Can't eat without feeling "full."

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Hello. I posted this problem in the anxiety forum but i still feel unsastified. So it all started on Sunday at 1 in the morning. I was trying to go to sleep when i started feeling a lump in my throat which was making it hard for me to breathe. I am a hypochondriac, and try to self diagnose myself, which probably made it worse. I remained awake for another 30 or so minutes looking up what could it be until i started hyperventilating, to which my parents then brought me to the ER. The doctors took X-Rays of my chest, blood samples, vitals, and a urine sample, and they all came back normal, which shocked me! They told me it was most likely anxiety and then discharged me. The rest of Sunday i felt pretty out of it, fatigued mostly with headaches. Then around 5 pm my family and i went for a drive. i began to feel really anxious for no reason, my head feeling hot, i started to feel super nauseated, the lump in throat feeling worse. my family then took me to the ER again, because we didn't know what to do. This time they only took an X-Ray of my neck and another urine test, again normal. They gave me Prevacid this time then discharged me. Monday then came, and i felt awful. took my prevacid, not hoping to feel better right away. i had an app already scheduled with my normal doctor for a pain in my right breast, but i also told her about my lump in throat problem and nausea. she quickly told me it was the doxycycline i was taking (for acne). i was unsatisfied, mainly because i stopped taking my doxycyline a week prior as i would always get sick with it, with food or not, but not mentioning it because i was so out of it, i just agreed with her. The rest of the day i had the Lump in my throat, nausea, and just the thought of food made me sick. i only had a banana, some bread, and a little cheese that i forced down, which made me feel super full, when it was barely any calories. Tuesday then came, i woke up with a full feeling in my stomach. It feels like it's full when i know it's not. i keep having the urge to poop too (tmi sorry) which makes it worse, and it's that poop feeling when you're anxious if you know what i mean. so i barely ate yesterday either, only a banana, apple, a tiny bit of soup, and a tiny bit of green beans. barely anything which worries me. so today i had an app with a gastroenterologist, who was very helpful. basically she told me it could be anxiety, as our minds and guts are closely connected, or i could have an infection of some sort. so now i have an endoscopy scheduled for this friday, which i am thankful for. i am still worried though because as i am typing this i have a feeling of fullness, the constant feeling of needing to poop, the lump in throat, and can barely eat. i have not vomited nor have diarrhea. i have pooped some tuesday and and a little today, but it's always so little, and doesn't relieve my stomach. if it makes sense, there's a feeling of food right at the bottom of my esophagus too. my stomach feels kind of hard too. i am only 16 years old. i didnt have the healthiest diet prior , mainly sweets and junk food, which may be a problem too. anyway, has anyone ever had this type of problem? it really is making me depressed, because i hate being sick in my stomach, especially with not knowing what it is. Thank you.

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    also, i do get hungry, to the point where it makes me naueseous from that too. i just have no appetite, and my stomach just feels so icky when i do and don't eat.

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      also i lost at least 5 pounds within this time span. i am scared for my health, and want to know if others dealt with this. i have not been diagnosed with acid reflux nor does it run in my family.
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      Hi victoyarosita

      Have you had a complete blood test may be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals..such as B12 and Vit D which can cause a lot if gastric problems ....considering you only ate junk and sweets prior all your problems you were not taking in what your body needs to function well. I don't know what country you are in maybe Australia?....where you get a lot of sunshine so your vit D levels should be ok but get them checked anyway also your B12 which is absorbed into the body when eating dairy, eggs, yogurt and legumes, mushrooms and some fish.....get a full blood count including Vit D and B12 and start eating wishes....

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      I can understand partly how you feel, I suffer from dreadful ibs that knocks me for 6 somedays. Eat what you fancy but little and often, something beats nothing and may shift the sickness feeling. Good luck tomorrow.
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      Hi sam18386

      I think you should have replied to is she who "can't est without feeling full" wishes..

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      Hello lilian05079.

      I currently live in California, and go outside usually everyday (not much since Sunday though due to grogginess). i'm not sure what the blood test the doctors conducted was, but all they told me was that everything looked normal. i'm hoping to drink a smoothie today which will hopefully help a bit, because not eating much will most likely make me feel worse. Thank you so much for your input. :-)

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      Hello sam18386.

      My doctor suggested it may be IBS, but since no one in my family has ever been diagnosed with it, they told me it was highly unlikely. I have not much trouble using the bathroom, no pain at all, but have noticed i have some constipation when i pass stool. Hopefully the endoscopy will get to the bottom of this. Thank you so much. :-)

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