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Hi guys 20 years old male here

I am suffering from Loss of appetite and abdominal pain from 5 months now. Appetite is very frustrating. Begin to feel better but then again back to same condition. Upper abdomen pain occurs on left and right side under ribs but mostly on left side.

Gastro doctor did Complete blood profile along with ESR, Liver functions, Endoscopy as well all normal. So he just prescribed rabeprazole and diagnosed me with gastritis. Although it didnt presented on the gastroscopy. He asked to have an abdominal Ultrasound just for the peace of mind as he believes nothing serious will come up. So why I am not getting better. one thing I admit is that i have habit of binge eating and maybe it makes problem worse. Any suggestions on what to do. Can gastritis cause right side pain under rib also. The pain is occasional only.

Thank you

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    Has he checked your gallbladder?? Sounds like it. I went in and diagnosed 28th the same thing. Found out gallbladder many stones. And sludge. This reaks havoc on your digestive system. Check because upper right and left pain.check it out.


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    Maybe some additional testing,. test for celiac disease, if neg, try trail and error of taking wheat out of diet and see if it helps, you have to have it out of diet for a few months to see if any change, then add it back in slowly and see what happens, also a colonoscopy and appendix check and gall bladder as well. Still no answers, ask for stool testing for anything that may show up, when you binge eat, what are you mostly eating, try to binge on fruit and veggies instead of chips etc...fruit can be very good, sweet and taste very good. Also are you drinking anything different, or alcohol which can cause inflammation in some. Also if after a month or so on this med, maybe another one ion the same family will work better, many to try. But diagnosing the issue is the key. PPI's are handed out to much today instead of finding out the issue. Did they test for the h. pylori on endoscope? If you are unable to eat for a long time try Max protein ensure, it is very good. Ask for all tests to be done. Also get a ct scan with contrast. drink filtered water, don't binge right before bed, and sleep with your head elevated. .. do tums or roll-aids help?...good luck

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    If it is is everything! Even though some docs will say diet doesnt have anything to do with it. Fish oils help a lot when your body is inflammed. I'd stay away from Gluten and dairy. Be careful about not eating anything raw like salads and do a food diary to see what you can tolerate and what you cant.

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    You should take your eating, sitting and lifestyle habits seriously. By eating means eating healthy and nutritious only. Leave junk food, wine or cigarettes. They make you loose your immunity which causes infection to spread more quickly than the people who don't have that intake. Also try eating at right times, 1 or 2 hours of irregularity is fine though.

    By sitting habits I mean you need to focus on your sitting hours. Sitting on computer, tv, or games especially just after food.

    Lifestyle includes the above plus your sleeping hours. Focus on your sleeping hours. Try sleeping atleast 7-8 hours. Don't force yourself awake late at nights. Lack of sleep is also a cause of immunity loss.

    Include some morning walk and mild exercises for 20 mins a day. Research internet for yog related with stomach issues.

    If you have been into irregular lifestyle for a long time, it's possible that you may have got some infection. For infection you will need to get antibiotics. However if it's not infection than probably changing your lifestyle with serious efforts will help you to see changes after a month.

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      Yes buddy i do have habit of binge eating. Whenever I feel like I am getting better i start to eat more. Maybe this is causing problems and not letting the problem settle

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    Some later thoughts on your case, do you know why you binge eat, is it just fun, is it caused by a medication or is it due to emotional stress, anxiety. or do you even know the answer. If you don't know why maybe it is time to talk to someone about why you do it. Your answers may prove to help you overall. Also binge eating can be hard on your digestive system, you are pretty young and should be able to tolerate this more then an older person but we are all diff and I would def find out the reason you do it. On exercising, I know it is hard to exercise until you get this issue taken care of. Hang in there, be persistent and don't give up. If one doc doesn't know, go to another one. Also what you are eating, may be an issue, stay away from spicy, high acid etc. ok let us know how u r doing. You are pretty young to have these issues. If all else fails may want to do some genetic testing, anyone else in the family have issues?

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