Can this be diabetes?

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So since September I had off days where I would pee a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a lot like I had the urge to go every one hour and it was clear. The amount I urinated did not match with how much I drank. By late November and December it started to become a daily thing. The amount I urinated was not on par with how much I urinated in earlier months but I ended up having the urge every 2 hours and could only hold my pee up to 4 hours. I ended up going to my doctors because of this last week. Before I touch upon that date, I would like to also say that I have been experiencing excessive hunger (or what I think is excessive - I get hungery right after I eat meals - which may be normal really since I tend to not eat until the afternoon or even as late as evenings) and also an increase of pins and needles feeling in my legs and arms. Anyways, back to the doctor visit. During that visit I told them about what I have been experiencing and they ended up making me do a urine sample. My doctor said he couldn't find any traces of sugar (but will send it to the lab to make sure - I didn't get a call back so I assume it was negative) but they did find a trace of a uti. They prescribed me the medication that starts with a N (made me pee more than what was normal- I even had to wake up in the middle of the night which never happened). Now though I still experience hunger, and pins and needles (I cannot really say about my urination problems because I am still taking the medication). So I was wondering if I should go find another doctor and force them to do more tests on me? or is this all in my head? 

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    The symptom looks like diabetes,

    I have experienced the same symptoms, and was diagnosed diabetic,

    I would recommand you to go to any public hospital and get a full check,

    A full check is simple to go to the hospital on a fasting blood, (stop eating, drinking water or any intakes) from 22:00, and normally you will get at the hospital around 8:00 AM and later, simpley they will take a simple of urine, and withdraw a simple of blood from you,

    make sure to be on fasting, means do not eat or drink water or anything at all, so that the numbers of analysis from your fasting blood will be realistic,

    take this report and see your doctor, or just read your numbers if are within the range,

    anything below or above that mentioned range, you need to look at it carefully and do some homework, to search and find alternative solutions,

    all the best.  

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    A UTI will make you urinate more. Call the doctor's office and find out what your Hemoglobin A1C test was. How old are you? Are you overweight? Do you have the signs of metabolic syndrome? Does diabetes run in your family? If the doctor says the lab tests say you are not diabetic, then you aren't. It's the UTI and medication.
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    Dear angel19629,

    No, my friend, it doesn't sound like diabetes.  I agree with fancygoldfish that's it's MORE THAN LIKELY that this is due to a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  If it were diabetes, you'd be peeing continually ALL THE TIME, not just occasionally.

    The "pins and needles" that you mention wouldn't normally appear in a diabetic until they'd had the condition for several years, and hadn't been controlling their blood sugar (glucose) levels very well.  (It's a complication called peripheral diabetic neuropathy ... nerve-ending damage, which comes about due to higher than 'normal' blood sugar levels.)

    Did you doctor do a blood test?  I ask this as urinalysis for glucose content is pretty 'hit and miss' in this day and age.  The reason I say this is that you'd only be passing glucose in urine that was present in your bloodstream from hours before.  It takes that long for your kidneys to deal with it, and they try to recirculate glucose back into your bloodstream.  Obviously, if the concentration within your bloodstream is higher than 'normal', they can't do this, that's why they end up excreting it via urine.

    If the symptoms persist, I'd advise that you go back to your doctor and ask him what might be the 'problem'.  There's really no need to change doctors or look for "another doctor" as testing for glucose levels is extremely straightforward and NOT difficult to determine.

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    It sounds more like a urine infection than diabetes, especially as you haven't mentioned any other symptoms like excessive thirst although having said that I have had diabetes for 20 years and my only symptom was the thirst for about three days before diagnosis.  My twin sister also has it and her only symptom was recurring thrush. 

    Urine tests are not that reliable for checking for diabetes because someone may have a high threshold so that sugar doesn't get into the urine until their sugar levels are quite high, a blood test, even a fingerprick one would be better.  I cannot agree with the suggestion made that you went to the hospital for a blood test, especially if it was to A&E because patients are usually referred by their doctor so you'd probably be turned away without seeing anyone.    Why not go to a Lloyds pharmacy, or another one that does them, and have a diabetes consulation where they could do a small blood test which would certainly be better than going to the hospital.  Ring or call into your surgery and see if they have the results of the urine sample that was sent away at least it will give you a better idea of what's going on.  As for your eating habits, perhaps the hunger pains you are experiencing are more to do with the very long time between meals rather than diabetes.  I experienced hunger pains in the early days but they were always felt BEFORE meals not after.  Hunger pains are also a sign of dehydration so it could be that you're not drinking enough, especially if you are passing more urine so drink more and if you've got a urine infection it will help to flush out any bacteria.  Also don't think that going more frequently is bad because if you've got an infection then not going for four hours doesn't help, just go when you feel like it.  It could just be that you've had a urine infection for some time and that the medication you've been given will clear it up.

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    A proper Diabetes diagnosis can only be given after a blood test. I was diagnosed with type 2 in September last year and my urine showed no sugar but my blood test proved positive. You would be within your rights to request a full set of blood tests. However, I am wondering if your eating habits might be playing havoc with your blood sugar levels. You don't say how old you are but once we are past our early twenties ish, our bodies start to change and don't seem to cope with things like they used to! Not eating all day, means no energy source to draw on. Do you find that when you do eat, you suddenly feel very tired? You could try forcing yourself to eat a slice of toast or cereal for breakfast for two weeks and see if this makes a difference. By the way, I am not medically qualified. This is just a suggestion to try while you are waiting to see your doctor again. Take care, Debbie
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    The symptoms of increased frequency and amout of urimation, incresased

    hunger and the feeling of pins and needle in your legs are more in

    favour of Diabetes. UTI (Urinary tract infection) usually cause

    increased frequency of urine but definitly not hunger and increased

    amount of urine. Feeling of Pins and needle is again a symptom of

    Diabetes not UTI.

    At times urine sugar examination may be normal. The ideal tests for

    the diagnosis of Diabetes are Blood sugar estimation in fasting, 2

    hours post prandial state and HbA1c estimation which reflects ur

    avergae blood sugar level in the past 3 months.  The medication they

    prescribed for UTI may be an antibiotic like norfloxacin or

    Nitrofurantoin . (ofcourse it needs clarification).  A simple Blood

    sugar test at home using a glucometer will give you an idea about your

    Blood sugar level. Either you can consult another doctor or insist

    your GP to perform a blood Sugar estimation......

    Like to know the results of further tests..

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    I don't think it's diabetes. It wouldn't suddenly get better over time, if untreated it would get worse. It sounds like a uti that may have spread to the kidneys causing RAAS disruption, the resulting hyperaldosteronism would account for your symptoms.
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    Thanks for all your answers! The thing about my doctor is the fact after I took the urinalysis they (my doctor collaborates with students) pretty much implied that because the urine came back negative for sugar/protein they are not going to test further. I am worried about this because as you all said it is not a good way or even an accurate way to test for diabetes.

    Another symptom I was noticing was my mouth has been dryer than usual ( I am not excessively thirsty though).

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      First of all, i hope that it is not related to diabetes, but some of the symptoms are:-(

      Dry mouth is also a symptom of diabetes which i had most of the time before being diagnosed.

      Check your hbA1c, keep us informed.

      Good luck

      ( i'm type 1 diabetic more than 10 months)

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