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  • Jonathan57679 4

    How I cured my type 2 Diabetes and lowered my cholesterol.

    There are a few things men hate to hear, and that is being told that they can't eat sweets like everyone else and the other is that their diabetes could result in complications like losing toes or feet then an early horrible death. When I was first diagnosed type 2 in May 2016, my initial response was...

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  • bairb25990 1

    Husband newly diagnosed type 2

    Hi just wanted some advise please. My husband had major accident Christmas Eve but thankfully has made a very good recovery. Since then he's been diagnosed with high colestoral (now back to normal) and now very low testosterone and type 2 Diabeties. My question is has anyone else Experienced a change...

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  • Ms. Ginny 2

    Numbness / "Pins & Needles" Sensation in hands....

    I have been diabetic (type II) for over 10 years now.  I have  had a little numbness in my feet, previously, but for the past 5-6 months now I have been experiencing pins and needles sensation and some numbness in my hands. (my job has me on a computer most of the time)  My doctor sent me to a good Neurologist...

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  • holliewest 2

    Could it be diabetes?

    For the past month I have a constant pressure in bladder to pee, although it dosent wake me up during the night. Also I feel a little bit tired like eyes feel heavy, and feeling hungry, also itchiness

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  • ian95170 2

    what is the trigger?? Need some advice

    I ahve just been told I have diabetes 2,mi blood/Glucose levels over the last three months have been 4.8,4.8,and 4.7. I got a letter from the practice tell inf me to go and see one of there nurse,s I went in and she told me that the doctor had made me diabete,s two, after some talking she kind of said...

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  • summer44954 1

    Is it possible to have diabetes with normal blood tests?

    My blood tests came back normal but I am having so many of the symptoms of diabetes that I'm worried. I'm 53 years old, 5' 7" and weigh 225 lbs. I also have a pacemaker. With my weight, diabetes is not out of the question. I am starting with a new family dr next month and I'm wondering if I should bring...

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  • Citaloman 3

    Can you help? How to undertake exercise when type 1

    Dear All, I would like to take up regular exercise (cycling to work), 30 mins each way. Can anyone provide any information on what to do exactly before I exercise. I've seen some very wishwashy articles (which basically tell you nothing of any use). I've done a little bit. but had a massive impact on...

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  • parbin25565 2

    Cfs or ME or ALS😭😭 no one understands

    Hi I really need help. since 2015 about august i started to get muscle twitching i was 14 back then i still get them every day all over the body. Like they come and go but sometimes last like 1 to 2 days at same place. But 70% of the times they are all over body 24/7 (not painful). Muscle weakness...

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  • torpeau 2

    A1C & mg/dL

    75 years old, proper weight and I exercise at gym 3 times a week & walk every day.. Very recently, my doctor started  scheduling me for more frequent visits to monitor prediabetes -- surprised, hadn't been aware of any problem. Reviewed test results from recent exams and my glucose was no higher than...

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  • emily34688 1

    Why can't I get a glucometer??

    So I've had a really bad experience with my surgery. Two days ago I had a very serious hypo and woke up in my room, twitching and rolling around so violently that i smashed my head several times and got a black eye. I was in this situation because I've lost my glucometer, and I can't test my bloodsugar....

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  • juan77029 3

    Do I have hypoglycemia?

    I started drinking caffeine again after stopping for a while and I noticed that even small amounts now make me foggy headed, sluggish, shaky, more anxious, and nauseous. I also get a headache and feel spacy and just out of it. It got better once I ate something but I'm suspecting that it might be hypoglycemia....

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  • any09042 2

    Please Help ???

    Hello everybody im writing about an issue that is concerning me very much its not about Me its about my Father. Its a long story but i have faith that maybe someone has gone through this situation. My father is 52 years old he has diabetes tybe 2 for almost 17 years now, also high blood pressure but...

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  • Tracycox 1

    320mg gliclazide and still high bs

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum so I hope I am writing In the right place. I was diagnosed with type 2 just over a year ago. I was put on metformin but I had very bad side affects and then they stopped working so I was put on 80mg of gliclazide with no affect at all over the months they have now increased...

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  • jessica 67428 2
  • gail 24648 3

    Travel insurance for type 1 diabetes

    Hi, can anyone recommend who to go to for travel insurance with type 1 diabetes please, I am a newbie only diagnosed 18 months ago, any advice greatly appreciated, am going to crete in 3 weeks x

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  • Citaloman 3

    Somogyi Effect - What do you do about it?

    HI Everyone, Would anyone be able to offer an experience in the effects on insulin and blood sugar from the Somogyi Effect. Normally my blood sugar levels are the same when I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning, has been for most of the past 20 years. However, the past few days I have...

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  • Guest M

    My diabetes insipidus journey

    I'm a 34 years old and was diagnosed with central diabetes insipidus in Sept 07. This diagnosis followed a prolonged headache (about 2 weeks) and fever (10 days) after which I became extremely thirsty and could hardly sleep for getting up in the night to go to the bathroom! Unfortunately the doctors...

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  • bethia59893 3

    I'm in trouble ..

