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I don't know what my sister has, but no matter what I say, she freaks out and has a fit. I'm not allowed to have a bad day, as she will tell me I have no clue what a bad day is like. She always insists her life is worse than anyone's in the whole world and that she doesn't deserve this.

If I say "I know how you feel," she says "Oh, why, you think you have it bad?"

If I say "I don't understand how you feel," she says "You don't even try. You just want me go away, etc."

She always says I just want her to be gone, which is not true. I have no clue how to comfort her. Anything I do, she takes offense to. If I pick up her mess, she says "you hate me and want me to leave, don't you?" If I tell her I'm just cleaning, she says, "I'll leave" and she storms out. 

I can go on for pages of this, but I'm trying to keep it brief. So hard to please her. She says she wants it about her for once, but I cannot have my own opinions ever. 

I love her, which is why I'm trying to find answers.

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    Dear Daisy, let’s try this...don’t talk to her have her read this letter as I can completely know how she is feeling 

    Again at 24 years of age I felt EXACTLY What she has been saying and said the same things I am now going to write this letter. I will send it in another text… Love to you and what you’re going through I personally can’t relate with it because I took your sisters attitude towards my husband.  He would be able to relate with you… I’m sending a separate letter now…  

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     To whom this may concern, 

    My name is Cheryl… At 24 years of age I remember having a full year living in total panic, anxiety, and fear along with devastating depression. I would wake up every morning at 5 AM and have total anxiety and depression just fall on  me.  I didn’t know what to do with it it was so powerful… No one understood me my family didn’t my friends didn’t and my husband didn’t I felt like I was all alone and everyone else had it so much better than me because they didn’t have to live with  this total anxiety and constant fear and depression in my life. No one absolutely no one had it as bad as I did. They’re actually was some truth to that… I remember looking at other people or family members wishing I could be like them once again like I was at 22 years of age. I used your freedom and no depression … But now my life is consumed with it. My anxiety was so bad that my skin would burn  and my joints with Trub And I’d be in total panic… I did finally find a friend whom I had in college at the age of 19… She could relate with everything I was going through as she had it to a lesser degree a year before.... I totally couldn’t  agree  with what she said to me… But she was the only one that could relate with my deep depression and desire to die… She told me the only way I could get through it is I had to ACCEPT  my feelings of depression and fear because when I would fight it and think no one else can relate with me, which they couldn’t, except with her… I fell on my knees and said there’s no way I can except what I’m feeling right now I can’t live this way… She told me if you don’t accept  it As what you’re supposed to be dealing with at this present time that the depression and accept the anxiety wouldn’t   go away F her I thought to myself I never spoke with her again. How the frig was I supposed to accept  this horrible existence I was living in… NO WAY! I felt these feelings of depression and anxiety had to go away in order for me to continue living... I never spoke to her again… Then I was so desperate I got into counseling and my counselor as well,  told me that if I couldn’t accept These feelings I was going through and this way of life… It wouldn’t go away. The more I had feared my situation the worse it got. So it was bad for year. I then was so desperate I got  on tranquilizers to cope… They helped me get through life but I still have the attitude that no one could understand the painful existence I was in… I finally some How, someway, I learned that acceptance of my feelings… And trying not to have the attitude that no one could understand what I was going through… Which was true… I began to try to accept  the anxiety… And not panic… And tried not to get angry with my husband who could not know what I was going through… and put all those  Lucky people aside… And just said to myself… Whatever I’m feeling right now I totally accept it  and welcomed all the fear  and Anxiety and said  out loud “Ok  friggiin fear anxiety and depression

     “I refused to be afraid of you anymore I accept you and welcome you into my life… Bring it on… I’m not gonna let you overtake me I am no longer going to be afraid of you I except my feelings and I’m gonna quit comparing myself to others who had it so much better than me” because all it did was make me feel even worse and sorry for myself… when you feel sorry for yourself which I did for an entire year … I isolated myself as a result of that… So as hard as I could I tried not to look at  others wishing I could have their lives… And just looked within And try to accept and welcome  everything I was feeling… That was the only way I found that pic take my fear away… In time my fear  and depression 

    Left me and I actually had 12 years of feeling normal of feeling peace inside of actually having a good life… I started thinking I love who I am and I accept  life for what it is...  and got off the tranquilizers those 12 years… They were wonderful and I never ever knew I could have a life like that. .. during the feelings of fear and  anxiety… There’s no way I could picture feeling good for 12 years. My attitude changed and I was 12 years then resulted from my whole new way of thinking. They came back after 12 years because my depression returned  but this time it only lasted for a month because I remembered what to say to myself when it was so acute...Cheryl... accept what you’re going through knowing that  THIS TOO SHALL PASS  as it had before and it did… I guess I’m sharing this with you because I feel like I can relate with some of the things you’re going through and the thoughts you have regarding other people and how lucky they were!  Believe it or not it is truly possible get through what you’re feeling… Changing your attitude about what you’re going through… And accepting it … As the way I should be feeling right now and not let myself get freaked out like I did before… I then went on to have peace in my life once again. 

     You might fight what I’m saying and it’s your decision. Believe it or not because I have been there I can have compassion for you like no one else can. If you ever need to talk… Contact me, Prodigious ...

    I Care...

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