Can someone PLEASE help me the doctors are doig anything!!

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Ok so I'll be turning 17 tomorrow and I've been sick for past 2 months.. I'm not eating, so i have to drink nutrition shakes in order to get something in me. I had to get hospitalized a couple weeks back, I was so dehydrated, nauseous and I was shaking and having irregular heartbeats. When they put me in there I had an Endoscopy done which came back with me having gastritis and I had a stomach emptying test done and it came back with nothing wrong. So they told me to take Carafate and Zofran and after about 2 weeks I started feeling better and I was able to go back to school but I was still having a bunch a nausea but then I had a relapse and then the nausea got worse, I would get dizzy from standing up, feeling like I'm going to pass out and of course Im still not eating. I cant even shower or brush my teeth because when i'm in the shower I feel like I'm about to pass out and I get extremely nauseous almost like Im about to puke and then I cant brush my teeth because even having anything in my mouth almost makes me throw up I tried to brush my teeth with the brush JUST touching the outter parts of my teeth and I still got nauseous, however I am able to do a sink wash but I have to do it fast because I can't stand up for too long. Also I can't look at electronics for more than a few minutes because I'll get nauseous. I had a flare up on February 6th and now the doctors still haven't found anything. I met this woman who believes in herbs and stuff and she looked at me and told me that she thinks I have Crohn's disease which makes sense with all the symptoms I'm having and she told me that I have a gluten intolerance. A fee weeks later the lab tests come back from the Endoscopy and it says that I have a severe case of lactose intolerance. But that shouldn't cause me to have all this pain just from that plus I havent been eating anything so where is all this random nausea and pain coming from?? And the nutrition shakes are lactose free so what the heck? So they don't know so I now I'm being scheduled to go back to the hospital and have a colonoscopy done. I'm pretty sure with the way they've been acting I doubt they'll find anything. And they said if I can't handle my nutrition shakes then they'll have to tube feed me.. if the shakes aren't then how will that work too? And I'm constantly nauseous Zofran doesn't work Phenergan doesn't work.. nothing is workingg and all they are doing is making me come to appointments and paying them to tell me to do the same thing and I'm always leaving empty handed why?? It's honestly like they don't care it's like they have all the time in the world. Since I have not been eating I've lost so much weight when this first started I was 235 lbs and now I'm 196 lbs and you can start to see my pelvis and you can feel it too. And I can only drink stuff too like I can drink water and Boosts shakes or Ensure shakes but whenever I try to even chew a tiny piece of a saltine cracker my stomach tells me basically to don't chell it anymore and don't swallow it, like it won't allow me to do it. And I'm just getting frustrated when I'm in all this pain and they act like they dont even care. I can't even cry about it because if I do then I get really nauseous and I feel like I'm about to puke or if I laugh.. when I laugh I feel like I can't catch my breathe and I'm gagging on air.. and when i tell my doctors about all of this and everything all they tell me is "well we can get someone for you to talk to because it looks like you're having a lot of anxiety from this" and I'm like yess because you're not doing anything you're just sitting there with your ahoes kicked up on the desk like you're on vacation it's ridiculous!!! I've missed 2 months of school and might have to repeat the 11th grade I don't have time to be waiting!!

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    Try a good probiotic drink  with  FODMAP diet for your symptoms if that will make a difference.
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    Hi aeriel00018

    Have you had an ultrasound scan or ct scan to check your, chest area and abdomen to see what is going on there. Are your bowel movements ok? really do have to take in nutrition as your body will deprived if essential vitamins and minerals.....i know this is difficult since it makes you want to maybe you will have to go for drip feeding. Have you had a full blood count? to check for any abnormalities in your bloods and vitamin checks in particular B12 as B12 deficiency can make you very ill....if you haven't had these checks and scans request wishes...

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    If your tests showed up gastritis and lactose intolerance, I would accept this diagnosis because the tests confirmed it. Both these conditions cause a lot of pain. Gastritis can cause nausea. Anxiety will make the nausea and your other symptoms worse.   You may need some help from your doctor to treat this.  Ask your doctor for a gastrits diet and try reintroding solids by sticking to bland food.  Keep a food diary as you reintroduce a particular food to identify what is causing nausea and pain,
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    I am so sorry for all you are going through. I have had very similar experience as you, although I am much older than you. I cannot offer you a solution right now, but will definitely write again with any suggestions I have. I am going to pray for you for healing and for God to lead you to the answers you need for perfect health.
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      Thank you I having been praying also and I can feeling God slowly working I just need to keep faith in him smile
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      I prayed continuously too and got the Sacrament of the Sick when I was waiting for diagnosis and panicking and in despair because no one knew what was wrong with me.  I asked God to come down from Heaven to help me and on my eighth visit to the doctor I was diagnosed with IBS.  I had not expected to get any answers at all!
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    Arie, I was writing a response and it disappeared, so here it goes again.

    I could have written your post down to the last word. Mine started three years ago. I had a test for my gallbladder and was found to have sludge. I had my gallbladder out and all was good for 2 months, and then it all came back worse than ever.

    Multiple tests showed some reflux and bile; diagnosis-  gastritis. I have never been sicker in my life, and it wouldn't go away. I had to get a stool for the shower as I couldn't stand up. I couldn't eat or drink.

    I became weak and dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. The anxiety and depression were awful.  I was prescribed Remeron for anxiety, sleep and appitite.

    That was in June of 2016. I finally began to eat a little and very slowly began to improve.

    The seasons came and went and I never saw them. Finally about two months ago, I began to feel better, and today I did grocery shopping.

    Nobody can appreciate how awful this is unless they have experienced it. I don't think doctors understand how terrible this illness is.

    I also take carafate suspension and Welchol to bind the bile.

    If you have any questions, please ask. Just know that you are not alone.


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