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  • Allykins71 2


    Last week I got the call that my blood work came back good, accept for my sugar. Sugar was 128 after a 12 hour fast. A short while ago I went into detail with the nurse practitioner about my !!!!! Thought I was going to have a coronary right there. At first nurse practitioner wanted to

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  • Cats do 1

    Type 1 diabetic for 44 years

    I've been type 1 since April 1973 on insulin. I went on the Animas Vibe Insulin Pump in September 2015, which I love. I test about 8 times a day or more after many years of barely testing. My hba1c has always stayed around 8, last one was 75 (about 9). I do struggle with a very very sweet tooth and

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  • venkat sai 2

    Regular Health Ckeckup Benefits

    Hi Good Evening All.. Today we have discuss about, what is Diabetic Health Checkup. Nowadays diabetes is a common health problem in our society. It can damage any part of the body except hair, nail and teeth. Diabetes also remains as an excellent basement to promote many diseases, for example,

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  • bethia59893 3

    I'm in trouble ..

    I have been diabetic for 15 years now, apparently due to giving birth 35 years earlier. Last summer my sugar levels on occasion went up to double figures then be for Xmas they have stayed their, doctor's answer more tablets, was told that exercise diet and tablets sometimes stop working. And need insulin,...

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    How long did it take you to get adjusted to Metformin ?

    I was prescribed this medicine earlier this week,for Type 2 Diabetes. However,I noticed that while on this medicine I have terrible Gastrointestinal problems,and by that I mean frequent trips to the bathroom,along with an upset stomach. So how long did it take any of you to get adjusted to Metformin?...

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  • derek1929 2

    Numb body and paralyzed face. Help?

    Hi, I'm 17. About a year ago, I had this really bad experience. I had a warm bath just after midnight, proceeded to make me some coffee, which I drank right after. All of a sudden, my whole body starts to tingle, my legs, abdomen, arms, and face. Moments later I'd realized my face had gone sort

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    Has anyone else been diagnosed with Type 1.5 Diabetes?

    So I received the diagnosis from my doctor yesterday of Type 1.5 Diabetes. So anyway I'm literally confused as to what Type 1.5 Diabetes actually is it actually a form of Type 1 that I was diagnosed with? I have no clue what Type 1.5 Diabetes actually is..

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    What should I expect from the glucose tolerance test?

    Alright so I plan on taking the glucose tolerance test here soon. I'm kinda not looking forward to it,because I hear it can make you dizzy and even throw up. Drinking a 12oz glass of Mountain Dew makes me so sick to my stomach,I can only imagine how the glucose tolerance test will make me feel.

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    Possible Hyperglycemia symptoms..should I be concerned?

    Alright so a quick background on me. I'm 24,and blood sugar issues run on my mom's side of the family real bad. My grandpa has Hypoglycemia,and my aunt has Hyperglycemia. For awhile now,I've been having alot of health issues that doctors can't get frequent headaches,trouble concentrating,

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  • Johnxander 1

    Advice needed!

    Hello, I am kind of new to the forum and terribly worried about my health, so I hope I will be able to hear your input! I am a 18 year old male. So, recently I started having symptoms such as vibration in my legs/lower back, frequent urination, something stuck in my throat sensation. I do feel

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  • edward70804 1


    I'm a 77 year old male physician  diagnosed with central Diabetis Insipidus about 8 months ago after experiencing headaches and very large volumes of urine per day. My MRI was normal and my blood tests consistently showed zero ADH (although this is not an accurate test.) I have a history of

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  • Guest M

    My diabetes insipidus journey

    I'm a 34 years old and was diagnosed with central diabetes insipidus in Sept 07. This diagnosis followed a prolonged headache (about 2 weeks) and fever (10 days) after which I became extremely thirsty and could hardly sleep for getting up in the night to go to the bathroom! Unfortunately the

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  • beverly09572 2

    Type 1 on metformin

    My daughter diagnose in October 2016 with type 1 in honeymoon phase is only on metformin 1000mgs. I've looked everywhere and can't find anyone first diagnosed being put on metformin only. She's not on insulin. Is this a normal beginning treatment?

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    Possible blood sugar issues..I need advice

    So to start off with,blood sugar issues run on my mom's side of the grandpa was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia several years ago. My aunt was diagnosed with Hyperglycemia a few years ago. Plus my mom has Hypoglycemia as well as my grandpa does. And I've had alot of unresolved issues going

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  • md faruq 71235 1

    For many months I am having sugar fall

    I have Parkinson disease and Diabetes for many years. I found that my sugar fall (5) and rise in blood pressure (around 145/100) occurs at the same time. I have been taking medication for diabetes but I am not sure if sugar fall triggers the blood pressure rise or vise versa. Please let know.

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  • david87868 2

    just told type 2

    i have been given metformin sugar level 7.6 what would happen if i did not take the tablets and worked on strick diet??

