Can't get rid of pain :(

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Wasn't see which forum to post this in but thought this might be the best one!

So I've been getting this pain in my left side under my ribs and round to my back for almost a month now. I am also feeling it on my right side too. It comes and goes in waves and intensity. After an opp on my nose I couldn't pee so had a catheter in since March, I've also lost the ability to pass stools and get very constipated! I was sent to the hospital last week as the pains were that bad but the just put it down to constipation a and discharged me.

I've now moved my bowels since but this pain is still there and getting worse! I've taken both tramadol and codeine but nothing is taking it away! I was at the doctors on Friday and he felt my stomach and I was crying with agony but nothing was done! I'm getting really fed up with this pain now sad

I was wondering if anyone can help with tips to get rid of ease the pain or know why I have it, a couple of weeks ago I had a bad kidney infection and my urine was dipped and no infection found yesterday. My whole stomach seems to be in pain now and it's getting worse sad

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    the Tramadol+ Codiene will make you constipated as would have the operation if you had a GA. it takes a while for the gut to get back to normal.. The Tramadol is not a nice drug to take it will give you nausea as a side effect.. Take the Codiene 1000mgs in effervescent form (Fizzy )  kinder on the Gut.

    Take Lactulose syrup daily for your bowels.. To help with constipation. Your bladder....well I think when you had a urinary catheter passed .. You have contracted a UTI which could have tracked back to your kidney .... Drink plenty of fluids and get some potassium citrate.. This will help with the infection..and Trimethoprim antibiotics or similar.. I think your pain is the gut & your kidneys..UTI.

    I hope you feel better soon..try a bean bag heated in the microwave this might help to lay on your tummy. Let me know how you get on?

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    I have had this left sided abdo, rib and back pain for 6 years now! Loads of tests and nothing found! Fobbed off with ibs! I'm sure it's my pancreas!
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      why do you think it's your pancreas? What do You think is wrong with it? Are you Diabetic? Or is this Cancer..? People tend to suffer jaundice if is CA head of Pancreas. The liver and organs pack up.
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      I think I might have chronic pancreatitis. I used to drink a fair bit in early 20's a bottle lf wine most nights more on weekends. I know they say that generally you would have to drink serious amounts over a very long period of time to damage your pancreas but I can't help but worry especially as the pain is worse day after alcohol (I hardly drink anymore but if I do I get pain) it's never severe which I would of thought it would be and I don't have other symptoms ie pale loose oily stools or vomiting and weight loss but I just can't get it out of my head! I've had MRI, ct, colonoscopy, endoscopy, tons of bloods and nothing shows up so my doc think I'm crazy thinking it's my pancreas but I'm on pancreas groups on Facebook and my location of pain sounds the same! Also when I google pain after alcohol it comes up! It's been driving me insane and ruining my life now for 6 years having no answers!

      Gastritis is what I'm hoping it is and that has similar symptoms but I just can't get my pancreas worries out of my head!

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      Sounds like you have been through the works .. Alcohol normally affects the Liver..Just follow the advice of your Doctor.. Googling is not always the answer..Stools may be a sign not right get a faecal test done!
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      Steatorrhea (or steatorrhoea) is the presence of excess fat in feces. Stools may also float due to excess gas, have an oily appearance and can be especially foul-smelling.[1] An oily anal leakage or some level of fecal incontinence may occur. There is increased fat excretion, which can be measured by determining the fecal fat level. The definition of how much fecal fat constitutes steatorrhea has not been standardized.
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      Possible biological causes can be lack of bile acids (due to liver damage, hypolipidemic drugs, or gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy)), defects in pancreatic enzymes, defective mucosal cells, certain medicines that block fat absorption, or indigestible or excess oil/fat in diet. The absence of bile acids will cause the feces to turn gray or pale.
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      Thanks I had stool sample done. Mine are usually constipated and never pale or oily I'm paranoid about this and often inspect them thoroughly!! (Gross I know!) they are normal colour and rarely soft. Thanks for the response it does help me to stop worrying so much!
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      Hi Dawn, l thought you sounded as if you,d medical knowledge, and saw iit confirmed.  l also notice youve had 3 posts censored in response to Flinders about his problems, re swelling of his legs and numbness. l hope they uncensor your posts and you can advice him, sounds like he needs it badly. Thanks for advicing. 
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    Sounds unusual for have a catheter in following nose surgery, even more so for it to be left in for more than a day, l think it fairly common to get infection from them, l did on the occassion l had one in following surgery csection, 3 days to diagnose and treat with anti bs, still ended up with ic afterwards.  But agree with Dawn sounds like your pain is the kidney region, did the hospital take a sample of urine in a and e, did the gp when you saw him, do you have frequency or pain in passing urine. Did you not have a urine sample result when having kidney infection 2wk ago, why test results 2 wk later.maybe inflammation in kidney area.   Try the advice given  for drinking lots water, citrate,  heat packs, have you had any anti b course. If persists  with nimprovement ask your gp if you can see urologist. 
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      Thank you all for yours posts. I have had the catheter in since March failing to urinate after my opp. I've had lots of trials without and failed them all and got taught self-catherisation but couldn't do that so now have the catheter back in. They think the nerves aren't sending the signals for some reason so waiting on the results of my MRI I had on Tuesday of my spine. I've had so many UTI's since March because of the Catheter being there.

      I'm in dulcolax and fybogel to move my Bowels and self administer mini enemas when needed sad but no matter if I clear my bowels I still have this pain around my back and abdomen. The hospital found 2+protein and a small infection after my bad infection in my kidneys but said nothing was wrong. My own GP said my kidneys were inflamed and put me on the tramadol and codeine and ciprfloxion for an infection. I have seen a urologist but not got any follow up appts yet. But this pain is driving me crazy sad

      Thank you so much again for your comments, I'm usually a good drinker but will increase my fluid intake and see if that helps.

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