Can't diagnose right upper abdominal pain

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So back in July suddenly I noticed my right upper abdomen feels tender and over night I started feeling dizzy and light headedness... The dizziness and light-headedness lasted for about 6 weeks but has luckily subsided. 

I feel a needle pricking pain on the right side sometimes I have no idea what triggers it off,  I spit out blood, my tongue is coated white, I feel nauseous, bloated and belch a lot sometimes I have constipation and other times its diarrhea. The right side of my abdomen also gurgles, I get fevers and sometimes get these hot flash like feelings, I can taste some kind of metallic or acidic thing on the tip of my tongue and it's constantly dry no matter how much water I drink. 

I have had several blood tests, ultrasound scan, CT scan of upper abdominal and chest, bronchoscopy,  an upper endoscopy and everything has come out clear. 

I am yet to see a GI specialist though as I'm on the waiting list but really I don't know what else a GI can do if all of those tests could not find anything. I really don't know what actions to take now surely if something was wrong the CT scan would have shown it or even the endoscopy! I have a dentist appointment booked to see that the bleeding isn't in the gums but I doubt it is as it started right at the same time I started getting the ruq pain. 

What can/should I do?

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    Also to add I'm 25 and prior to this I was relatively fit and active. 
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    Sorry to learn you are having so much misery.  You definitely need the upper GI or endoscopy so they can visibly inspect your esophagus and stomach for an ulcer or tumor(s).  The outlet from your stomach into your intestine is in approximately the same area you describe, the duodenum.  An Abcess or ulcer or tumor in that area would certainly cause pain and could cause bleeding.  If a tumor is blocking or partially blocking your small intestine it could account for several of the symptoms.  A tumor may not necessarily cause pain but in any case would need to be removed and if it(they) can be done endoscopically if not too large. Large tumors would require laproscopy or surgery to remove.  Gall bladder is another thing; if you have gallstones or crystals in the duct it can be very painful and cause bleeding to show.  You definitely need that endoscopy.  Sometimes they will get you to swallow a camera pill to pass through your intestines for a complete look. The body is an amazing organism.  Sure hope you can get some relief and soon.
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      I've had an upper endoscopy and apparently everything was clear. I was really shocked and disappointed especially that the whole procedure lasted like 7 minutes but apparently that's normal. 
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    I'm having gallbladder issues at the moment as well. No symptoms anywhere near yours, but your gallbladder can cause problems without stones (my case). I get nausea sometimes in the morning with a really bad taste in my mouth and I belch all the time. I have a burning sensation in my RUQ/flank. A GI might reccomend a HIDA scan which checks for gallbladder functionality - mine is set for next Wednesday. Did they test for H Pylori or a candida overgrowth when they did blood tests?
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    Cmross is on the right track, all your symptoms point to Candida albicans which is an overgrowth of yeast, go on line and look up the symptoms and then if you agree, you can follow the treatment plan and the diet, good luck
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    I've had full blood count several times does that not check for candida? 

    They took a biopsy from my stomach to test for h pylori. 

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      Yes to blood test, but two have to be taken and they need to know what they are looking for, sometimes a stool sample is requested but this only shows localised yeast overgrowth  whereas you are describing symptoms for systemic yeast ( yeast throughout the body ) and if it shows you do gave candidiosa then you will be put on the diet that both cmross and myself have described
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      Hmm I'm not sure then but I've taken several blood tests for different things, coeliac disease, hiv etc etc everything came back clear. 

      I really don't know what the next step is as I've taken a CT scan and done endoscopy. 

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    Then put yourself on the diet hon, you've tried everything else what do you have to lose, it has helped others including myself and I am still on it because I'm not prepared to live with pain that controls my life. xxx
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      Which diet are you talking about? 

      I really don't get it how can pain like this not show up on anything? The white coating on my tongue makes me feel so bad a long with the red eyes

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      Sorry, I was half asleep when I wrote my reply, look up symptoms for and diet for candidiosa albicans, I am sure this will solve your problems 

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