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  • debbie39903 3

    Advice please

    Partner is diabetic and recently I have been going to the loo a lot and been excessively thirsty, so hr said check my blood levels on his machine and my reading is 8.4???? Should I be concerned and advice appreciate. Thanks

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  • Goutam 1

    Combination drug

    It is heard that nowadays doctors are not advising to take combination drug like Vildagliptin & Metformin. These are to be taken separately. May kindly put light on it.

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  • susan49687 3

    SOS: Extreme non stop Fatigue and Diabetes 2

    I finally decided to ask for help on this forum. So many people here mention fatigue! I am mid 60x's, obese, severe arthritis with 2 failed knee replacements, Diabetic Neuropathy and recently became Insulin dependant. I know that the weight is a huge factor but I was also just told not

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  • darron50573 1

    Foot ulcer

    I recently been in hospital with foot ulcer. Since coming out the infection has got worser i recently had pain in the front of my legs i have a lot of scabs thereif the infectiln has a forkegn nldy kn ot what damage can this do

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  • april40349 2

    Mom of a 17 yr old living with DI

    My 17 year old son was diagnosed with central Di last June 2016 along with adrenal insufficiency, thyroid disease and low testosterone. All of this stemmed from malignant tumors called multiple Germinoma (brain cancer) which damaged the pituitary gland. We have already been through chemo and

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  • susan49687 3

    What's going on, So few replying?

    I don't know if it's just me but the main posts I see are requests for help or information but not many responses like there were 7 months ago when I joined the group! I try to answer or respond to the newbies welcoming them and try to figure out a decent response while asking for others assistance!...

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  • hitu16883 2

    Diabetic - Marriage

    I have daughter with type-1 diabetic but healthy, she is at age of marriage and we are looking for groom for her, I have few questions: a) What is the acceptance for type-1 diabetic as a partner. b) Does any having diabetic then does chances of diabetic child in future? c) Is any proper source from

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  • arlene83746 2

    New Diabetic

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here. This is my first post. I was diagnosed with Diabetes last month. I'm in the process of learning about the disease and new at testing which I hate to do! I've already changed my diet, but had foot surgery the 23rd and am non-weight bearing for a while so exercise is out

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  • brayden16961 2

    New Symptoms, Possible Diabetes?

    To whom this may concern, I have been experiencing some unusual symptoms lately that I am waiting to discuss with my PCP about at my next office visit. I guess that I'm looking for some opionions and advice by posting this. Over the last few weeks I have been extremely thirsty. I drink a lot of

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  • samantha50184 1

    Is it diabetes?

    Hi, im new to this so hope im writing in the right place! My daughter whose 10 spent the day on Thursday in our local a+e due to fainting and weakness (she couldnt walk by herself). They check her sugar levels and they were 3.3 so they done more test as she is not diabetic that we no off! Anyway

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  • DogaKirilmis 2

    Help, I have insulin resistance and I'm worried sick

    So I am overweight and as I was doing checkups I saw that my insulin levels were I know it's terrible.   My HbA1c levels are 5.3% which I know is normal - right?  And my fasting glucouse level is 84 which is also normal But my insulin levels have me worried sick. Is it too late for me? I'm

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  • yvonne379 3

    Testing for Reactive Hypoglycemia at home?

    I suspect I have reactive hypoglycemia, I've only had a fasting blood test which came back normal but I've been having weird symptoms after eating which I why I think it could be reactive/postprandial hypoglycemia. I won't be able to get a test done anytime soon and I'm not sure how to get one. So

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  • jonah23 3

    Blood test sugar level 14.4

    Hi i'm here for my brother who has just been for his bloods result and was shocked to find his sugar level has shot up to 14.5. He was just advised to control what he's eating. I am truly worried as he's flying to UK early in the morning and Ni time for doc. appointment here. Is thus level serious,

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  • Fairywren 3

    Just not sure...

    Hello,         Not sure if this is the right place to ask,but today I finally went to the Dr specifically about what I feel maybe hypoglycaemia.I gave him a run down of what I've felt when hungry most of my life(47yrs)   If I don't eat enough on time I firstly feel clutsy and awkward,then my speech

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  • carina62 5

    High fasting blood sugar

    Over the last couple of weeks my fasting blood glucose has risen sharply and I don't know why.   They used to be about 7.4 now they are about 8 or above, also they seem high after meals even though I'm watching my carb intake and trying to lose weight - what's happening? 

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  • jessica 67428 2
  • misbah 12 1

    Vlidagliptin causing side effects

    A 37 yrs old female pt was diagnosed with type 2 DM 6 months back the metformin(500mg) and galvus met(vildagliptin50mg+metformin500mg)is prescribed then pt came back wid a side effects of diarrhea (6-8episodes of stools/day) and blurred vison then metformin is stopped and asked to pt to continue

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  • frank 00777 2

    type 2 diabetes

    i was told i have this 6 weeks ago on metformin tabs 500 twice daily,have no appatite,is this normal , 

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