    I have been diabetic for 15 years now, apparently due to giving birth 35 years earlier. Last summer my sugar levels on occasion went up to double figures then be for Xmas they have stayed their, doctor's answer more tablets, was told that exercise diet and tablets sometimes stop working. And need insulin,...

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  • Bluespots 2


    Hi everyone, I'm 28 was dx as a diabetic in 2013. I'm here to see if anyone else is the same as me. My D team call me a hybrid. That means i'm a type 2 diabetic but my body acts and thinks it's type 1. My anti-bodies are neg for type 1. I get an anti-bodies test every year to see if anything changes...

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  • Nic42 2

    Type 2

    Hi All, I found out yesterday that i have NAFLD - I am 43 in August. Apparently something was showing on a liver scan back in 2013 but no one evr said anything about this. I was being tested for something else when NAFLD reared is ugly head. I have also in the past 3 weeks been diagnosed with Type...

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  • nickys1903 1

    diabetes insipidus

    Hi All I am now 39 years old and at the age of 36 was diagnosed with Diabetes insipidus. I am employed as a diabetes specialist nurse and had never even heard of diabetes insipidus and felt so very silly. I felt exhausted at the time as was drinking approx 6-8 liters a day and passing the same in urine....

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  • TitL7 1

    Diabetes 2. Where do I start?

    Just been informed the I have D2. Now overwhelmed by different advice. If there were only three specific things I could do to manage the situation what would you say they were? Thank you  

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  • edward70804 2


    I'm a 77 year old male physician  diagnosed with central Diabetis Insipidus about 8 months ago after experiencing headaches and very large volumes of urine per day. My MRI was normal and my blood tests consistently showed zero ADH (although this is not an accurate test.) I have a history of auto-immune...

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  • finicky 1

    ddavp routes

    Hello, I have had DI and hypopituitarism since I was 16. I have been taking ddavp with the rhinal tube. I only take .05 ml dosage morning and night. I am having trouble getting the rhinal tube and the manufacturer said they are not going to make it anymore. I am devistated because I tried the pill a...

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  • Allykins71 2


    Last week I got the call that my blood work came back good, accept for my sugar. Sugar was 128 after a 12 hour fast. A short while ago I went into detail with the nurse practitioner about my a1c.....12!!!!! Thought I was going to have a coronary right there. At first nurse practitioner wanted to put...

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  • venkat sai 2

    Regular Health Ckeckup Benefits

    Hi Good Evening All.. Today we have discuss about, what is Diabetic Health Checkup. Nowadays diabetes is a common health problem in our society. It can damage any part of the body except hair, nail and teeth. Diabetes also remains as an excellent basement to promote many diseases, for example, heart...

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  • AhmedAlhussien 2
  • ian44083 1

    Has anyone had VITRECTOMY eye surgery undertaken?

    I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 37 years and my HbA1C have always been approximately 7 – 8.  I do not smoke nor do I consume alcohol and until 4 years ago I had none of the usual problems associated with this long-term condition.   However in 2013, on having my eyes tested at hospital, the ophthalmologist...

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  • libralady13 5

    Lisinopril to protect kidneys in Type 2 Diabetes

    Hello, My husband who has type 2 Diabetes has been prescribed Lisinopril to protect his kidneys as he was found to have slight protein in his urine.  He has asthma and copd so has breathing problems and chronic cough.  He was first given ramopril? but had it changed to Lisinopril because his cough got...

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  • Cats do 1

    Type 1 diabetic for 44 years

    I've been type 1 since April 1973 on insulin. I went on the Animas Vibe Insulin Pump in September 2015, which I love. I test about 8 times a day or more after many years of barely testing. My hba1c has always stayed around 8, last one was 75 (about 9). I do struggle with a very very sweet tooth and am...

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    How long did it take you to get adjusted to Metformin ?

    I was prescribed this medicine earlier this week,for Type 2 Diabetes. However,I noticed that while on this medicine I have terrible Gastrointestinal problems,and by that I mean frequent trips to the bathroom,along with an upset stomach. So how long did it take any of you to get adjusted to Metformin?...

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    Has anyone else been diagnosed with Type 1.5 Diabetes?

    So I received the diagnosis from my doctor yesterday of Type 1.5 Diabetes. So anyway I'm literally confused as to what Type 1.5 Diabetes actually is..Like is it actually a form of Type 1 that I was diagnosed with? I have no clue what Type 1.5 Diabetes actually is..

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    What should I expect from the glucose tolerance test?

    Alright so I plan on taking the glucose tolerance test here soon. I'm kinda not looking forward to it,because I hear it can make you dizzy and even throw up. Drinking a 12oz glass of Mountain Dew makes me so sick to my stomach,I can only imagine how the glucose tolerance test will make me feel. One...

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3

    Possible Hyperglycemia symptoms..should I be concerned?

    Alright so a quick background on me. I'm 24,and blood sugar issues run on my mom's side of the family real bad. My grandpa has Hypoglycemia,and my aunt has Hyperglycemia. For awhile now,I've been having alot of health issues that doctors can't explain..I get frequent headaches,trouble concentrating,I...

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