 hours at the concert which sucked. Felt better the next day and that Sunday. I also had some al Capone cigars and about 6 monsters in the 3 day fest in which I only drink one monster a week and not even supposed too.

That Monday I started to get the feeling of needing to clear my throat ALOT. By that weekend it got so bad that I couldn't even clear it at times and it would hurt so bad because I couldn't clear it. For three days it was like that. Horrible. This whole time though there has never been trouble sleeping or getting to sleep as it calms down when I lay in bed. Fast forward a couple days and I had to leave work early cause I was coughing so much and throat clearing got so bad I went to the doctor. When I was at the doctors office crying my eyes out over the areas I have been in all my symptoms went away and stayed away for 2 hours.

The next week I felt a lot better. The throat clearing went down and not really any mucus at all. I had my throat scoped 4 times in the last 4 weeks and Doctor said Mike reflux irritation only. I also have bad allergies to mold and I usually use a nasal spray every year but stopped them in decemebr and never started them up again so part of me thinks this isn't reflux and Its allergies because I have been on omeprazole 40mg every day for 3 years.

Anyways this week has been a lot better except for Tuesday when I threw up but when I threw up I felt so much better no throat clearing or anything. But the next morning I had this huge feeling in my throat. Not globus (haven't had it at all) but felt more like a glob of mucus that wouldn't go down. I assumed it was from when I threw up and it was just healing. Since Wednesday I have had the mucus feeling in my throat 3-4 times and when it happens there is no throat clearing at all or no mucus. Does this mean it's healing?

The symptoms I have now are

Throat clearing about once every 5-10 minutes sometimes every minute but not a lot. More when I eat.

Little burning in my right side of my throat but not as intense as before but still annoying at times. That is it. I don't have super much mucus, belching, burning tongue, burning throat all around, metallic taste, acid taste nothing. Which also makes me think it's allergies since I am allergic to mold big time. Been taking Allegra every night for over a year and taking nasonex every night for the past week.

It seems to get better a little bit every week. Do you think this is lpr, GERD, acid reflux or just allergies? When I had this last time it got better when the temperature went down then for good when I moved out of a smokey apartment. I'm getting married October 29th and don't want this for my wedding and honeymoon. I know that's a long time away but still.

Currently I am taking omeprazole 40 mg 1-2 times a day depending but I feel like I feel worse when I take it twice a a day. One spray each of nasonex and a probiotic that I just introduced today. My throat currently laying in bed feels sore but not a sore throat feeling not a muscle ache sore. Is that good news? Please guys whatever you know or think that's going on would help. Thank you.

Do you think I'm on the right track and will be better wedding time? I used to drink 6 can of pop a day but the last 7 weeks it's like 1-3 a week only now. Could that of caused this since my body was so used to it? I don't want to have to stop drinking beer especially with the honeymoon coming wink. Thank you again.

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    Oh dear, you're not really doing much to help yourself.

    If your throat is sensitve resulting in reflux here, you certainly don't want to do anything that will irritate it - especially smoking or vaping.

    Omeprazole is excellent for reducing acid but it is not a magic pill that takes care of all reflux issues and lets you manage whatever lifestyle you choose. They are also not an "on-demand" drug and should be used at the minimum effective dose every day - and if more than a couple of weeks, under the direction of a doctor.

    Go to the free book / website www DownWithAcid org uk and read the chapter about extra-oesophageal reflux (commonly known as LPR).

    You need to reduce this.reflux. Most reflux starts at the stomach into the oesophagus through a faulty lower oesophageal sphincter (most usually due to the presence of a hiatus hernia) . If it travels full column it can breach the upper oesophageal sphincter and aspirate into the respiratory system causing the symptoms you describe.

    It also sounds like your cricopharyngeus (controlling the upper sphincter) is weakened by exposure to refluxing acid on the one hand and noxious gasses on the other.

    You need to be particularly careful with what and how you eat and drink. You already know gaseous liquids are causing you reflux so you need to reduce these and find alternatives to all those cans of pop.

    Do not eat too quickly. Take time and savour and chew each mouthful carefully. Do not overfill your stomach: eat little and often.

    You need to be in control of this or you will have long term health issues. Read the Down With Acid book for more information.

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      It could be all sorts of things. I am not a general practitioner. I'm just reasonably knowledgable about acid, reflux and associated conditions and what you describe sounds like classic reflux to me - but see a doctor for confirmation.

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      I don't doubt your knowledge but I just don't think it's common reflux because I don't have nearly any of the symptoms. Today since I woke you feel a lot better then yesterday. I didn't take my omeprazole 40mg for two days and just took an h2 blocker names ratadine I think and a probiotic last night and throat clearing seems to be cut down in half or more. Could the ppi been causing the problem the whole time these last couple weeks since I have been on it so long?


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